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.Drawing Out The WolfScarlet CoxDrawing Out The Wolf © Scarlet Cox 2013.All Romance eBooks Edition.Cover design by Scarlet Cox.All rights reserved.No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without express written permission of the copyright holder.All characters and events in this book are fictitious.Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.Any characters participating in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age even if not stated within the text.Table of ContentsTitle PageCopyright PageDrawing out the WolfAbout the AuthorGet in Touch!Greg smelled a bewildering array of unfamiliar scents, and each one somehow told him everything he needed to know.They wove together through time and space.He could see three-day old events clearly, and freshness allowed him to discern new from old, layer by layer of hour after hour.They were like colours, mingling together in his mind to paint pictures.And one strand stood out to him more than all the rest combined.It overwhelmed him with need, his body shivering with the power of his sudden, consuming lust.The moonlight filtered through the light canopy of leaves overhead, casting its silver sheen over the otherwise dark woodland, but Greg didn’t need his eyes to see.His nose dragged him forward, glued to that one trail.It was irresistible, and he was insatiable.He had to find whoever was at the end.He smelled muscle and sinew, power and strength.This was no prey.This was a mate.Greg’s mate.He ran on, desperate, his cock throbbing urgently.The world was a blur.He felt hands grip him, a rough tongue lick him.Soft skin wrapped around his dick and stroked, and he moaned in ecstasy.Teeth closed in on his throat and he cried out, his shaft pulsing as it spat his seed into the air.The salt tang of sweat and cum saturated his nostrils, and he woke with a strangled gasp.There were no woodlands.Sunlight streamed in through the pale curtains.The world was suddenly filled with colour yet robbed of it all at once.His bedsheets were discarded, curled up on the floor.His body was slick with sweat, and his hand and stomach drenched in cum.He lay there, shuddering, staring blankly at the ceiling.What the hell had just happened?“Hey.”Greg rubbed at his nose and looked up from his screen.Andrea sat across from him, elbows on her desk, slender fingers wrapped around a cardboard cup.“Huh?”“You look like you had a hell of a night.” Andrea was smirking into her coffee.“No.” He shook his head and pointed at her.“You’ve got a filthy mind.”She laughed with delight and placed her coffee on the desk.“C’mon, Greg.You’re the one who’s been saying lately he needs to go out and chase some tail, and now you’re here looking all kinds of sleep deprived.Who was he?”Greg’s mind unhelpfully spewed his dream at him, and he swallowed quickly.“I don’t know.”“Oh my god!” She waggled a perfectly-manicured nail at him.“Where’d you get him from? Not some dating site!”Greg shook his head.“No.No! Andie!”“How can you not know who he was after he kept you up?”Greg took a breath, then sighed.She wasn’t going to let this go.“Because it wasn’t a guy.It was just a dream.I’ve been having these.weirdass dreams lately.”“Sexy dreams, right?”“You’re a pervert.”She grinned again.“Uh huh.” Then her expression became more serious.“Greg, if you’ve reverted to being a teen and getting kept up all night by wet dreams, you seriously need to get out and meet someone.”“I hate meeting people,” he grumbled.“You know I do.”“No, you hate crowded places.That’s different.” Andrea watched him, then nodded to herself.“You throw yourself into horrible bars that’re like meat markets, and you wonder why nobody there’s looking for a whirlwind romance.That’s not what you go to those places for, and you know it.” She took up her coffee and sipped it before adding “I think you’re afraid.”“Me?” It was Greg’s turn to laugh, but it felt hollow.“What of?”“Loneliness.” She watched him, all traces of humour gone now.Greg felt a lump in his throat and he glanced to his screen.“If I was afraid of that, I’d pick anyone up, any time.”“No, because you know in your heart those guys will leave in the morning.”He felt a sliver of ice grip his chest.She was right.Greg had been ten years old when he got his first computer.It was a rickety old second-hand thing, prone to making beeps of protest before shutting itself down, but it was his.His parents hadn’t been able to afford a gaming rig, but they’d done what they could, and his inner geek was awakened.After some searching, he figured out that the computer’s problem was a faulty RAM module.He saved up every penny he could get from housework and chores, but memory had been expensive back then, so he went out every weekend to knock on doors and offer to wash cars, mow lawns, and solve other people’s computer problems.Nothing he’d felt up until that point had been as fantastic as solving his first serious puzzle.He had to be so certain that his solution was correct, because it took three months to be able to afford to try it.If he’d been wrong, it would have been a costly mistake.He wasn’t wrong, and he became thoroughly hooked.Greg knew he had, in essence, been lucky.His passion for computers saw him into college, through university, and out into the world as a Third Line Support Engineer.Now that he was 25, he was self-sufficient, his university debts were well under control, and his parents were eager to remind him that they were proud of him.There was no way of knowing whether they’d remain proud if they knew he was gay.He’d been telling himself that this was the reason he remained single: sooner or later, if he were in a relationship, he would have to introduce his boyfriend to them, and there would be stony silence.But Andrea knew him.They’d been working together for two years; more than that they were close friends.They’d head for lunch and check out cute guys together, then go to the cinema and watch cheesy horror or underrated Sci-Fi.If he’d been straight, she’d make the perfect girlfriend [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]