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.Sucking hard, wetting the skin.Peter shivered with icy hot guilty pleasure, and the wolf bit down.Firework.God, it felt like being woken up.Sunrise blistering right through his veins.He scrambled for the wolf’s shoulders, clawed for purchase, as every bite was soothed with long licks from his dexterous tongue.It was purple, rough.Dull sandpaper on the top, and the sides were soft.So, so good.The fox sank his fingers into black hair and pulled the wolf up for air, panting softly into his mouth, “Whatever you want.Whatever—just now, Luca.” He flexed deeper into the wolf’s fist.“Now.”A growl rumbled through Luca’s chest as he tightened his hold on Peter’s wild mop of platinum blond hair and tossed him in the general direction of the bed.The fox stumbled across the cave, but managed to keep momentum long enough to scramble onto the fur pallet.“Hey.” He crashed onto his hands and knees and curled a white-knuckled grip into the fur.“Easy, Luca.”The wolf’s shadow fell over Peter as he sank to his knees behind him.Cold and cruel hands settled on his hips and then flipped him over like a coin.His back hit the pallet hard, breath leaving his body in a ragged whoosh.The wolf didn’t give him a second to recover and dropped over Peter’s naked body, stretching out like an animal home at last.Skin against skin.Chest against chest.He flexed his length against Peter’s hip, wanton, and shameless.Arousal potent, hanging in thick pockets of musk, his hand working the fox’s cock.His hold was tighter than usual.Just a little more perfect.“Fuck.” Peter moaned, his lip caught between Luca’s teeth, and bent his legs at the knees, crossing ankles high on Luca’s back.The wolf tugged at Peter’s length, stroking up and down.Rhythm steady and strong.Pleasure flared every nerve in the fox’s body, and he pushed back into the pallet, spine curving.“Luca.” He fumbled around and covered the wolf’s hand, guiding it into just the right punishing beat.“I’m gonna…”“Don’t.” The wolf squeezed.“Not yet.”Don’t? Not yet? As in orgasm? Peter’s spine curved even farther, bowed into a perfect crescent.Say…what?Restraint was rapidly becoming impossible.Fox ears were straight, teeth aching with the urge to cut through into vulpine incisors.Even his nails were long—white and sharp, scratching terrible red lines into the wolf’s alabaster skin.It felt so good.He could barely keep his focus, his innate glamour flaying away piece by piece.If Luca didn’t hurry up and finish him off, he’d literally explode into a white fox with nine tails just from the stress.And the wolf wanted him to wait…Like hell, there was no way.Peter’s mouth opened, words nearly said, but Luca silenced him with a deep kiss, nibbled his bottom lip.Suckled on it.And then released it with a little pop.Peter’s lip smarted from the abuse, tongue tingling—thirsty for more.The wolf continued to stroke his cock, but the minute he felt like he might just bust, he was rewarded for endurance with a sharp kiss.It was Heaven.And it was Hell.Perfect.Luca worked his cock until his skin was covered with an attractive sheen of sweat, entire body shaking, muscles taut.Held a breath away from snapping in half.“Luca.” The fox lurched up and pressed his mouth to the wolf’s throat, reaching between them to take hold of Luca’s cock.Fever running.Please…The wolf’s chest rumbled as he maneuvered Peter’s wrists into one hand, and used the other to pluck his nipple.Hard.“Ah—fuck.” Peter’s cock twitched and he hissed into Luca’s kisses.“That hurt, asshole.”“You liked it, little fox.I felt it…” He squeezed.“Here.”Fresh pearly liquid dotted the tip of Peter’s cock, sliding over Luca’s knuckles as it dripped down the length, and made their pelvises slick.He plucked the fox’s other nipple and Peter arched into and then away from the pain.He cursed, and Luca barely paid him mind, mouth traveling the jut of Peter’s hard jaw line, teeth cutting gently into the fox’s earlobe.“I want it…all.”All? Peter’s eyebrows knitted together, hands working the wolf’s pulsing length.All of what?The wolf swiped his thumb across the helmet of Peter’s sensitive head, rubbing the little slit at the top, swirling the digit in the liquid he found there.One tug.And then another.Pleasure blistered the fox’s groin, and he lifted his hips willingly as the wolf released him to rip his pants.He wadded the ball of tartan fabric and heaved it over his shoulder.Cool air pecked frost kisses on the fox’s skin, but the wolf caught his thighs with his strong, slender fingers and branded them with heat and bruises.He pushed, bending Peter’s legs at the knees, and the fox’s eyes fluttered open.“What…” His words were haggard as he caught his breath.“What the fuck are you doing?”Kneeling between the fox’s splayed legs, Luca looked just as imposing as ever.Tall and shadowy, but there was something about the tension in his body.It was howling.Saturating the air around him in waves of rolling black lust.Silver eyes glimmered and glowed in the darkness, and he dropped Peter’s legs and dropped over him on all fours, catching his wrists and pinning them overhead.“Stay still.”Stay still? Why?Luca maneuvered Peter’s wrists into one hand and used the other to fist the blond’s cock.He stroked, but the heat between them started to chill as Peter’s right mind started to assert itself.It was hard to think.The “fox” was so close to the surface.It would be so easy to just give in, to lose sight of himself and let the animal run free.But Peter wasn’t built that way.He had too much “conniving” and “clever” in his system for such idle and stagnant surrender.He pulled at the wolf’s hold, biceps flexing, and the wolf ruthlessly staunched the resistance, warm mouth lingering in the middle of his collarbone, like he was seeking out his heart.“Stay.” He nicked with sharp, curved canines.“Still.Stay still? For…what? Peter’s fingertips tingled, going numb.“Luca, what are you—ah.”The wolf fastened his mouth to Peter’s nipple, bit down.Conversation closed.He lavished attention on the each bud, wordlessly lulling the fox into submission.His hand slipped between their bodies, sinking lower between the fox’s cheeks.His finger brushed the fox’s puckered opening, and everything shattered to an all-stop.Peter lurched off the fur, squirming to free his wrists from the wolf’s hold.“Hey, cut that shit out.”Pleasure was irrelevant.He didn’t like or want that.Yeah, Peter was gay and all, but his ass was off limits.It was always off limits and always had been.They could fool around and stuff, but no penetration.There was no need for penetration.They could both get off without it.He really didn’t want that kind of pain.He didn’t want to have to deal with the cleanup and the awkwardness, and…It was just a hard “no.” Not right now.Probably not later either.Taking it up the ass never sounded appealing to anyone who’d been raised and violated by Granny Sole and her handy-dandy thermometer.That’s right—that was the only way you got to stay home from school sick in that shoe.And Luca wanted to do…what? Anal sex? As in that was supposed to be pleasurable? For who? Not the person whose ass was offered up on the poke platter.Ha, the wolf could kiss Peter’s ass, and that was about it.No, really.I’m trapped.Anger was quickly replaced with panic [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]