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.Illiana took in a breath and knew her father was correct.She was afraid.She had healed fevers before.It was a matter of finding the right balance.Could she do it now with her mother? Even with the elements cocooning her mother, all she could think of was all of the disappointments she associated with Lelana.I have to put that behind me and focus.Illiana felt the elements once more.They fought against her for a moment, but once she had them in her grasp, the cocoon around Lelana slowly began to dissipate.The elements were fusing together and coming into balance with her mother’s.The fire struggled to gain control, but she pushed back with water until the flames were extinguished.Air rushed around her and when her mother opened her mouth to breathe, a whoosh of it went into her and at once, Lelana breathed easier.Illiana sensed the other injuries that her mother had sustained in her own limbs.There was nothing major, just bruises, exhaustion, and dehydration.She treated what she could and pulled out of her mother’s mind.“It’s done.She should be fine.” Illiana opened her eyes, stood up, and walked back into the other room.Belik took her into his embrace.All she wanted was to feel the comfort of him and her other mate, to know that she was safe.Illiana snuggled into the raven’s arms as he stroked her hair.“She’s going to be okay.You did the best that you could.”She shook her head.“I know.She’ll be fine, but that isn’t the problem.Please, I need to get away from here.”“Okay.We’ll go.”“Will you come too?” she asked Ohanzee.“Of course.Anything you need,” Ohanzee answered her with a small smile.However, concern lingered in his eyes.“I need to get away from her and all this…” Illiana separated from Belik and untied her robe.It fell to the ground as she opened the door.Sunshine streamed in and fell on her skin.It warmed for a moment and then stirred all the elements.With the touch of something so primal, it raged all the elements inside of her as though a maelstrom was coming.Escape was needed.She slipped out of the door and let the air take her.Her inner raven was ready to answer the wind’s call.Her form shrank and feathers itched underneath her skin, darkening her flesh until they burst forth.Once she jumped into the air and let the current have her, she rose higher and higher trying to outrun the overpowering emotions that threatened to devour her.Soaring higher into the mountains, she noticed another raven flying on her right.To her left was an enormous hawk.Ohanzee flew ahead of her, directing her farther into the mountains.A ring of fog hugged the stone points, but they went into the tree line passing through the fog.There she caught a thermal spiraling her upward until she darted alongside Ohanzee.In the last six months, he had filled the hole in her heart.She never thought she could care for him the way she had cared for Christopher.Ohanzee had gone against all odds and showed her that he really did love her even if at first she had no interest in him.Belik had been gracious enough to allow Ohanzee into their lives.They glided over the mountains to the outskirts of the tribe’s territory.Illiana settled on a pine branch and watched the sun climb the sky.The wind rustled her feathers.Belik landed next to her and rubbed his head along her wing.As a raven, he was smaller than her.She was always bigger than the rest of the flock.They had never thought she could have the lighter body mass to shift and fly, but she had proven them wrong.Ohanzee alighted on her other side, and they were the same size.He extended his wing and brushed her other side.His comfort and love flowed through the mental and emotional bond they shared.“Thank you.”“You don’t have to thank me.I’d do anything for you.I never thought that you were ever going to be mine.My sister always believed my dreams were a portent of your coming.I never believed it until I saw you on the boat,” Ohanzee replied.Hearing his voice eased her worries.She shivered in her feathers.Belik was silent, but his love was there, relieving her uncertainties and quieting the elements within her.They were the keys to keeping her grounded.Knowing they would always be there for her provided comfort like nothing else could.* * * *Ohanzee ran his fingers over the latest carving.It was a golden tiger’s eye he had discovered deep under a few layers of rock.He had asked the earth to loosen the stone and the water had pushed it through the layers of soil until it had come to the surface.Then he had carved it into the likeness of the lion that lived inside of him.He had etched the figure with skill and care.It kept him calm when his emotions raged.Today the cat paced within his mind and the hawk pecked at its fleshy confines.Each animal wanted to be released and connected with the element it was linked to.Those pent up emotions were mostly being felt by his mate Illiana.Most times, he did not sense her emotions so heavily, but today she was frazzled.A smile came to his lips when he thought of the woman in the next room.It seemed a lifetime ago since she had accepted him into her life and it had changed him completely.He had always been a pariah because he could not shift into his other animal, but she helped him reach into the darkness of his mind.Her adoration had healed his heart and it mended a hole in hers too, but when he looked at her he could still see the shadow of the love that she had given up when she came to his village.With her dreams, portents of what was occurring in her forest so many miles away, he had begun to worry that she would leave him [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]