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.She chose to spend most of her time in her tower chamber, now, working on a large mural across one wall.It was the view of the city outside her window.But not just the city she could see.The city she wanted it to be.She wished that Leonardo were able to tutor her in painting more often, but he was always busy these days working on strange devices for her father, the Duke.She had once loved this city, but now saw it as a prison, keeping all of them captive.So she painted it anew, demolishing buildings that displeased her.Ridding the streets of the militia of the two Houses.Tearing down their stranglehold over the city.Taking away the large wall around them and adding flat green lands and rivers.Every time she fought with her father or mother she would come back to her chamber and paint away some of their power.Remove more towers and ships.And then she would paint small houses here and there, which she imagined she and Lorenzo would live in.Sometimes in the city overlooking a plaza, or sometimes in the countryside nearby.They were both eighteen now, and this was the first time they had really talked together.Really touched.Though she had played this out in her own mind, many, many times.She had known it would happen one day.Known how they would sit and what they would say.There was so much she wanted to ask him about himself.She knew he was a ward of the Medicis and had no parents.Knew he worked as an apprentice to Galileo.Knew there was something that had always drawn them together.If her father ever found out he’d have the poor boy skinned and turned out of the city, though.Or at least that’s what he threatened to do to any of the men who he caught staring at her.But Lorenzo never stared.Not in that way.“Lust is in men’s hearts,” he often advised her.“You will understand that when you are older.” But nobody had ever warned her about the lust in her own heart.And now he was here, she didn’t care to ask him those things she had wanted to know about him.It seemed much more urgent to talk about the workings of each of their bodies.Because she didn’t just want Lorenzo to be there on the couch beside her.She wanted him to touch her.But he was so shy.“So is it the same for the feet and legs then?” she asked mischievously, kicking off her slippers and raising her gown a little so that her bare feet and slim lower legs were exposed.She watched his face redden a little and felt the same goose bumps rise across her body again.He was so much a boy still, with neither the beard of the Medici household nor the large moustache of the Lorraines, and that proved him something of neither.When he had sat down on the couch beside her he had reached out a hand to brush back her hair.She’d grabbed his hand tightly to stop him, but he had said, “No.Let me look.” And she had consented.Let him lift back her long, dark auburn hair and see the ugly plague scars along her neck, running down from her ear.“The follies of the apothecaries,” she had said.They had promised to mend the ravages of the ugly red welts that had burst forth on her skin in the north, but had left behind a mass of scars that looked even worse to her mind, like she had been patched up with spare skin from some animal, which had been burned into place.She looked into Lorenzo’s soft grey eyes and saw neither pity nor revulsion.And when he touched her skin there, so gently, that’s when she knew.Now, looking at her feet and legs she saw a similar look on his face.Then, realising he was staring, he was filled with a moment of delicate shyness, and he turned his head away a little from her, not wishing to look at her, but then brought it back again, unable to not look at her.“Yes,” he said.“Though the bones in your toes are much smaller.”“Show me,” she said.He chewed his lip and then moved to take one of her feet in his hands.He ran his fingers over it as if it was a delicate object and traced out each toe, running his finger up the length of her foot, showing where each wire was that moved the parts inside.“You tell your foot how to move,” he said, “and the engine that drives them all is here.” He placed one hand above his heart.“All your limbs are tightly harnessed to it [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]