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.“That’s so weird.” Charity plunked down beside her.“What does that even mean? Protectors of man?”“Got me.Something about the innate balance of magic.As long as the Limonts kept the dark side of magic from overtaking the good, the entire land would prosper.”The writing was Gaelic.Their grandmother insisted they learn a bit of many ancient runes and symbols so they could pick out healing spells and incantations.Although they weren’t witches, sometimes reciting the words enhanced the little they could do with their natural abilities.“Magic would remain abundant and the flip side of magic, like the dark fairies, ghouls, and vampires wouldn’t get much of a foothold in the world.Here it is.” Lenore grabbed her reading glasses and slipped them on.She found what she’d been looking for.Genealogical records.“Toren Limont,” Charity whispered, her head next to Lenore’s as they read.“High Sorcerer of Limont, born in Crunfathy.Have you ever heard of Crunfathy?”“No.Never.” Lenore’s pulse thundered.What was going on? A shiver of dread swept along the back of her neck.She moved her gloved fingers across Charity’s.“You okay?”“Yeah.” Charity’s eyes were huge.The tips of her dark hair swished over the velum page and Lenore didn’t have the energy to worry about what that could do to the pages.“It’s just weird, you know?”“Do you want to stop?” Please stop.Whatever was going on, they weren’t a part of it.Not anymore.The sorcerer was back in the past where he belonged.They had more important concerns.On any other day, she’d be all over this, but her priority had to center on finding out what a shifter from Oregon wanted with her sister.And at the same time, keep Charity unaware of her extracurricular activity in procuring needed substances for their seedier clientele.Tomorrow.She’d help Charity figure this all out tomorrow.They could have a sister’s night of it, order Chinese, turn up the tunes, and dig through every book or scroll she had on the ancient Highland clan.Studying, uncovering buried truths, now that was a good time.If Clan Limont really was the balance that kept dark magic from overtaking the light, they’d done a terrible job of it.Creatures of dark magic were everywhere.“No, I want to know what happened.” Charity got that stubborn jut to her chin.There’d be no stopping her, which meant simply diverting her for a while.“All right.” She’d get her sister her answers and let her stew on it all day while she rushed to take care of everything else.She twisted her hair into a knot and jammed a pencil in it to keep it on top of her head away from the precious pages.“Your Toren was the last known sorcerer before the clan vanished for good.You see these other names below his?”Charity squinted.Lenore traced the names with the tip of the glove.Toren LimontShaw LimontEdeen LimontCol LimontEdeen?Blinking rapidly, the runes blurred.She shook her head to settle her vision, waiting for the room to quit tilting and stared at the names.She steadied her breathing.She had things to attend to.“He had two brothers and a sister.It looks like that together the four siblings kept their people safe and the balance of magic in check.They also…” She had to admit, this next part was cool.It was cool when she’d read about it at ten and it was still cool now.“They also each had their own unique brand of magic.The sister was an empath.”“She could tap into other people’s emotions,” Charity supplied.“Yes, but back then when magic was part of everyday existence and so much stronger, an empath would have been able to do way more than feel emotions.We’re talking the ability to really get into people’s heads, dive into memories they don’t even know about if she wanted to.”The room suddenly grew warmer, remembering the similar experience she’d had in the wee hours last night.She hadn’t experienced the shifter’s memories or anything like that, but she’d felt him, everything he was, and…was perspiration coating her forehead? She barely heard what Charity said.“…touched one of us, she’d see everything we know?”Yeah, uh, right.“Yes.Can you imagine our healing potential if we lived back then?” She hoped she was on the same topic as Charity, but her sister was so rattled by her own evening’s encounter she hadn’t yet noticed how tense Lenore was.“Magic was in everything, as simple as plucking it from the air.” She smiled.That really would be awesome.She imagined how much more successfully she’d be able to help those who needed her.With that strength of magic she would have been able to draw the tanglewort right out of the shapeshifter instead of her magic barely sufficing as a bandaide while watching—feeling— him suffer.“So your Toren was the sorcerer, Edeen an empath.The youngest brother Col, was a shapeshifter…” She swallowed past the lump in her paper-dry throat.An unexpected worry needled at her.Just what she didn’t need, another shapeshifter to worry about.Everything was off, happening all at once.She’d had a harried night.That was all.Hardly any sleep.“And Shaw: moon sifter.”Her glasses slipped down her nose.“Which is?” Charity’s nose wrinkled.“I have no idea.” But as soon as she had some time, she was going to hit the books and find out.Kay, Charity had her answers.Time to get her out of here and go take care of business.The shifter could have awakened by now.No calls from Gabe yet, so maybe not.She slipped off her gloves.“So now you know.Your visitor really was a Highland Sorcerer, last of his line before the entire Clan Limont vanished and magic hasn’t been as potent on the earth since.It’s all pretty amazing when you think about it.”“Yeah.” Charity sighed.“Amazing.”It was.It really was.If Lenore wasn’t up to her eyeballs in her own problems, she’d be grilling Charity for more specifics.“Hey.” She pushed stray strands of her sister’s hair behind her ear.“It is amazing.It’s not every day things like this happen.”“I know.”“You did what you could for him.And you got to feel incredible power flow through you, more than either of us could generate in these days.That had to feel awesome, right? I know it’s hard when you heal someone.You feel like you’re responsible for them, but there’s nothing more you can do.It’s not like you can travel back through time and check on him.”She didn’t like the look on her sister’s face.“We have time-travel spells.Grandma’s done it.”No way.What was Charity thinking? It wouldn’t matter anyway.Sorcerers were the only ones who could once open time rifts and there hadn’t been any around with enough magic to do that for a couple of centuries anyway.Sure, a talented healer or witch could recite a specific incantation to travel back a few hours, a day maybe, but that didn’t have anything to do with messing around with a time rift.Whatever Charity had considered on the spur of the moment wouldn’t work anyway.There was nothing to get antsy over.Lenore eased back in her seat and took her glasses off.“She went back half a day to stop Uncle Frank from getting in that car accident that took his leg.Even if you could pull it off, what would be the point in going back to last night and your Highlander? You’ve already done what you can for him.” She was rambling now, her nerves and emotions fried.“It’s not like we have the ability or spells to travel across centuries.Not even the sorcerers of today have the juice to do that anymore.”Charity frowned at the page.“I’m sorry,” Lenore said.“I get it, but it’s not possible so there’s no use in worrying about him anymore.Whatever happens—happened—to Toren Limont is out of your hands.You got to just let it go [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]