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.Sensory overload is running through my brain, especially since my body believes it’s an alpha.Dolly talked to me about changes a body goes through as it becomes an alpha.The first thing is the ability to hone into pack members.It makes me uncomfortable to invade into their private conversations and thoughts.The hostess is crossing the restaurant with two girls close behind her.The moment she walked by, the air filled with fruity lotion and a sweet lingering scent that put my senses on high alert.Her chestnut colored hair fell over her shoulders in big waves.For a split second, she and I glance at each other and for the first time in my life, my heart quivers in my chest.“You okay Abe?” Pru asks.“He’s fine, he’s admiring the view.” Oakley and Pru exchange a look, the kind couples do when they’re willing the other to read their mind.“Do you know who she is?” My wolf is pushing for me to go over and introduce myself to her.My logical self says to keep my butt in my chair.Pru is grinning and shaking her head back and forth.“I don’t know her, but she’s a member of the Dublin Pack.If you’d studied the packs better, you’d know who she is.She’s Brianna Coghlan, the sister of Denny and Marc Coghlan.”“I did study the packs, she didn’t look like that in the pictures.She had to have been twelve when they took the pic, she doesn’t look twelve now.”The waitress comes over and sets a pint of beer in front of Oakley and I.Pru is our DD although she isn’t driving.“No mind your money, we’re jammy to have the Great Wolf in da bar.Would you like some shorts of whiskey? No worries, we won’t get you too bollixed.Da chef made a beautiful Sheppard’s Pie for all da wolves, would you like a green to go wid it?”Hopefully, Pru will have a clue what the waitress is saying.I glance over at Brianna and catch her looking at me.She giggles and shifts her eyes back to her friend.I turn my attention to Pru and the waitress as they discuss our evening dinner.The waitress smiles at Oakley and I as she walks off with her tray.“What was she saying? I figured a short of whiskey is a shot, but what about jammy and bollixed?”“I think she was saying they’re lucky to have us here and they aren’t planning on getting us drunk.You’ll get used to it.Remember they think we say funny things too.I’m going to run over to say hi to that table over there,” Pru points to a small table across the room.I recognize the guy as one I’m going to compete against in the agility contest.Oakley and I people watch for a while, not really talking about anything.My wolf zeros in on Brianna, and now I know the sound of her voice.Her accent is Irish, but it doesn’t sound like everyone else.Every time I feel her looking my way, my head turns her direction.She’ll bashfully smile and turn back towards her friend.“Something is strange; I can’t quit checking out that Brianna girl.Do you think she’d be upset if I go introduce myself to her?” Going out with girls has been awkward since Chrissy left.We still talk, but we’ve decided to date other people.My wolf has been restless, but it’s hard to meet people when you don’t go out very often.Oakley looks at me as though I’ve grown a third eye on my forehead.“Every girl in this room is batshit crazy to meet you.Brianna isn’t any different.The way she keeps stealing looks at you, I’m sure she’s going to be thrilled to meet you.Go get ‘em tiger,” Oakley chuckles.The waitress shows up at that very moment with our food.My stomach is growling so loud I postpone introducing myself to her.Pru rushes back and the three of us practically inhale our dinner.I was too hungry to wait, so I burned the roof of my mouth with my first bite.My healing ability is faster than most wolves and it heals instantly, letting me eat it straight from the oven.Another round of beers arrives as well as two ‘shorts’ which are shots whiskey.We hold up our shots and shouted ‘Cheers’ before tilting our heads back and downing the drink.Someone says my name and I turn around, it’s Brianna.“Are you Abel Casey?” Brianna asks.Overwhelming waves of heat spread through my body, undeniably a reaction to her being so close.“I am.You’re Brianna right?”Pru and Oakley suddenly found themselves in an intense conversation about salting before doing a shot of tequila.Thanks for abandoning me, you losers.I pull the empty chair closer to me and ask her to take a seat.No matter how loud it is inside, I can hear every breath she takes.“You’re competing against Pru aren’t you?” I signal for another beer for the table.No matter how much I drink, my body absorbs it and heals.I’d have to drink a lot in a short amount of time to get a buzz.By the noise in the room, it isn’t the case for all the wolves.I study her face, every small detail is etching in my memory.The way her eyebrow raises when she’s talking, to the flush of her cheeks when I’m talking to her.Her eyes are gold with flecks of amber in them and her skin is porcelain white.“I am competing against her, if I make weight,” she admits [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]