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.Dawn let go of him and threw her arms around his neck, pressing her body against his as if she could not get close enough to him.He grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her up, and she wrapped her legs around him.His hands went to her buttocks and cupped it firmly as he continued kissing her, never wanting to stop.He walked over to the bed, eased her down on her feet, and took hold of her face.“I have missed the taste of you and I intend to taste every part of you tonight.”Dawn tapped her chest repeatedly and nodded, letting him know she felt the same.“You are mine, Dawn, and I will love you always.” He kissed her and their hands went hastily to their garments.A pounding at the door had Cree ripping his mouth away from Dawn and yelling, “Whoever is there go away or I will ripe your heart out with my bare hands!”Dawn sighed heavily, not that it could be heard, and rested her brow to her husband’s chest.She silently pleaded that they not be robbed of this time together.“It is urgent.”“Nothing is as urgent as what I am doing now.”Dawn lifted her head and kissed her husband’s lips lightly, though she would have preferred to devour them.But it was better she let him settle this first before she kissed him senseless.“Cree, you had better come now.It is urgent!”“You are doomed, Sloan, if it is not,” Cree called out, though knew that Sloan, his second in command, would not bother him if it was not important.He only hoped the matter could be settled hastily.“I may not be the only one doomed,” Sloan called back.His reply sent a shiver through Dawn.Cree took hold of her chin.“Worry not.I will settle this.Nothing will keep me from our bed this night.” He kissed her quick.“Do not move from this room.I will return.”Dawn nodded and watched her husband disappear out the door, hoping his words would prove true.Cree shut the door behind him and stood a moment, staring at Sloan.Sloan motioned him away from the door and the two men walked down the hall to the stairs.“What is it?” Cree asked worried that it might be something he could not settle as quickly as he wished.“A woman demands to speak with you,” Sloan said.“Demands?” Cree said angrily.“Who is she to demand anything of me?”Sloan hesitated a moment before saying, “She claims the lad of two years she has with her is your son.”Chapter TwoCree entered the Great Hall with angry strides and stopped abruptly when the lone woman in the room turned away from the table, she had been bent over, to face him.Her beauty startled him for a moment, though he showed no signs of it.Dark ringlets fell around her lovely, unmarred face and neck from the mass of curls pinned atop her head and her large blue eyes glared at him as she tossed her chin up defiantly.She took a stance as if prepared for battle, though she could not keep her shoulders from slumping.She showed strength as well as exhaustion.Cree was about to speak when she stepped aside to reveal a sleeping child on the top of the table.His light brown hair had threads of gold running through it, resembling Cree’s hair coloring, but his features bore no signs of Cree.Even with smudges on his face, he was a handsome child and looked well fed, not like his mother who was far too thin.“He is your son.I named him Aidan.He is two years now.”“So you say,” Cree said, approaching her slowly.“I speak the truth.”“Again so you say, but what reason do I have to believe you?” He stopped a few feet from her.“Why wait two years to claim him as mine?”The woman stared at him a moment as if at a loss for words, then said, “He needs his father.”“And so you chose me?”“Like you chose me that night,” she said, forcing her shoulders back and her head up.“And what night was that?” He folded his arms across his broad chest and settled his dark eyes that could intimidate the bravest of souls on her.The woman took a step back.“It was a cold winter’s night and you sought shelter from the unfavorable weather at my family’s croft near Loch Rannoch.You asked me to warm your bed and I obliged.”He had sought shelter from farmers now and again, though he had provided them with much needed items in exchange for their generosity.There was just one problem with her story.“Never would I have been so disrespectful as to proposition a daughter of a farmer who granted me shelter.”Her face flushed red with embarrassment.“You did not ask me to warm your bed.It was I who sought your bed.”Her response troubled him, for that had happened on rare occasions Mostly, when he had been celibate far too long from far too many battles.He would spend a whole night appeasing his hunger only to poke the woman once again before leaving the next morning.But had she been one of the very few women?Another question begged to be asked.“How can you be so sure the lad is mine?”“I knew no other man before you or after you,” she said with great pride.“So you say, but again it is only your word I have [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]