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.” Rayne laughed.“So much for communicating with the other side.I guess we’re done.”“I told you we shouldn’t mess around with this stuff.We probably pissed off some evil entity.” Molly snapped at Rayne.“Grow up, Molly.It’s not real,” Lindsay said.“Then where is Bailey?”“Right now, she is most likely going to sleep in her own bed.That doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.I’ll be inside.If you guys want to crash here, you can.”Rayne got up and threw a bucket of sand into the fire.The hot embers slowly extinguished until they turned smoky.Rayne walked towards the back door to her house.Lindsay took one look at Molly, grabbed her sleeping bag and followed Rayne.Molly hesitantly picked up her sleeping bag and saw Bailey’s was still there.She didn’t like the feeling that crept over her and felt that they had just unleashed something unnatural.She followed her two friends inside the house.* * *Rayne was lying on her bed listening to her iPod, when her father came storming into her room.He tore the earbuds out of her ears and startled her.“If you didn’t have these stupid things jammed into your ears, you’d hear me when I call you.” He picked up her iPod and threw it across the room, shattering it.Rayne stood up and got in her father’s face.“The whole point is not to hear you.”Her father struck her.The force was so hard that she fell backward onto her bed.“Don’t you ever fucking talk to me like that! Do I make myself clear?”“Go have another drink, Dad.Get the hell away from me.God, I wish you were dead.”She wiped the blood from her nose and stormed out of her room.Her father stumbled out the door after her.Just as she was about to reach the staircase, her father grabbed hold of her shoulder.She jerked away from him, ran down the stairs and out the door.* * *Lindsay was practicing her violin when Rayne walked into her room.She could tell by the look and the dried blood on her face that Rayne had another fight with her father.No words needed to be exchanged.Lindsay knew all too well what Rayne’s home life was like.Lindsay’s cell phone went off and when she looked, Molly was calling her.“What’s up, Molly?”“Bailey never went home.Her parents called.She hasn’t been home since she left for the sleepover.That was two days ago.She’s missing.”“Is this some kind of joke?”“No! She’s been missing since the whole Ouija board thing.What do we do? Her parents called the police.They want to talk to us.”“We have nothing to say.”“Really? Because telling them we contacted an evil spirit after a ritual, and then all of a sudden Bailey goes missing won’t go over very well.”“Then shut the hell up about it.“We should have called the police.”“We assumed that she went home and just wasn’t talking to us.”“They want all of us to go down the police station and answer some questions.We’re going to get in trouble now, aren’t we?”“Listen, Molly.Keep your cool.We had a sleepover, and she left.It’s simple enough.Nothing else needs to be said.”Lindsay hung up the phone and turned to Rayne.“Bailey never went home.”“I hope you are not implying what I think you are.”“I’m not implying anything.I am simply stating that Bailey was last seen at your house.Now, she’s missing.”“We were all together.None of us saw anything.”“The police want to speak to us.”“We have nothing to hide.We were having a sleepover.That’s all!”* * *“So, let me get this straight.The four of you were having a slumber party, outside, and you didn’t notice your friend go missing?”The girls sat side-by-side in the small room.The bright florescent lights buzzed overhead.No one spoke.The detective shook his head in frustration.“It’s just a few simple questions, ladies.Don’t you want us to find your friend and bring her home safely?”“Of course we do!” Molly cried out.Lindsay and Rayne shot her a nasty look for talking.Molly shrugged her shoulders.“What? I am sorry.” She looked up at the detective.“We were using a Ouija board and it frightened her.We assumed she went home.”“Yet, she left behind her belongings.None of you found that a little strange? Is it possible that you were doing something that may have gotten out of hand and hurt her by accident?”“No!” all three girls cried out in unison.The door opened and Lindsay’s father stormed in the room.“Don’t say anything else, girls.You are through here.” He turned to the detective and grinned.“Your questioning is over.They are minors, and they are afraid.They are concerned for their friend’s whereabouts.Accusing them of harming their friend is completely unacceptable.”The girls stood up and walked out of the room with Lindsay’s father.They stood outside of the police station and huddled into a corner.Molly began to cry [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]