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.“This is just a quiet day.”Chapter Five“I’m going to have to lose some weight for the wedding.”Rick smacked my leg with a bridal brochure.“No you’re damn well not,” he scolded.“Don’t you dare.”“What song are we going to have for our first dance?” I asked.“Hmm.Let’s do something different, none of that lovey-dovey stuff.How about ‘New Sensation’?”“By INXS? Maybe.”“Or ‘Run to You’.Bit of Bryan Adams never goes down badly.”I raised my eyebrows.“You sure about that?”“Okay, ‘More Than a Feeling’.Let’s rock out to Boston, just for kicks.”“Oh God, no.The guitar solo goes on forever.”“I give up, then.‘Dancing in the Dark’.That’s my last suggestion.”I smiled.“Yeah.I like that.Remember the video? You can be Bruce Springsteen and I can be Courtney Cox, your adoring fan being pulled up onto the stage.”“It’s settled, then.The Boss it is.”I thumbed through a magazine full of beautiful dresses, from Vera Wang to Stella McCartney.“All the women in here are so beautiful,” I sighed.“They’re so damn…skinny.”“When will you women ever learn?” he laughed.“Men don’t like skinny girls.We like curves.Hips and lips.Tits and ass.We’re shallow creatures, really.”“You wouldn’t believe it looking at this.”“Well, that magazine isn’t aimed at men, is it? It always staggers me how women’s magazines are full of skinny, airbrushed models with articles on every other page about how to lose weight.They poke fun at female celebrities, showing pictures of their cellulite and pregnancy bellies in order to make women feel better about themselves.It’s ridiculous.”He had a point.“True.Very true.”“What all women should do, Amy, is pick up a men’s magazine.Doesn’t matter whether it’s Playboy or Esquire or Maxim.Take a look at the women.Never skinny, always curvy.Big, sexy butts and boobs.Men love boobs.Hooray for boobies!”“You really should consider a career as a feminist spokesperson, Rick.”It seemed that after such a crazy year of ups and downs, highs and lows, things were finally looking nothing but positive.Four months had passed since the incident with Louisa in the hotel room.That completely bizarre, crazy morning was now a distant memory that we simply laughed about.Louisa herself was back to living a relatively normal life, albeit with medication and regular medical care.We had also been spared the prospect of having to testify in the trial of the men – and Jake – who had abducted Luke.That tragic turn of events, which led to Sean's death, had ended with a whimper.All pleaded guilty, hoping for some form of more favourable sentence – either way, that chapter in our life was over.Rick was a different man, too.Some things never change, like that wicked sense of humour and childlike curiosity with the world.He had started to create music on an iPad, marvelling at the array of tools and mixing loops he could achieve with just a ten-inch screen.It had reignited his creativity again and he was putting together some of the best material he'd ever written.This was a more mature, considered artist.We'd spend quiet evenings at home, trying out new lyrics over glasses of wine.I always thought that things like this didn't happen to people like me.It sounds corny, but I was living the dream and I didn't want to wake up."Anyway," Rick smiled, I thought you were going to go for the Italian dress you talked about.""I am.I'm just looking, that's all.""When do I get to see it?""On our wedding day, silly," I replied."I've told you before, I want it to be a surprise."Rick put a record on the hi-fi – "Tango in the Night", a Fleetwood Mac album – and the vinyl crackled slightly before the music sprang to life.He nuzzled into my neck, kissing it gently."Oh go on, just a hint.Just a little one.""No," I giggled."I won't be swayed.""Please?""Nope."He softly ran the tip of his tongue up my ear."Pretty please?""I tell you what," I whispered."I won't show you the dress, but if you're a good boy, I might give you a preview of the underwear."Rick sprang up."Now you're talking! When you say underwear, do you mean the whole thing?""Well, I suppose it depends what you mean by ‘the whole thing’?"He sat opposite me and sipped a glass of Italian white wine."Are we talking a sexy white bra that pushes up those wonderful breasts of yours?"I nodded."Of course.Anything else?""How about the panties? Are the panties innocent or naughty?""Well, what would you prefer?""I'd prefer naughtily innocent.Or innocently naughty.Take your pick."I started to undo the top buttons of my blouse."Well, I'm not sure which it is, but I can tell you they're probably the tiniest, skimpiest little thong panties I've ever worn or ever will again."Rick took a deep breath."Okay, now I'm sweating.Are you hot, is that why you're taking your blouse off?""Well, you want me to change into them don't you?"Rick's eyes widened like a puppy dog."You…you mean now? You're going to put them on now?""Only if you want me to, Rick." I bit my lip and fluttered my eyelashes cheekily at him."You do want to see them, don't you?"Rick smiled the broadest, warmest of smiles."You see, you women get all the fun.You know how to push our buttons, don't you?"I slipped off my blouse and threw it straight at Rick."See you in a little while," I teased, heading into the bedroom to get changed.I hurriedly pulled out the bridal lingerie I had stuffed in the back of one of our wardrobes.I felt a little rush of excitement as I laid it out on our bed, smiling to myself as I stripped naked.Now, what should I start with? The horrifically expensive but utterly gorgeous Simone Perele underwear? Or should I slip on the smooth-as-silk white stockings? As I pulled out the Jimmy Choo box that contained over a thousand dollars worth of ivory coloured five-inch high heels, I stopped to pause for a second.It was almost inconceivable to me that I was wearing this kind of stuff to get married in, let alone simply have sex in.For a brief second, I allowed myself to feel proud of how far I had come.I never dreamed I would date a rock star, let alone be the woman to change his life.I used to feel so angry when people spent money unnecessarily on trivial things.I would grumble under my breath about what a waste of money such frivolities were.Yet now, in Rick's world, everything was relative.Those shoes were just a drop in the ocean, a day’s worth of royalties on songs he had already written many years ago.I realised it was time to stop feeling resentment towards people who had money, because now I was one of those people.I was one of those individuals I always wished, secretly, I could be.As I started to slip on the underwear, the perfect fit and gorgeous fabric so comfortable against my skin, I realised there was no shame in doing well for yourself.It didn't mean I ever had to forget where I had come from – maybe my humble beginnings and years of financial struggle had made me a better person [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]