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.Without warning, Frank slid two fingers inside him with one hand and reached for his shaft with the other."Ah, you're ready for me.Hard and ready."A moist, breathless gasp tore from Rand's lungs and his heart rate quickened.He fought to remain standing against the bold intrusion, reeling from the methodical motion of Frank's skilled fingers.He felt his muscles spasm, gripping Frank's digits like a vise.If he didn't stop with the tortuous ecstasy, he'd soon be begging like a schoolboy for Frank to take him.Enveloped in a cocoon of bliss, he felt the head of Frank's cock nudge his hole.In one powerful rush, Frank shoved past the ring of muscle and buried himself to the hilt.Suspended between pain and pleasure, Rand cried out against the sudden invasion.Within seconds the pain receded and Frank moved in measured strokes, enveloping him in a haze of lust and passion.With his shoulders digging into the slippery tile, Rand panted and arched back into the fluid, thrusting motion.Frank grabbed his hips with both hands and licked a trail along the prickled skin of his neck, pitching him into spirals of ecstasy.The more he gasped and moaned, the harder Frank drove into him.At some time during their joining, Frank had turned the water off, but the residual steam added to the heat of their bodies rendering the small enclosure a virtual sauna.Nearly weeping with the need of release, blood and hot liquid surged to the tip of Rand's cock."I'm gonna come now; can't hold back."Frank groaned and a shiver passed through him."I'm right there with you, pretty boy."Rand's orgasm exploded over him, the force so potent, he'd have collapsed on the floor if Frank wasn't holding him up.With a final thrust and on the heels of a pleasurable moan, Frank emptied his seed into his ass and fell to his knees, taking Rand's weight onto his thighs.Frank's warm breath fanned his ear."You just nixed my day from hell.""Glad to be of assistance." Rand rose to his feet and slid the door open, acutely aware of a blast of cool air entering the shower."I'll go rustle something up for dinner."The water from the showerhead ran in a steady stream after Frank turned the knobs on again.He picked up the soap and the loofa and washed the areas of his body Rand missed before they were distracted."No, let's go out tonight.How about Italian?""Are we celebrating?""Seeing New Orleans for the first time is always cause for celebration." Rand couldn't help the smile."New Orleans? You'll tell me all about it at dinner, right?""Right after the wine and salad are served.How about Sabatino's."Rand snapped his fingers."Little Italy.I'm on it." He walked to the bathroom door, pivoted, and scooped his jeans and shirt from the floor."After I get dressed.""Good idea." Frank reached for a towel on the nearby rack and stepped from the shower."Hey, how did the test go today?"Rand yanked the jeans over his hips and pulled the t-shirt over his head."I'll tell you all about it at dinner."Before Frank had a chance to answer, he hustled from the bathroom and headed toward the phone in the kitchen.Chapter TwoTucked into a corner at a cozy booth, Frank ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir, a light sherry hue, flavored with strawberry, plum and violets.Minutes later, the waiter delivered the wine with two Bookmaker salads smothered in Sabatino's famous house dressing and took their order.Frank ordered Shrimp Renato, Rand the Veal Francese he'd been dreaming about for the last hour, notwithstanding the awesome shower sex he'd shared with Frank."This was a great idea, Frank.I've been starving all day."Frank rolled the wine around in his glass and took a sip."You were going to tell me about your test today.""Oh, yeah, I think I aced it."With a roll of his eyes, Frank said, "You think?""I'm feeling confident.When you were on the two-hour phone call last night I went over my notes again." Rand picked up his fork and dove into the salad."I knew most of the answers on that exam, and besides, I promised you I'd go out with a bang.""We need to talk about that."Rand narrowed his eyes."You're not backing out on me, McGuire.We had a deal.You said—""Are you going to let me talk or not?"Rand put his fork down and placed his hands on the table."Okay, shoot, but if you think to put me off, you got a fight on your hands.I know something is up again.I caught part of your conversation when you were talking to that nun on the phone.""It's not polite to eavesdrop, and I thought you said you were cramming for the test.""I was, but I heard your end of the conversation.So, what's up with the nun?"Frank chuckled and shook his head."What makes you think I was talking to a nun?""You called her Sister something and." Rand stopped in mid sentence while the waiter set the entrees on the table and asked if he could bring them anything else."Not for me, thanks," Frank said."Rand?'"No, I'm good." As soon as the man ducked through the archway near their booth, Rand picked up where he'd left off."Fast service here; and you don't have a sister."Frank gave him a quizzical look."The nun, you called the person on the phone Sister Francoise.""Francoise Genevieve from New Orleans, an Ursuline nun.""Ursuline?""A Roman Catholic religious order that goes way back to some place in Italy." Frank stabbed a plump shrimp on his plate with his fork and popped it into his mouth."Damn, this is good."His lips splitting into a grin, Rand cut off a chunk of the veal."She going to save your rotten soul, Frank?""I think it's beyond redemption.""You got that right." For a long moment, Rand studied him as if mulling over the redemption comment."You said something about New Orleans earlier.Does Sister whoever—""Francoise Genevieve.You need to remember that if you plan to accompany me on this one."With every element of his attention focused on him, Rand asked, "Am I going to accompany you this time?""Like you said, we made a deal—you finish out the year in college and I welcome you into the bosom of Frank McGuire, PI.""Hot damn, New Orleans!"The skin on the back of Frank's neck crawled, again.From the moment Charlie Burroughs' father had phoned last week his sixth sense had been working overtime.Twice he'd attempted to channel his inner spirit and twice he'd failed to get a substantive feel for what had happened to the missing boys.Insignificant allusions had broken through, moldering aromas, and foggy realms, but nothing that sent him down a solid path.Unless one considered the image of five clustered buildings noteworthy, and Frank had learned long ago to never leave a stone unturned, not even a pebble.One thing led to another, and soon he was up to his elbows in research about The Big Easy, particularly historical architecture.Within hours he came across some photos that looked remarkably like the image he'd seen while channeling—five, not four, not six, but five buildings that now comprised the Hotel Provincial on Chartres Street in the French Quarter."Frank?""Yes, sorry, I faded there for a second."Rand brushed a hand through the air."More than a second, but I'm used to it." 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