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.Ryan’s Love(Book 2 in the Callahan Family Series)By Charlie A.DillardCopyright 2014 By Charlie A.DillardSmashwords EditionDedication:Love Is All We Need.!Chapter 1 (Ryan)I can’t believe that its been four years since I’ve been back home.It’s been a long, lonely, and dangerous road while I’ve been gone.I’m a Boston boy at heart; but when I was fresh out of high school, I hopped on the first train out of here and went into the Marines.Now don’t get me wrong my life was nothing less than perfect.My mom and dad were very attentive to us boys as we grew up.They did everything for us kids, and gave us anything we wanted or needed.They were also a very good examples as parents and for a view of what a marriage was to be like.They never raised their voices at us or each other.I only ever saw complete devotion for each other in their eyes.Right before my grandpa died, when I was 16, he told me the whole story of how my mom and father met; and how they had the truest love that he has ever seen in a couple.Growing up I always thought that if I ever settled down, the love would have to be like that for me to have even a remote chance at happiness.Now I’m here at the airport waiting for my goofy kid brother Killian to pick me up so I can go surprise mom at the office.No one but Killian knew I was coming home.Don’t ask me why I chose him to keep my home coming a secret.I think it was just the fact that he was the one who answered the phone that day when I called home.I guess I could have taken a cab to the office without anyone knowing, but I really want to take a long shower before I go downtown to see everyone.“Ryan sweetheart, please don’t cry.Everything will be ok,” a fully dressed soldier says to a beautiful crying young lady.I’m brought out of my thoughts and my head instantly snaps around to an all to familiar sight.A soldier leaving and his family agonizing about it.“But James I don’t want to see you get hurt.”“Girl, you know that I’m going to be fine.”“But.but, last time you almost got killed,” the young girl cried.She looks as if her heart is breaking, as she watches her husband or boyfriend walk down the jetway to his plane.The farther away he gets the more her knees droop to the floor.I know I shouldn’t but it seems like my feet have a mind of their own and are walking towards her.I don’t know what I’m going to say or do once I get closer to her, but I can’t seem to stop myself.When I am finally right next to her, my thighs almost touching her back, she feels me there and turns around and looks up at me with the saddest greenest eyes I’ve ever seen.She didn’t say a word; she just looked up at me with tears continuously flowing down her beautiful pained face, blinking and wiping them away.I was momentarily stunned speechless at how gorgeous she was.Her shifting on her knees made me realize I came over to help her out.“Um Miss is there anything that I can help you with,” I say putting my hand out for her to grab a hold of.She glances down at my hand then back up at me and slowly shakes her head no.“At least let me help you up off the floor,” I say with my hand still out-stretched.She placed her small hand in mine and I carefully gathered her up off of the floor, so she was standing up and almost chest to chest with me.She was so small.Her head came up to my shoulders.Her eyes were wide and teary.She smelled something like wildflowers; and her hair was in a long braid down the back of her.Resting perfectly right below her bottom.Which I have to say looks nice and plump.I didn’t realize that I was staring so much until she let out a nervous chuckle and barely eeked out, “Um thank you.”“Thank me,” I say?She is looking up at me with nervous eyes and say, “Yes thank you for helping me up.I feel so stupid for acting the way I did.”I can’t say that I understand how she feels, but I know that it has to be hard to see someone you love go off and away to face death on a daily basis.So I guess I can at least sympathize.“No problem darling.I couldn’t not help a beautiful lady even if she is crying after her guy,” I say absent-mindedly smoothing my hands down her arms.She shivers under my touch and I quickly snatch my hands from her arms.“That wasn’t my guy,” she says.Just as I was about to ask her who it was, when I hear my name being called.“Ryan, there you are,” my brother Killian calls out as he is jogging down the airport to me.I hear the girl say, “Your name is Ryan?”“Yes, what’s your name?”“My name is Ryan too,” she says with her head down and slightly to the right.“Ryan, what are you doing.We have to hurry and get to the office, everyone is there waiting for you,” my brother says while giving me a hug.“Hey Killian.Thanks for coming to pick me up, but I’d like to get a quick shower before we go,” I ask, not really caring what his answer will be.I could see him thinking, when Ryan crosses my mind.I turn back around to where she was standing and she was gone.Gone and I didn’t even get the chance to ask for her number.Damn Killian.I mean I know its not his fault he came right as I was going to ask her, I just can’t get the picture of her soft cinnamon skin out of my head.“Come on Ryan.Let’s get on home then,” he says with his arm around my shoulder, leading me out of the airport and to the car.The sunshine was the first thing that hit my face as I walk out of the airport and to the car.“Man, its good to be home,” I say as we both climb into the car.“I know.It’s good to have you back.It wasn’t the same with you gone,” Killian says.I glance over at him and smile then place my head back on the headrest and close my eyes as we drive home.“Ryan, wake up.We’re home,” Killian says shaking me, waking me up from my nap.I barely open my eyes and he is rushing me off into the house and to the shower.Telling me that he will be waiting in the car.He gave me 10 minutes, then he said he’d be in with the bucket of ice.I laughed at that last one, because I know that he’ll do it.He’s done it to me plenty of times growing up when he was mad at me for something or other.So I got myself into gear and quickly wash under the spray of the steaming shower water.It was only when I was washing my hands that the thought of the beautiful Ryan from the airport came to mind; and my manhood quickly sprang to life at the thought of her sweet curves.I began to stroke myself as I thought about how soft her skin was, and how soft her thighs have to be.I near came at that thought but was interrupted by banging on the bathroom door.Bang Bang Bang“Stop playing with yourself and get the hell out of the shower,” Killian says through the bathroom door.Ugh.He sure knows how to spoil things.I know I have to get my own place.There is no way that I can go back to living with a group of people again.No matter how much I love them.“I’m coming,” I mumble as I hurry and finish washing and climb out the shower, quickly drying off and throwing on a pair of chinos, a white t-shirt and a pair of Adiddas.I was too tired to look for anything more polished.When I burst thru the front door, Killian was already in the car waiting for me to get in.I did without a word.When the door closed he looked at me and smiled, shook his head, then we were off to the office downtown.Soon enough we were pulling out to the all too familiar Callahan & Callahan office building downtown.It was massive as well as very lustrous.I used to love coming down here with Dad when I was a kid, but I all but ran from it when I grew up.It was good work but it was too much like settling down, and I wasn’t ready to do that [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]