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.Did he have ulterior motives? “Uncle Nick, you don’t need to tell me frightening stories to get me to keep my curfew.” And at her age she didn’t really think it was necessary, but she knew how old-fashioned her uncle could be, and she supposed, to him she probably was young.“I know that, love.I just wanted to tell you a spooky tale, and vampires seemed like a good one.It is true that recent missing persons brought this story to the forefront for me.But please take it for what it’s worth—fact or fiction.”Again she was puzzled and frustrated with her uncle’s lack of commitment to the existence of vampires.What did he really believe? What did she believe? No, she decided, they can’t be real.“Well it was a good one!” Danielle frowned as she uncurled her legs and rose from her seat, knowing she’d likely have scary dreams tonight.And from the look on Brianna’s face, so would she.Uncle Nick appeared to be quite delighted with himself and on the verge of bubbling over with mirth.But his wife gave him a cutting shame-on-you glare, which was the only thing able to wipe the smirk off his age-creased face.Chapter 2Meeting Angels in the DarkThe next day Brianna and Danielle went to college for orientation.Brianna would be attending King’s College while Danielle was at Central St.Martin’s.Both schools were in close enough proximity for them to leave together and meet up after their classes.Brianna drove, but after that, they would usually be taking the rail.They toured their separate classrooms, gathered up the necessary textbooks, and met some of their professors.One of Danielle’s teachers assigned her a paper first thing: choose an artist and study up on him or her.Brianna drove Danielle around so she could learn the roads, though she didn’t really pay much attention.If they’d be taking the rail from here on out she wouldn’t need to drive herself.Of course, when she actually ducked as they took a turn because she thought the oncoming traffic was going to hit them, she realized if she did ever have to drive, she’d have trouble getting used to this.Great, she thought, knowing me, I’ll get lost and end up on the wrong side of the street, all done from the wrong side of the car.Danielle tried to forget about her concerns when they went to the library.Having chosen Van Gogh, she began a search on the computer for what she needed; figuring Brianna wouldn’t need to know about her reliable knack for getting lost.For now.To her surprise, Brianna had arranged to meet her boyfriend there.Having found the title of the book she wanted, Danielle studied her cousin’s guy as she made her way to the books on the shelves.She’d only seen pictures of him on the computer.Will was definitely handsome, she decided.He had the body of an athlete, his pleasing face was crowned with blond curls and, from first impressions, he seemed quite charming.She looked down at the number for the book she needed, refocusing her thoughts.Making her way to row seven, she was startled, when Brianna asked, “Dannie, will you be all right getting back if I leave you the car?”Danielle spun around and as her eyes focused on the keys dangling from Brianna’s fingers, panic crept in.No way did she think this would ever, could ever happen so soon! As her earlier worries came rushing back, Danielle backed up a step and felt her hip bump into the edge of the bookcase.Why did she have to forget to pick up a GPS before leaving home? She’d have to do that tomorrow for sure, but that wouldn’t help right now.Certainly, she could use her American driver’s license for a while—like that gave her any comfort.And how could her cousin ditch her so quickly?Exhaling a measured breath, Danielle collected the keys with her gaze traveling to Will again as he smiled hopefully at her.Of course Brianna could ditch her for this good-looking, blond guy, Danielle realized, and knew she might have done the same.“Pleeease? You’ll be fine.I drove you all over today.If you get lost, just call me.And remember to stay on the left side of the road,” Brianna tacked on with an apologetic grin.She forgot to mention this had to be done from the wrong side of the car too.Danielle’s teeth ground together on the thought.“Um, Bri? I should tell you, I’m really good at getting lost,” Danielle murmured, supposing it was time to confess, hoping it might make a difference.“Here—I’ll draw you a map.” The enthusiasm in those words was rather annoying.Danielle examined the directions Brianna quickly scratched out on a piece of paper.While it did look like a fairly comprehensible map, she didn’t trust herself in this matter.“It’s really quite straightforward, Dannie, we don’t live that far away from here.I mean if I could get to your place in Colorado from the airport, then you can surely do just as well.”Of course Brianna had a point there.Her cousin had rented a car and driven fine while reversing things—just as she was asking Danielle to do now.And it was terribly clear that Brianna really wanted to spend time with Will, and she didn’t have the heart to deny her cousin.“Okay, have fun with Will,” she said, unable to mask how upset she was feeling about it, not that her cousin noticed.“Thanks, Dannie! You’re the best!” Brianna gave Danielle a loud kiss on the cheek and left with rugby-boy in tow who waved goodbye and offered another charming smile.Danielle sighed and then, deciding she had nothing else better to do, lifted the paper she’d written the book title on to recheck the number she was looking for.Scanning the shelves, Danielle soon realized the book wasn’t where it was supposed to be so she began looking on all of the shelves.It said it was here according to the computer, so where was it?While searching, she noticed a book on vampires that had been left where it didn’t belong either.Interest about her uncle’s Dracula tale tempted her to grab it, but she passed it by.Seconds later her eyes began trailing back to the vampire book.Curiosity was getting the better of her.Danielle snatched “Vampire Mythology” off the shelf, along with the Van Gogh book she’d finally found and sat down to read.She first tried studying for her report, but couldn’t seem to focus.Giving in, she reached for the thick volume with those two words etched across the front in gold.Danielle hauled the heavy book into her lap and began flipping through the pages, skimming over them, reading only what caught her eye.As she did so, she gasped when she noticed some of the pages had been splattered with something brown.Something that looked like dried.No way, had to be hot chocolate [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]