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.He had no idea what other horrors the man had been subjected to or how long they had been going on and had no desire to do anything to intensify his fear.“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to frighten you.”He glanced at the chains holding Ryder prisoner.He could have easily broken them while in dragon form, but he had other plans and needed them intact.He looked over at the wizard stirring where he’d been tossed and smiled wickedly.Oh yeah, he had other plans for those chains.Cyan stood and moved to where the man was coming to.He stood over him as his eyes fluttered open.“Where are the keys to the chains?” He watched the wizard’s eyes skitter over to where Ryder lay on the ground and then back to him and waited for an answer.When none was forthcoming he struck out with a booted foot, catching the wizard squarely in the chest.He grinned at the sound of ribs breaking and the wizard’s shriek of pain.“If you really want to see what a Blue is capable of, then keep going as you are.After the torture you have inflicted on one of my kind, I relish the opportunity to repay your kindness.” Cyan spat the last word and reached down to grab the wizard by the collar of his robe.He jerked the man towards him, ignoring the pained cry.He lowered his head until he could look into the wizard’s scared eyes and sneered.“I don’t think you want to test my patience any further, Wizard.Where is the key?”He watched the wizard reach up and fumble with something around his neck and seconds later a key was pressed into his palm.“Wise choice.”Cyan reached down and pulled the man to his feet before twisting his arm behind his back and marching him across the room.He shoved the man to his knees once they reached Ryder and while still keeping hold of him with one hand, he reached out and unlocked the chains.With a smirk he clasped the chain around the wizard’s ankle.“What are you doing?” Talmir jerked at the chains holding him.“It seems only fitting that you suffer at least some of what you have put this man through.” Cyan crouched down next to Ryder.“If I get rid of the crystal, can you shift? We need to heal your injuries before I take you out of here so that I don’t cause you any further pain.”“I…” Ryder grimaced, “can shift.”Cyan nodded and carefully moved Ryder a safe distance away from Talmir before grabbing the crystal off the floor and heading out the door.Deciding it was better to destroy it rather than just remove it; he shifted back to his dragon form and crushed the crystal in his hand before opening it and releasing the harmless dust particles into the air, watching them float off as they were swept away by the breeze.After the last of the powder left his hand, Cyan shifted and headed back inside to find Ryder where he’d left him, except that now his flesh was unblemished.Ryder’s dragon must have emerged as soon as it sensed the crystal was gone.He had known that Ryder wouldn’t be able to maintain his dragon form after using all the energy required to heal, but had hoped to be present for the shift.The worst part about healing was that Ryder wouldn’t be able to shift again until he’d slept and regained his energy.Whether Cyan liked it or not, he was stuck with Ryder.He knew that once Ryder regained his strength he would turn on him, just like everyone else.The fact that Cyan had saved him probably wouldn’t mean much when put up against the fact he was a Blue.No one had ever been able to see beyond his color before; there was no reason for them to start now.He wouldn’t cause himself more hurt by even hoping that Ryder would be the first based solely upon the man’s lack of response earlier.Ryder had been injured and pain had undoubtedly clouded his judgment.He approached Ryder cautiously; half expecting him to pull away, Cyan was unsurprised when Ryder tried to push himself up off the floor.It was no more than Cyan expected; Ryder was already trying to flee and just didn’t have the energy.Ryder’s arms gave out and Cyan rushed forward to catch the man as he collapsed back to the floor, not giving him the opportunity to pull way.“Save whatever strength you have for the trip to where I’m staying.There will be plenty of time for you to run in fear after you’re healed.” Cyan lifted Ryder in his arms and carried the slender man out the door [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]