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.Turning, I just stared at the space in front of me.It was an entire floor of the hotel and was stunningly beautiful with modern décor set in a splendid, landmark building.To the right sat a full kitchen with all of the amenities.There was a side by side refrigerator with a matching stainless steel stove and sink set in a marble countertop.Connected to the kitchen through a large stone covered archway was a formal dining room with a gigantic walnut table and eight matching chairs.The Victorian decorated living area flanked both rooms, and to the left of that was the door that led into the master suite.Contemporary furnishings filled the room to include a king sized bed set against a black velvet, tufted headboard and matching end tables at each side of the bed.Daylight cascaded through the magnificent glass French doors that led out to a balcony.The history was extremely apparent as I stepped out onto the private terrace area.I was here… I was finally here.I went back into the room and called Jo.“Hi and thank you so much for the first class accommodations.I feel altogether spoiled.” I couldn’t hold back my excitement even if someone had paid me.“You deserve the indulgence.Enjoy it.You’ve earned it.” Jo sounded as if I had woken her.“I’m sorry.I forgot about the time difference.I’ll let you get back to sleep and will call you later.Love you!” I hung up the phone before she could answer me.What to do now? I spun around with my arms out, just enjoying the moment.I felt like a little girl playing princess in a castle.A bath! Yes, a bath would do nicely.I phoned room service and asked for their nicest bottle of sweet, red wine.It was promptly delivered.Once again, I tipped the gentleman that brought it and walked into the bathroom.It was absolutely glorious! There was an elegant dressing table next to the sink and a handcrafted Spanish marble bathtub.Turning on the faucet, I sat at the edge of the tub and just watched the water flow over the soft lines of the stone.It was as if I were witnessing the creation of an exquisite piece of living art.Rousing myself from the thought, I gathered the luxurious towels, set them next to the bath, turned on the stereo, and poured myself a glass of wine.Stepping out of my travel clothes, I slid into the hot waters that awaited me.I allowed them to wash away my thoughts as I sipped my wine and listened to the soft music that played through the surround sound speakers.If there were such thing as heaven, this was it.Drinking wine in a hot bath after such a long journey proved to be a silly choice.I woke to cold water and wrinkly skin after falling asleep for almost two hours.Had the temperature not gotten cold, I probably would have slept much longer.Chilled from the coolness of the bath, my teeth chattered as I wrapped up in one of the warm, soft towels.I twisted another around my hair and looked into the mirror.I looked ten years younger.“Must be something in the water.” Smiling, I walked into the bedroom and reclined on the plushest bed I had ever felt.The duvet hugged me into its warmth, and I quickly fell asleep once again.Waking refreshed and feeling like a new woman, I put on one of the robes provided and made myself a pot of coffee.I sat at the table in the dining room and waited for it to finish brewing.It smelled phenomenal with a strong hint of hazelnut.Retrieving a cup of coffee, I wandered out to the terrace once again.The sun was just starting its descent below the chimney tops of Glasgow.The soft oranges and reds of the sunset reminded me of pictures that Stuart had shared with me.A heavy sigh escaped my throat as I sat there alone, enjoying what he and I were supposed to experience together.Tears flowed from my eyes at the thought.I sat there until the sun disappeared into the night sky.The sounds of the city changed around me.It went from the growl of cars traveling along its busy streets to the soft echoes of music filtering out from the many pubs and restaurants that lined the roads below me.Deciding to stop wallowing in the pains of the past, I dressed and headed out for dinner.My car and driver were called to meet me at the front door and we were off once again.I thought of what it would be like to accidentally run into Stuart, but the thought quickly left my mind when I saw the nightlife before me.There were people lined up waiting to get into dance clubs, outdoor cafes overflowed with customers, and couples walked hand in hand down the street as if they hadn’t a care in the world.I asked Jeffrey to take me to the best restaurant in the area.Half an hour later, we arrived at Martin Wishart at Loch Lomond in Balloch.It was situated inside a resort hotel and set against a breathtaking landscape.The shadows of the mountains, cast by the moonlight, danced across the water’s edge as the stars twinkled their mirrored images across the stillness of the lake.After being seated and ordering a bottle of their finest wine, I looked at the menu to make my selection.I couldn’t decide what I was in the mood for so I went all out.After all, I was finally in Scotland and wanted to experience everything this magical place had to offer.I ordered razor clams topped with cauliflower cream sauce, king oyster mushrooms with sauce grand veneur that was made by reducing red wine, and lemon curd with passion fruit jelly.The food was presented in such a beautiful fashion that I hesitated to eat it.The earthy color of the mushrooms and clams, combined with the green kale they were laid upon, was set off by the intense red color of the sauce.Deep, rich aromas filled the air and made the meal even more appetizing.Reluctantly, I sliced into the delicateness of the mushrooms.They were indescribably delicious, and I savored each mouthwatering bite that had been placed before me.Upon finishing my meal, I paid the tab, tipped the waiter, and went outside.The night air was cool against my skin and I could feel the dampness in the breeze that wafted across the lake.Stopping to admire the view, I wrapped my shawl around my shoulders and wished that Stuart was there to warm me instead [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]