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.Sure, she’d forget for a while, but I couldn’t be sure how long it would last and which memories would come back.Making a deal for her silence was our best bet.“I can live with that,” she said finally.So could I.The alternative would be bad for both of us.Chapter 4Once Cindy left, I was on the couch alone awhile, looking around, familiarizing myself with the bedroom.Noise from the club above told me I was in the basement for the first time.My eyesight had come back faster than my strength.Made me wonder what the hell he’d sprayed me with again.I wasn’t used to healing slowly since I’d been undead.Somehow, I didn’t think mace or pepper spray would have had this result.I really just wanted to leave, but Franco had told me to wait for Punch.I also had unfinished business with Franco.Needed to make a deal with him for his silence as well.Probably had to beg for my job.The room was done in all black.A king-sized bed with black sheets, no pillows centered the wall opposite me.Only other piece of furniture was the black couch I lay on and the tall halogen lamp illuminating it all.There were mirrors along the ceiling and all four walls.No windows.No pictures.No decorations.I assumed some of the mirrors opened to a closet and bathroom just as the one that opened to the entrance/exit.The black monochrome furnishings were boring and uninspiring to the human I used to be, and just right for the side of me that was an undead nocturnal supernatural.Since I’d heard Franco had moved his residence to the basement, I figured it was his bedroom even if it was a tad impersonal.When my strength returned, I started pacing.Not long thereafter, Punch walked in with my duffle bag as if he’d been watching on a monitor and knew I was up and about.He was so massive the bedroom immediately felt smaller.“I’ll take you out back and drive you home,” he said in the deepest voice I’d ever heard.It was always like that.“Thanks,” I said as I took my bag from him.“But that’s really not necessary.I can make it home fine on my own.”Home for me was the motel down the street.Why? Because it was conveniently close to the club.Because I walked everywhere I needed to go.Easier that way, my narcolepsy and all.Wouldn’t want what happened to my beloved aunt to happen to me.And why stay in a motel instead of a cute studio apartment? Well, I needed to remain mobile.The government took vampire extermination very seriously.Priority One.Something about vampires using their powers to gain unfair advantage in politics, sports, and every aspect of life got people anxious.Better to kill us all than risk becoming the underdog.It was speculated that the Secretary of Defense’s wife took a vampire lover, and that actually began the anti-vamp crusade.Anyway, my point was that if VET sent someone after me, I needed to be able to take my belongings somewhere else in a hurry.Or if I didn’t have time to make a fast getaway with my possessions, I needed to be able to leave untraceable items behind and start over.My paranoia had me changing motel rooms every other month just to be safe.Better safe than sorry.“Franco said you’d say that.Always so tough.But I was told not to take no for an answer.He’s worried about you,” he said.“Tell him not to worry.I walk to and from Hades every night.I’ll be fine.” Besides, I walked really fast.I could be in my room before Punch even turned the ignition in his truck.“But no one’s tried to abduct you before.We need to be extra careful now.” He swung his neck around so his long dreadlocks landed on his back instead of down the front of his chest.Then he folded his arms.Black eyes set sternly in his dark chocolate face, as if I’d have to fight him to leave of my own accord.I’d rather reason with him…“He didn’t try to abduct me.He just wanted a little pussy.I just wasn’t as easy to take down as he thought I’d be.” Besides, how had my attacker planned to get me past security without being noticed? Abduction couldn’t have been his motive.“He handcuffed you with silver, debilitated you with—from all we could tell—was simply water.He wasn’t after pussy, Willow.”“Water?”“Yep, that’s all he sprayed on you,” he said as he held up the tube in question [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]