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.Seeding Her Womb 1An Erotic Short StoryByChelsea ChaynesSMASHWORDS EDITIONCopyright 2014 by Chelsea ChaynesThis is a work of fiction.Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination.Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, businesses or establishments, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental.Chapter ListAn Unmet DesireA Close Encounter (Of The Tentacled Kind)Examination TimeTransportation To The ChamberIntergalactic Alien GangbangA Queen Has ArisenA Re-Awakened StateImplantation: SuccessfulAn Unmet DesireAva’s eyes opened to a purple sky filled with orange clouds.She tried to move, but it all happened slowly.It took so much energy to move a single inch.As she looked around her she realized she was in a lake, floating on the water without any effort whatsoever.It felt foreign, but at the same time natural.As if she was familiar with this place.As if this was home, something of her own creation; something that lived inside her primal soul that beckoned to be acknowledged.“Where am I?” Ava said aloud, “I know this place, it’s so familiar.I just can’t put my finger on it.” She floated, continuing to be confused.She heard some kind of animal in the water, but she wasn’t scared.It’s just a fish.But that “fish” got louder.Okay… Maybe it’s not a fish.She felt it slither by her leg, quickly, expertly.She began to fear this creature, cylindrical in nature, its variable girth and muscular strength perceived with one brush against her skin.She tried to move, but couldn’t, and strangely stopped caring, her mind so focused on this slithering beast she had no time.It made another pass, this time, as it came toward her it circled around her leg, quickly constricting as it made its way to her upper thigh.She could feel her pulse in her leg radiating against the creature like some blood pressure cuff.Thump, thump, thump, her heart pounded, each beat perfectly perceptible.She could see it now as it slithered its way up her leg and over her pubic mound, it was one singular arm of an octopus, a giant octopus, its little suckers snapping against her skin as it made its way around her body.It got closer, soon it was sliding its tapered tip up and down her pussy lips, she could feel her insides melting.Why am I not afraid? Was it going…inside? The tentacle hardened and thickened as she began to moan, anticipating its full, unforgiving length entering inside her hole as she laid motionless, staring at the purple sky.“Ava! Wake up!” Max shook her awake.“Max, I just had the strangest dream!” she said, “I was floating in this lake with this sky…” She abruptly stopped her sentence, thinking about the tight tentacle; thinking about the sensation it left in her groin, but she couldn’t mention it, not given what they were going through.And just like all dreams, by later that evening, she could hardly remember it.Ava Douglas was tired.Tired of not getting knocked up! Her beautiful blue eyes had often been filled with tears at every unsuccessful attempt at conception.Every time her red tide came she would crawl under the covers and cry.Max would console her, but he knew it wasn’t enough.She just wanted to have a family like everyone else.It was disturbing, it was as if some force was disallowing her delicate eggs to travel the length of her tubes and meet with her husband’s seed.They argued about it frequently, casting blame.Their marriage had become rocky with this giant elephant in the room.Motherhood had seemed to come so easy for her friends.Some had two kids, some three.She was instead left with a desolate, useless womb and a deep yearning for a child.Her childhood fantasy was to raise three children.It was never going to happen at this rate.At this rate she would find herself old and wrinkled, her eggs all gone, one by one descending into oblivion.They had gone to the doctor some time ago to determine what was wrong, but nothing stood out as a culprit.He called it bad luck.But Ava knew better.It wasn’t her eggs; it was his useless, immotile sperm.She was convinced that all the pot and cigarette smoking had caused his virility to decline, and it had left a gaping void in their marriage.Max had different suspicions.He accused her of concentrating so hard on her career and enduring so much stress that it impacted her ability to conceive.Openly stating to her many times, “I don’t even know why you want a child, you won’t have any time for it.” Deep down she agreed that it was a possibility, but she would never admit it.She loved her career too much.At 35, all she had was it and Max.Both of them knew time was running out.Max had come in from the garage where he had just smoked a cigarette.His shirt was off and his chest was ripped.Sweat glistened in the light of the kitchen as she stared seductively at his abs.His sperm may be dumb, but his body was out of control.She could feel her juices beginning to percolate.Her panties were warm.She wanted his throbbing cock deep inside her.Ava approached Max seductively, hoping to once again have her pussy pounded like a freight train and gobble up every last drop of semen he could produce, just for the off chance that it might be, “the one.”Ava came up beside him, getting close, “Hey babe, those pecs are looking good! Were you working our right now?”“Yea, I’m glad you like 'em.I don’t hit the gym for nothing.”She placed her hand on his chest, feeling his pecs and abs.She ran her hand down to his belt buckle watching a large bulge grow in his jeans as he became increasingly more aroused.She yanked it up, getting ready to undo it.Out of nowhere he stopped her.“No babe, not right now… I’m not in the mood.” His face looked to the ground as he spoke.Ava was quiet.It seemed these days he was never in the mood.She didn’t know why.Her breasts were still tight and her ass still filled out a pair of Levis like no other.Any other man would be ravishing her insides by now, but not Max.Just my luck!“It seems you’re never in the mood these days.What’s a matter? You don’t like this ass?”Attempting to seduce him once again, Ava bent over and pulled her jeans down exposing her panties.She then moved her panties aside, displaying a clean shaven asshole and vagina.Ava tried talking dirty, she knew it got him off, “Do you like what you see, baby? Do you want to taste my juices? You must be hungry after that workout.”Max responded, his tone increasing, “Ava, I’m sorry.I’m just not in the mood! Just leave me alone about it!”“What’s a matter babe? You don’t like pussy? Would you rather I have a raging hard cock you can suck?”“You are out of line, Ava.”“Are you getting offended? Did I hit on a soft spot?”“Enough Ava, today is not a good day.Tomorrow I will bang you silly, I promise.”“Ok then, Max.Next time.”Ava abruptly pulled up her pants; she was angry but let it slide.She understood that he was under a lot of stress with work and the inability to conceive.Hell, he probably didn’t want to have sex for fear of failing, yet again.Ava didn’t like it, but she didn’t have to [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]