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.The woman is his mother, that much is clear.Not only have I heard him refer to her as such, but he also looks a great deal like her.The other man is his older brother, Trey I believe.I only know this because I overheard him call Decklan ‘little brother’ so that left out a lot of the guess work.Though based on their appearance I never would have guessed it.Decklan is all leather and ripped jeans, rugged and impossibly sexy, while his brother looks like an uppity frat boy.His dark hair is combed nicely to the side, and his face is free of any hair.He’s an attractive enough man but has nothing on Decklan.Either way, it’s clear to see that neither man particularly cares for the other.From the bits and pieces I’ve gathered, I’m guessing something big happened between them and it’s not that they simply don’t get along.I can feel Decklan’s eyes on me before I even make it to the table.I try my best to keep my face relaxed and not give away just how affected I actually am by this fact.“Can I get anyone anything?” I ask, positioning myself between Decklan’s brother and mother once I reach the table.“No, dear.I think we’re fine.” Decklan’s mother is the first to respond, giving me a sweet smile as she slides her near empty salad plate to the side.“We’ll take the checks please,” Trey speaks next, his voice clipped.“Of course.” I nod, clearing away their empty plates, avoiding Decklan’s gaze as I do.I don’t know why I feel so on edge around him.Okay, so he’s good looking.It’s not like I haven’t seen an attractive man before.There’s just something about him, I can’t explain it.It takes me a good five minutes to get the system to cooperate and print out their checks.Having only worked here for three weeks, I’m still struggling a bit with the finicky computer systems they use.When I finally make it back out onto the patio, the dynamic has completely changed.Decklan’s mother is crying softly, and Decklan looks as though he’s ready to kill someone; his face contorted in anger as he glares at Trey across the table.Not sure what to do, I silently deposit the payment books onto the table and quietly slip away.The tension is so heavy I can feel the weight of it just by being in close proximity.I glance outside over the next several minutes while still tending to my customers that are seated indoors, but I can’t really get a feel of what exactly is going on.After delivering food to two different tables, I decide to head back out and collect their money.My stomach sinks slightly when I realize that the only people remaining at the table are Decklan’s mother and brother.“I’m sorry about all the commotion,” she says, wiping her damp cheeks with her napkin.“Don’t apologize, Mom.It’s not your fault.” Trey reassures her, patting the back of her hand.“Are you sure there’s nothing else I can get for you?” I ask, eager to escape the awkwardness of a clearly emotional situation.“No, dear.Thank you.” She gives me a weak smile.I nod, turning to collect the payment books from the table before heading back inside.Having paid in cash, the moment I leave the table she stands, collecting her purse, exiting the patio just moments later with Trey at her side.Letting out a slow exhale, I turn my attention to cashing out each check, trying to focus on something other than my disappointment with how quickly Decklan left.I don’t know what I expected.I guess I hoped maybe.hell, I don’t know what I was hoping for.Shaking my head, I flip open the last payment book to find Decklan’s check inside but no money along with it.Confused, I glance back towards the table thinking maybe he left the cash there but immediately freeze when I realize he has reclaimed his seat at the table.Swallowing down the sudden lump in my throat, I head slowly back outside, more nervous now than I have been since he arrived because now I don’t have the buffer of his family being with him.“Sorry.I thought you left so I picked this up,” I say, sitting the payment book back onto the table in front of him.“What time do you get off work?” he asks, completely bypassing my statement.“What?” The word falls from my lips in confusion, but I quickly recover.“Um, here in the next few minutes,” I say, doing my best to seem as casual as possible.“I have to wait for the rest of my tables to cash out.”He nods his head slowly as if processing the information.“In that case, I think I’ll have one more.” He gives me a slow smirk that makes my knees tremble slightly below my weight.“Oh, okay,” I say, not sure why what time I get off work plays a factor in him staying for another drink.Confusion swarms my mind as I try to figure out exactly what is happening right now.And while I am a bit scared at the possibility that maybe he wants to hang out when I get off, the thought also sends an excitement through me that is nearly impossible to contain.Picking the payment book up, I return just moments later with his fourth beer and his new check.He gives me a slow nod, his gaze following me as I set the glass down in front of him.“You’re not from around here, are you?” He cocks his head to the side as if trying to figure something out.“Am I that obvious?” I blush slightly, not entirely able to control the flood of all the emotions I’m currently experiencing.“Let me guess, Indiana?” He crosses his arms casually in front of himself as he relaxes back into his chair.“West Virginia.” A small laugh manages to escape my lips at his expression.“Close enough.” He gives me an amused smile, the action making him so incredibly sexy I can barely stifle the moan that seems to work its way into my throat.“I take it you are from here?” I force myself to speak.“Is it that obvious?” He repeats my question back to me.“Kind of.” I can’t contain my wide smile when he leans his head back on a deep laugh.“Well, I should get back to work,” I say, gesturing towards the indoor dining room.“Is there anything else I can get for you?”“Not at the moment.” He gives me a wicked smile and slides his aviators down just far enough that his gray eyes meet mine, my stomach bottoming out the moment they do.I have half a mind to say screw my other customers and beg him to take me somewhere and show me what I have so clearly been missing.It’s apparent in the way every fiber of my body aches for him that I have never truly known what it means to want someone.“Okay,” I stutter out, feeling the blush once again flood my cheeks.Spinning around I quickly walk away, wondering if he’s purposely implying something or if I’m just interpreting things the way I want them to be.After dropping off the checks for my last two tables, I slide inside the ladies room to wash my hands and try to get a grip on my quickly unwinding nerves.“You don’t even know him,” I say to my reflection in the mirror.“Pull yourself together.”Even as I utter the words, I can’t help the slow smile that spreads in front of me.“Stop it,” I warn myself.It does me no good.He’s under my skin [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]