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.”Shane groaned.“Hell no, just not the right time.Get in here before I’m a goner.”“Both of us?” The corners on Lolly’s mouth tugged.Ham could tell she was curious.Intrigued, not running.“Unless you think it’s not for you.” Ham undressed and walked to the men.Naked, Ham stepped up, and Shane backed off from the wall and bent over.He pulled Ham in to suck his cock.Keeping one eye on Lolly, Ham thrust into his lover’s mouth.She watched them with interest and the flush in her cheeks encouraged him.Once fully hard, Ham grabbed a condom and packet of lube from the shelf.He moved behind Bruce and squeezed the lube out on his tight ass.Bruce was a proclaimed mutt, a little Italian and a little French Cajun and little everything.His dark good looks and muscled frame made him a hot prospect for the ladies in town.Shane was an Irish boy with blondish red hair and pale skin.He freckled in the sun, and it turned Ham on.Still, baring his bisexuality was harder than he’d imagined, but Lolly was worth the risk.He had to be fully honest and trust her.Thrusting into Bruce, he got a groan in reward.“Yes, give me that big thick cock.Hard.” Bruce rocked between fucking Shane and fucking himself on Ham.Ham stood there and let Bruce set the pace.Reaching down, Ham slapped Bruce’s ass.Then his other hand sought Shane’s cock and stroked it.“She likes the show,” Bruce whispered.Ham leaned forward and kissed Bruce playfully.No way did Ham want Lolly thinking it was just a sexual outlet he could turn off.He wasn’t going to hide this from her or lie to her.Leading with full honesty, it was the only chance to get everything he wanted.Shane’s orgasm hit first, and he screamed, slapping the wall and bucking back.His cum filled Ham’s hand.Ham looked over and saw Lolly watching intently, her arms folded over her chest.He imagined her nipples were hard.That tight pussy of hers was probably wet, too.She was no saint, but he’d worship her.How had he resisted her so long? Ham thrust into Bruce and kissed his neck.Bruce didn’t stop grinding to Shane’s ass.Finally, Shane stood up straight and turned his neck so he could kiss Bruce.Ham knew those two had a deeper connection.Lovers for a few years, Ham had caught Bruce spanking Shane while fucking him one night.The temptation he’d always felt for men gave, and Ham had happily joined them and introduced them to the parties.But without Lolly, the group would never be complete.The men agreed, and both Bruce and Shane had tried to break the ice, but she was so guarded.Ham understood her fear of judgment, but he needed to set her free.The party had blown through the walls and left her secret desires bare.She deserved all the pleasure three men could give.The fact that she hadn’t run yet gave Ham hope.Pressing Shane to the wall, Ham slammed to Bruce’s ass, rotating his hips the way knew Bruce loved.Bruce shuddered and groaned.His head tipped back to Ham’s shoulder.“Shit, Ham.”Kissing him, Ham also smacked his ass.Bruce liked to give and get.The man was all macho muscle and loved to be fucked.These men made Ham feel safe with his lust for cock.Shane was broad shouldered and thick on muscles and cock.He was the boy next-door, friendly and helpful to all.He loved to please and get fucked.Ham reached around and pinched Shane’s nipple the way he liked, tight and holding on.Shane’s shout triggered Ham’s climax, grunting and thrusting into Bruce’s tight ass until Ham was totally done.No one doubted who was in charge of his group.It wasn’t Dom/sub like that girl had wanted today.She wanted a Master.Ham just wanted his group to function happily and fulfill everyone.Dominic saw to his group, and Ham would do the same.Lolly watched the men break apart, toss their used protection and rinse off the cum.Men loving men had never been hot in her head, at least not until she saw Bruce and Shane kissing.But Alex and Monty were the only other gay men she knew.Bisexual! She corrected her thinking.Ham clearly was bisexual, and she wanted to feel for herself if Bruce and Shane were into her at all.Her love and lust for Ham had never been in doubt, but her brain spun at all she’d learned today.The best was that Ham felt the same about her.Turning, she headed to the locker room area where people kept their clothes and gear.She kicked off her shoes and removed her pants and shirt again.She heard them coming and ditched the baby underwear fast.Naked, she sat on the bench and did her best to look sexy.All those years of trying to be a good girl was exhausting.She chose her clothes to not show too much cleavage or too much thigh so people wouldn’t think she was a slut.All she wanted to do now was feel like one.To feel wanted by these three men.If she trusted them less, she might be nervous, but they’d never hurt or reject her.Shane walked in first and stopped in his tracks.Bruce ran into him and Ham smiled from behind.“I knew you’d approve.”“Your ego is as big as your cock.If you knew so much, you should’ve started this a long time ago.” She crooked a finger and curled it toward her.Slowly, Shane moved closer and sat next to her.“You’re sure?”She leaned in and kissed him.He was shy and tender, just like on their one date.That night, Shane had kissed her but held back from more.Now, she was glad.She’d seen him the way he truly was.Her hands slid up his smooth chest and held his shoulders as she deepened the kiss.Strong hands slid up her back, and she felt the heat of a man sitting on her other side.Bruce’s touch was different from Ham’s.Like a homing pigeon, he reached around and went for her breasts.She loved breast men.They didn’t care that she wasn’t super skinny.None of these men seemed to mind.Switching to kiss Bruce, she offered Shane her rear, and he stroked her ass lovingly.“Such curves.” Shane kissed her ass.As Bruce sucked on her breasts, Lolly stroked his cock.Her eyes found Ham standing behind Bruce and looking on.“Like your admirers?” Ham asked.“I do.I thought you guys were gay so I left you alone.Sorry.” She kissed Bruce’s temple.“Suck my cock and all is forgiven.” Bruce guided her lower as he sat back.It was a fantasy but no dream.She knelt on the bench as he straddled it seated.Sucking Bruce, she realized how thick his cock was.Wider than Ham’s but nowhere near as long.Shane’s was long but not as thick.Their uniqueness made her want them all more.Arching her back, she offered Shane anything he wanted to play with.Lolly moaned when Shane’s tongue sunk into her cunt.Her moan made Bruce lift.Rocking her ass, she hoped Shane got the message because she didn’t want to take her mouth off Bruce thick cock.It pulsed hard in her mouth and even harder when she pinched his sac.“I think she wants to get fucked, Shane,” Ham said.She made a noise that meant agreement.“You’re sure?” Shane kissed the small of her back.“Yes, please,” she said against Bruce’s balls.Hearing the rustle of a condom wrapper, Lolly spread her legs slightly.Her pussy was so wet she needed relief fast.Shane filled her cunt, and she trembled.Pressing back, she met his thrusts and pushed him faster.Focusing on Bruce’s sac, she nipped and sucked as he groped her breasts like a little boy with a new toy.Strong arms wrapped around her stomach, and Shane fucked her with his whole body.That long cock hit her g-spot and sent her over the edge fast [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]