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.As if something special was waiting for her.She certainly hoped so.She was tired of lusting after a man she’d never see again.She desperately wanted a man who could respect her for the person she was in public as well as in her role as a submissive.A man who could fill the empty spaces in her life.She’d watched the men and women she worked with find happiness with others and had to tamp down the little spears of jealousy.She wanted what they had but no one had come along who appealed to her that way.Except her phantom.So tonight she’d made up her mind to banish him from her thoughts and go hunting.She dressed with extra care, taking her time selecting her outfit.In her short leather skirt and matching bustier with her skyscraper heels, she knew she presented an appetising picture.Makeup was carefully applied, exotic scent sprayed in the right places.Finally she added the rhinestone-encrusted clip in the design of a butterfly that she used to hold her hair back on one side.It had given her the name she used at the club—Butterfly.Many people used aliases at the private clubs—most of them, like Kari, to keep a wall between their personal and private lives.As a criminal prosecutor she was aware of how closely she had to guard her image and reputation.She was ready.Oh, yeah.Look out, world.Here I come.At The Edge she gave her car to the valet, mounted the two short steps to the entrance and opened the carved wooden door.“Good evening,” Bruno, the doorman, greeted her.“Nice to see you again.We’ve missed you.”“It hasn’t been that long, has it?” At least she didn’t think it had.Bruno flashed a grin at her.“Maybe it just seems that way.We always like seeing you here.Especially since you’re so much in demand.”Kari knew what he said was true.After the session with her elusive stranger, she’d applied for membership at The Edge and been accepted.An experienced Dom had been assigned as her trainer and he’d done a good job, showing her how to both give and receive maximum pleasure.Now she carefully chose the men that she interacted with and they were always pleased.But always afterwards, once back in her car, the enticement, the allure was gone.No one touched her the way her lost warrior did.The lounge area was full, almost every seat taken.Some people were engaged in relaxed conversation, others in the first phase of introduction to the evening’s play.Still others had already begun to explore their pleasure.Soon they would either move to a public room to perform for others or to a private room if exhibitionism wasn’t their thing.It wasn’t Kari’s.Performance wasn’t her thing, although she’d come to realise that voyeurism excited her.She finally found a tiny table wedged in a corner and took a seat with her back to most of the room.She wanted a few moments to collect herself before she put on her game face and looked over who was available.Or maybe one of her regulars would have spotted her by then.When the waiter approached, she ordered her usual—club soda with a twist of lime.The Edge had a two-drink limit, but tonight she had a nice buzz going without it.“I see you haven’t changed your drink preference since I last saw you.”The deep voice, still familiar after all this time, jolted her like a bolt of lightning.A lean, tanned hand set her drink on the table in front of her and then he was sitting across from her in the other chair.She stared at him, his face showing slight signs of having aged—deeper lines at the eyes and the corners of his mouth—but was otherwise still the same one that haunted her dreams.She wet her lips.“I… You… That is…”“Yeah.Me, too.” He grinned and the heat washing through her nearly melted her panties.“W-Where did you come from? I mean… No, wait.” She took a healthy swallow of her drink while she tried to pull together her scattered thoughts.“I didn’t mean that the way it sounded.”“I know.” He studied her face, maybe seeking any changes as she had with him [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]