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.He handed them the flutes, and Lisa held his, too, while he deftly uncorked the champagne without spilling a drop.He filled all three glasses before setting the bottle on the coffee table, then seemed to change his mind.“Wait,” he said as he stood from the sofa.He left his glass next to the bottle and hurried to the kitchen.When he came back, he had the round jewelry box that held Lisa’s ring in his hand.Sitting down again, he grinned at Lisa.“Aren’t you even a little curious?” he asked, teasing, as he balanced the small jewelry box on the back of his fingers.“Let it go,” Bret said, sighing.“It doesn’t matter.”But Leo’s gaze didn’t leave Lisa, while hers remained on the box he was still playing with.“I’m not curious,” she said softly.“I’m sure it’s gorgeous.Do you think it’d fit on my right hand?”Leo’s grin widened a little more.“Only one way to find out.”He opened the box, keeping it facing him so that Lisa couldn’t see inside.His fingers covered the ring when he pulled it out and slipped it on the fourth finger of her right hand.Even when it fit snugly at the base of her finger, he kept it covered and drew her hand to his lips to kiss her knuckles.Chuckling quietly, Lisa drew her hand free.“Come on, let me.”Her eyes widened a little when she finally saw the ring.Her mouth fell open on a quiet little, “Oh.”“You like it?” Brett whispered, laying a kiss on her cheek.She turned her face to him and practically beamed.“It’s gorgeous.”This time it was Lisa who kissed him, a quick peck of a kiss against his mouth.“Pretty sure I said that two hours ago,” Leo said, tongue in cheek.“But since we all agree now, can we finally toast?”He picked up his glass again and raised it.Both Brett and Lisa raised theirs to clink against it.The champagne was sweet on Brett’s tongue, but not as sweet as Lisa’s and Leo’s lips when they both leaned in for a three-way kiss.It was wet and sloppy, champagne bubbles still tingling on their lips: perfect.Leo soon pulled back, leaving Brett to focus on Lisa’s mouth.Brett held her face cupped in one hand and wanted to caress her with his other hand, too.As though reading his mind, Leo took the half empty champagne glass from him, then took Lisa’s as well.Brett barely noticed.His entire mind was on one simple but important task: kissing Lisa and making her feel good.He had one hand in her hair now, the other skimming up her thigh to the edge of her bunched-up dress.She let him caress her tongue and palate for a moment, then pushed into his mouth to return the soft touches, before letting him take the lead again.For a moment, after he put the glasses away, Leo was still.Even without looking at him, Brett was sure Leo was watching them kiss.Brett could even picture Leo’s small smile, could imagine him saying, “See? I told you she’d wear your ring and come back to us.” But all Leo said was a quiet, “Let me,” before his hand slipped between them.He tugged Brett’s t-shirt out of his jeans and pulled it up, forcing Brett’s and Lisa’s lips apart as the t-shirt came off.While their mouths found each other again, he unbuttoned Brett’s jeans and carefully guided his hard cock out, stroking it lazily in a loose fist until Brett gasped into Lisa’s mouth.Then, reaching around Lisa, Leo tugged the hem of her dress until it was bunched up around her hips.Lisa had an extensive collection of sexy underwear, lacy things that Brett loved to touch, loved to guide down her legs with his fingertips or his teeth even more, but it was always a delightful surprise to discover that she was bare beneath her dress.Her folds were already wet when she adjusted herself and brushed against the root of his cock.Brett moaned softly, then again when Leo’s hand returned between them, giving Brett’s cock another quick, teasing tug before Leo’s fingers slipped against Lisa’s opening.“Mmm, nice,” Leo murmured.When he pulled his hand away, his fingers were shiny and slick with her wetness.He brought his hand to his lips and made a show of licking his fingers clean.Brett’s cock twitched, and his mouth watered at the sight, but before he could ask for a taste, Leo reached between them once more.He stroked Brett’s cock, slicking it with his saliva and Lisa’s wetness, then held it steady while his other hand guided Lisa’s hips up, then down onto Brett’s cock.When Lisa and Brett both shuddered and hummed at the feeling of being together again, Leo moaned right along with them.More than ever, Brett was very glad that Leo had insisted, all those years earlier, that they get a comfortable couch; he was glad that every time the cushions started to become less than welcoming, Leo pointed it out until something was done to solve the problem.He was glad for the comfort, but at the same time he couldn’t move much as he sank into those excessively plush cushions.Lisa was the one doing all the work, hands tight on his shoulders as she raised herself to her knees and plunged back down, fucking herself on his cock.All Brett needed to do was turn his head, and he could have seen the ring, shining on her finger.He never looked away from her eyes.His hands remained on her hips at first, reinforcing her rhythm, but it wasn’t long before Leo’s voice rose again, low and gravelly, like sin turned into sound.He was sitting close enough to Brett that their shoulders were pressed together, but even so he leaned in closer to say, “Bet you want to look at her.Touch her, too.She’s so beautiful, our Lisa.Skin like silk and curves so soft…”The next time Lisa lowered herself, she all but slammed her hips down, drawing twin moans from her mouth and Brett’s.Leo laughed quietly.“See?” he said.“She wants it, too.Aren’t you going to undress her yet?”Grabbing the edge of her dress with fumbling hands, Brett tugged it up, peeling the tight fabric off her until she let go of his shoulders and helped him pull the dress completely off.Freed from the snug fabric that had cradled them, her breasts started bouncing lightly when she resumed her steady pace, and Brett immediately cupped the lovely mounds, each of them fitting perfectly into his hands as though they had been made for him.“Don’t you want to suck on her tits?” Leo whispered into Brett’s ear, his lips brushing the lobe in a sensual caress.“She always makes such pretty noises when we do.”Brett’s mouth was already watering.“Yeah,” he breathed, turning to briefly kiss Leo.“Let’s do that.”His hands sliding to her back, Brett drew Lisa closer to him, closer to Leo, too, and they each laid their mouths on one of her nipples.Lisa’s rhythm faltered, although she never stopped, and moans started rising from her throat as they kissed, licked, and sucked on her breasts [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]