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.There were gentle hands holding him, trying to keep him still, but everywhere his skin touched anything, it burned."Hold on, Rowan.Help is coming."Distantly he heard rushing footsteps and anxious voices, and the hands that held him slipped away.A presence moved next to him, and cool hands touched his forehead, drawing a shimmering power out of themselves and letting it flow into him.Something loosed in his body and almost instantly the pain evaporated, the relief almost enough to make him sob.He curled up on his side, his breath coming in half-whimpered gasps, and when someone offered him water he managed to swallow some before collapsing back onto the floor.They were talking above him, Aven's voice tight with tension, the Healer's businesslike but definitely worried.As many refugees as she tended to she had probably seen something like this before."Easy," Mellis murmured to him, bending close to his ear."Sleep now.When you wake you'll be in a warm bed and feeling much better."He knew better than to argue with a Healer.He gratefully released his hold on wakefulness and slid into oblivion with a sigh.Part ThreeRowan's cell phone started to ring before Aven, Ardeth, and Mellis even had him settled in the bed.Sara stood out of the way feeling useless until she heard the familiar wind-chime-esque sound of the ringtone, then darted into the kitchen and dug for the phone amidst the various techno-toys they'd brought from Austin to send information back to the Agency."SA-9 speaking," she said."God damn it," Jason's voice crackled through the aether, "If he's in another fucking coma I'm going to fucking kill somebody."Sara smiled in spite of the situation and ventured back into the bedroom, where Rowan was starting to regain consciousness but looked absolutely hellish despite the pain-blocking energy Mellis had dosed him with.It had been months since he'd had an episode, so long that they'd all stopped stocking morphine in their quarters."He's okay," she said to reassure herself as much as the vampire."I'm not sure what happened--he had some kind of seizure and passed out, but he's all right.No damage, Mellis says.I promise I'll call you when we know more.""Put him on," Jason demanded."But--""Just do it."She sighed.There was no reasoning with Jason when he had the bit between his teeth about something, especially when it came to Rowan.She sat down on the edge of the bed and held the phone up to Rowan's ear.She could hear Jason speaking, and whatever it was he said, Rowan actually smiled as his eyes started to open, and murmured a little hoarsely, "Promises, promises.No.no, love, I promise, I'm fine.I'm not sure yet.No, I'm not going to get kidnapped.I swear.Now, if you'll excuse me I think the Healer wants to find out what happened."A moment later there was silence from the phone, which Sara interpreted as Jason hanging up; she took the phone from Rowan and set it on the bedside table."He sounded pissed," she noted.Rowan rolled his eyes slightly, but with more affection than she'd seen at the mention of his partner the entire time they'd been there."Well.Frog's theory was that the psychic link we have would alert either of us if something happened to the other, even if we weren't actively using it.Remind me I owe him a Coke."Aven had been keeping his peace the whole time, but said worriedly, "Rowan.please let Mellis look you over now."Mellis clucked her tongue."I already have," she said."I read him thoroughly while he was speaking into that device." She gave Aven a motherly look, and Sara remembered that she had been the one treating the Gardener when he was first rescued from the slavers."As he said, Aven, he's fine.His energy is somewhat depleted from the pain, but by morning he should be right as rain.Now, can you tell me what you saw when this happened?"Aven took up position opposite Sara, carefully taking one of Rowan's hands.If Aven had been human she would have sworn he was in love with Rowan, but among Elves it was nearly impossible to tell.They wore their emotions completely differently than mortals did.They all seemed to love each other deeply on a level that Sara was pretty sure her own race couldn't possibly understand.The thought slipped into her mind: would the baby feel that same connection to the Elves? Would it have anything at all in common with her?Would its hair and eyes change color like its father's, or stay the same season to season like hers? It was odd that a race known for immortality was so changeable.Did the baby.tramera, she reminded herself.have pointed ears already, floating around in her belly? How soon would it know what was happening to it? Was it--Aven took a deep breath, the sound bringing her back to the present with a shiver."We were sitting beneath the Tree, talking, about to get up, and his face.went blank.He wasn't in his body anymore.I couldn't say where he went, but.a moment later he fell back, and then the pain seemed to hit.""Was it only his expression that went blank?"He frowned."No [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]