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.He was 100 percent normal in his.“Do you care?”“No.”“Then tell me why I’m here.”“Guess.”“Lay it out for me instead.” A touch cruel, perhaps, but he wanted to hear her say it.Needed her to admit her need and ask him to assuage it.But as she squirmed, struggling to find the right words, silence stretched between them.She opened, then closed her mouth.twice.Amused by her speechlessness, Ivar took pity and raised a brow.“You looking for a fast fuck with a complete stranger?”The crude language made her flinch.Shock flared in her eyes a second before her face heated.Crimson spread in a glorious wave across her cheekbones.Ivar went still as he watched her.Instinct spiked.All kinds of assumptions followed.His mouth curved.Well, would you look at that? Little Ms.Aggressive was just a teensy bit shy.Which told him more than he needed to know.Good girl gone bad.She carried all the markers.He could smell it on her, the need to go rogue, if only for one night.“Tell me true, kitten.” Shifting against her, he glanced over his shoulder.With a flick, he tossed his Oakleys across the kitchen.The pair landed on the countertop, then slid, colliding with her purse as he returned his attention to her.Wide brown eyes met his.“Is that what you want from me? Are you going to open up and let me all the way in.deep, deep inside?”Her blush deepened, but she didn’t back down.She nodded instead.“No anonymity, then.Give me your name.”“Sasha.”“Pretty name,” he murmured, giving into a smile.He couldn’t help it.She was perfect.So beautiful with her pale skin and dark eyes.And her name.God, it was perfect too.Of Russian origin, a name he could say with relish.One that reminded him of home and happier times, of things long forgotten until now.Cupping her cheek, he caressed her bottom lip with the pad of his thumb, then leaned in and kissed her.A gentle touch.Hardly a kiss at all.The mere brush of his mouth against hers.“Ivar.”“Nice to meet you, Ivar.” Tone naughty, his name rolled off her tongue.Pleasure skittered down his spine.Lips curved up at the corners, she shifted on his thigh, and undulating against him, showed him what she wanted.“Now, if you don’t mind.”Ivar didn’t.Not even a little.He was all in.Willing to play the game, completely committed to her pleasure as long as he received some in return.“Fast or slow the first time, Sasha?”She blinked in surprise.“The first time?”“You invited me in, kitten,” he said, giving her fair warning.“I’m not leaving until I get my fill, so.fast or slow?”A fine tremor rolled through her.“Fast.”“As you wish.”He murmured the words against her mouth.His tone said acquiesce.His touch, however, said something else.Dominant to the core, Ivar took over.Kissing her deep, he fisted his hands in her skirt.A quick tug pulled it up her torso.A firmer yank drew the soft material over her head and.Jesus help him.She’d dressed to kill tonight.Silky dress.Sexy high-heeled boots.But the most incredible sight lay underneath—silk and lace holding creamy skin and abundant curves.So soft.So warm and sweet.A gift wrapped up in black satin topped with pretty pink bows.Throat gone tight, Ivar fingered the one perched between her breasts, then traced the lace over the top of her gorgeous curve.Caressing her with a gentle stroke, he dipped inside the demi-cup, gauging her sensitivity, fighting to stay in control as her nipple tightened beneath the satin.Her breath caught on his name.Hearing it sent him into a tailspin.God forgive him, but she was right.The first time was going to be fast.Crazy and wild.far too fucking fast.But he couldn’t help it.He wanted her too much to back off.Or slow down.He couldn’t control it, so he sank into sensation instead.The work of moments, he stripped her bare—tossing the dress over his shoulder, unclasping her bra, releasing her long enough to drag the frilly panties down her thighs.The second he freed her, he pressed her back to the wall.Moaning in welcome, Sasha wrapped her legs around his hips, and setting her mouth to his, slid her hands down his chest.She shoved at his jacket.Eager to please, Ivar shrugged it off his shoulders.Heavy leather hit the floor as she attacked his T-shirt.Raising his arms, he helped her tug it over his head.Her hands touched down, stroking over his skin, fracturing what little remained of his control.A quick adjustment.An easy shift, and he yanked the button-fly of his jeans open, cupped her bottom and—“Ivar!”Sasha gasped as he thrust deep.Bliss stuck like a mailed fist.Ivar groaned.Oh Jesus.Fucking hell.Sasha was more than perfect.She was unbelievable.So incredible she cracked him wide open, tearing at his restraint as he sank between her thighs, and she struggled to accept him.All of him, every last inch he fed her.Clenching his teeth, he forced himself to slow down.She was so tight.Much smaller than he’d expected and.God.He didn’t want to hurt her.Or rush her into acceptance.Which left him with only one option—wait for her to adjust to his invasion.A strange reaction.Especially coming from him.Caring wasn’t part of his MO.He took what he wanted.always hit hard and moved fast.Show no mercy.Give no quarter.His approach in a nutshell.But as Sasha trembled in his arms, something odd happened.He didn’t want the sex to be that way this time.Not with her.Instead of fast and hard, he wanted to treat her well.To be kind and patient for a change.To give her all the pleasure she deserved, and he wasn’t accustomed to providing.A novelty wrapped up in a new experience.One Ivar couldn’t deny.So instead of taking care of himself, he held still, ignoring the urge to move.Brushing the blonde tendrils away from her temple, he cradled her close and set his mouth to the corner of hers.“Sasha [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]