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.You’re body is slowly dying, but don’t worry because we never grow old,” said Serena.“You mean I’m dead, is that what you’re telling me?” retorted Michael.“Undead actually.Get used to it.”“What do mean undead? Get used to it?”“Do you believe in the supernatural?” asked Serena.“You mean vampires, werewolves, monsters, all that jazz? You mean they really exist?” Michael was now curious.“Yes, but not like it’s played out to be.Imagine; just imagine if you will, living a life with without the suffering of most human beings, no longer a slave to the expectations of mankind’s society.You are now higher up on the food chain, a work of art, darling,” said Serena.“This is so unreal, but, I feel good,” said Michael as a rush of energy surged through his body.“After all, you wish to fill the bittersweet craving of revenge, come on, you know you do.I could see that you in your eyes when you were looking at the picture of your sister.I could sense that she was wronged in some way.All a guy like yourself has to ask is, what do you have to lose? Nothing really.”Michael split in two a heavy wooden table in the corner with his fist, his face grinning with delight over this power he now possessed.“You have a point, maybe this could work out after all.”“You see, your powers are already beginning to take form,” said Serena.“I like it.” Michael smiled wickedly.“Why shouldn’t you?” Serena pushed him onto the bed, slowly kissing him passionately on the lips.“You’re damn good,” said Michael, responding to her.“You’re not bad yourself,” Serena replied.They kissed deeply.The chimes on the clock struck two am as Michael fell asleep in Serena’s arms.The next night Michael woke with a thirst he had never known.The streets of Sin City called to him.Part 2: The Dark GiftChapter 8: “Let the Hunt Begin”The night was warm and inviting.A new world was waiting for Michael.He hadn’t known what love was until he gave himself to Serena and she gave herself to him.He was very hungry and needed to go out and feed, so the two lovers hit the streets.The scent of blood was everywhere; ordinary mortals passed it by.Michael’s senses were sharp and he was surprised to feel an odd presence from a stranger walking past them.“Don’t worry, our kind is everywhere.It’s a curse for any of us to harm our own,” said Serena.“You felt him too?” asked Michael.“No, but I could tell.The dark gifts we each possess can differ.Understand this though – one gift each of us possesses is the natural ability to detect our own kind by scent.There are many different types of our kind.For example, look at that whore and man on the corner.Her scent tells me she is a succubus vampire, and she will drain her lover tonight while sleeping with him, draining all of his pranic and sexual energy.Then she will kill him.”Michael saw the man fall under the charms of the succubus’s lust right then, as she kissed him.Michael could see the victim’s life force slowly draining as they walked into a shady hotel.“Amazing,” he said, intrigued with this new breed of beings.“Anyway, you’ve seen me feeding on your blood and now you need to feed your hunger.I know the perfect place,” said Serena.“Without blood or life force energy, we die, it’s simple as that,” stated Serena.“Where are we going?” asked Michael.“Hunting.”Serena jumped onto the rooftop and Michael followed.Leaping from rooftop to rooftop he could see the psychedelic colors of vice glistening from the strip, his heart racing with strange excitement.Somehow, he was beginning to enjoy this new calling.“Let’s have some fun first.Tell me, do you like to dance?” asked Serena.“Shall we?” replied Michael.Serena slithered into position while Michael slid into battle mode, the two circling around each other gracefully as if they were in a choreographed dance.“I should warn you, I don’t mind hitting girls.”“All the more fun.Let’s see what you got, hot shot,” replied Serena.“Rah!” they both yelled as they clashed.Extending their claws they began to fight, dodging each other’s attacks swiftly.Serena flew around Michael, knocking him down.“Hey, no fair! Want to play rough, huh?”“I’m still waiting,” said Serena playfully.Michael jumped from one rooftop to the next, charging at Serena.She appeared in front him, trying to knock him down a second time, but she failed miserably as Michael kicked her, knocking her down to the ground.Getting up quickly she leaped off the rooftop, landing atop the bullet train that was moving on the rooftop bridges beneath them.“Not bad, little girl!” said Michael, dropping down to join her on the top of the moving train.“But it’s time to conclude this.”Serena flipped forward in an attempt to knock Michael off balance.Ducking, he grabbed her arm and swung her down hard on the steel roof of the train.“Damn, you’re good,” said Serena catching her breath.“Aha, I’m not as much of a weakling as you thought, you little tom girl,” laughed Michael.“Shut up,” Serena lightly giggled.“You’re good, but not good enough.” She flipped him on the train’s roof so that she was lying on top.They kissed.After helping him up, they jumped off the moving train onto the lower rooftop above an alley on Aspen Street.Serena’s ears rang; the call and taste of blood was near.“Hold up,” said Serena.She could hear something below.Chapter 9: Alley AssaultMichael looked down and saw a group of drug dealers in the dark moon-lit alley.One of them was in the process of raping a girl who looked about 16, while the others were beating up her brother.“Give us the money you owe us you little brat!” yelled a tall one, flashing a gun in the kid’s face [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]