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.“Lock up on your way out.”“I hope she says no if you go at her like a stubborn, bull-headed ass without thinking things through,” Jenna said as she followed her cousin out of the apartment and made sure the lock was set before she pulled it closed.Taurus held the elevator for her, and they rode down to the first floor in silence.When they stepped out of the elevator, Jenna grabbed his keys.“What the fuck?” he asked, extending his arm palm up.“Give them back.”Jenna shook her head.“Not until you listen to me.”Taurus huffed a sigh.“What?”“I want you to go into the garden and calm down.You also need to figure out what went wrong with your relationship and whether you really want her back.As Whitney’s Master, you fucked up somehow, but she must have felt she could not have talked to you about it.You need to figure out what went wrong and come up with a way to fix it.”Taurus had already come to that conclusion, but did not want his cousin to know she was right.She was too confident in herself as it was.“And while I do that, she’s getting farther and farther away,” he groused, wanting to look for Jenna and not sit on his ass and think about what went wrong with his relationship with his submissive little mouse.“I’ll have Antony get on the computer and tag all her cards.We’ll be notified as soon as she uses one of them,” Jenna said as she tucked the keys into the top of her corset.“Gentry will call the hotels and see if she’s checked into any of them.I’ll deal with the convention.”Frowning and grumbling under his breath, Taurus nodded and headed out to the garden.Jenna was right.He did need to calm down.Otherwise he might hurt anyone who got between him and his beloved woman.* * * *Whitney drove into New Bern then spent more than an hour driving around town checking out the various hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts which New Bern had to offer.Since Taurus refused to allow her to help pay living expenses, she banked all her money.She decided to splurge and stay at one of the four-star ultra-nice hotels that overlooked one of the rivers that defined the town’s southern and eastern borders.Though she would have been fine in a small room with a double bed, she requested a king-size bed in a room with a balcony overlooking the river.She was feeling the need of comfort from any source, and the river had always calmed her.The clerk surprised her by upgrading her to a suite.She wanted to argue, but he assured her that the suite would be the same price as her requested room.Moving on autopilot, Whitney handed over her bank debit card when asked.Once she finished checking in, she declined the bellhop’s help and headed upstairs to her room.Her suite was at the end of the hall, as far from the elevator as one could get and still be in the building.After entering, she kicked off her shoes before closing the door and flipping the lock in the handle.After a moment’s hesitation, she secured the interior deadbolt as well.Still carrying her overstuffed bag, she prowled the rooms, wide-eyed with the luxury she found there.She moved out onto the balcony and spent several long minutes watching the sun glint off the boats in the marina and the water farther out as it lazily made its way toward the Pamlico Sound and, ultimately, the Atlantic Ocean.For a moment, she wished she could transform herself into a fish.Or a seagull.Or a duck.Or any other creature that did not have to deal with the problems of the heart she was having.After releasing a long sigh, she retreated back into the bedroom and unpacked her few possessions.She was not sure she would be staying here more than one night, but she needed to settle in anyway.She was a nester and needed to make wherever she was home.After putting her clothes away, she pulled out the small vibrators Taurus had bought her for her last birthday and put them on the nightstand though she doubted she would use them.When the silence of the suite began to grate on her nerves, she turned on the huge flat-screen TV which faced the foot of the bed.After turning the heat up to a more comfortable level, she stripped down to the teddy Master Taurus had chosen that morning for her to wear to the convention.The lacy creation that revealed more than it concealed was one of his favorites and had become one of hers as well.Without anything else to do, she crawled into the center of the bed.Settling on top of the covers to think, she absently flipped through channels on the television, finally settling on an old black-and-white movie [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]