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.“No one can seem to do anything with only two days’ notice.” She rolled one shoulder.“Go figure.”Megan puckered her lips, planted her elbows on the table, and blew a deflated breath.“I’m sorry, you guys.It was my responsibility to book the exotic dancer.I should have had some sort of backup plan.”“It’s not your fault, Megan,” her friends said in unison, consoling her.After a long moment Sara said, “There must be something we can do.”Megan plopped the rest of her pickle into her mouth, pressed her palms to her eyes, and shook her head.“I cannot believe that in all of Chicago we can’t find one man available and willing to take his clothes off for us.”“I’m willing.” The deep masculine voice came from behind them.Megan didn’t have to turn around to know who it was.She’d recognize that seductive tenor anywhere.His rich tone moved like lightning through her bloodstream and had her libido sizzling like a fiery flambé.Twisting in her chair, Megan came face-to-face with Brady Wade, the sexiest firefighter she’d ever had the pleasure of setting her eyes on.Her pulse leapt.Her hands moistened.Her pickle lodged somewhere deep in her throat.Holy.Shit.Was he serious? Because if he was, then not only had she solved her dilemma, God had finally answered her prayer to see that sexy firefighter nekkid!Cassie angled her head and scoffed.“Forget it, Megan.He’s Nick’s best man.I don’t want to see him naked.”Without censor, Megan blurted out, “I do.” Oh damn.Had she just said that out loud?Brady’s knowing grin broadened.Megan’s stomach clenched, her pickle rising to the occasion, attempting to see what all the commotion was about.She swallowed hard before gifting Brady with an unpleasant view.Brady Wade.Lord, talk about sex appeal.The guy was smoking hot and had her hormones disco dancing in a way they’d never disco danced before.Of course, she could easily attribute the attraction to her lack of sexual activity since her divorce two years previous.Flames spread through her like a flash fire explosion as she took a moment to register every scrumptious detail of the guy before her.As Brady stood in the doorway, his huge, well-toned body practically blocked the light from the other room.With his soft hazel eyes, a light sprinkling of hair on his face, and his mussed, sun bleached blond hair, he always looked like he’d just tumbled out of bed.She wanted to tumble right back into it with him.Megan took a huge fortifying breath and tamped down her lusty thoughts.This was not the time to be indulging in one of her rich sexual fantasies.That would come later, while watching him strip at the bachelorette party.She bit back the maniacal laughter and resisted the urge to rub her hands together, Jekyll style.The truth was, if they didn’t take him up on his offer to dance, it could blow the party, except at this moment she had to admit, there really was only one thing she was interested in blowing…As she continued to take pleasure in his “I can go all night long” athletic physique, his roguish good looks, and his surfer-boy charm, it occurred to her that not only was Brady nipple hardening sexy, but he was willing and able to help her out in a crunch.And dammit, she was willing to let him.Well who knew she was such a humanitarian.But still, she should have sex with him.Just sex.Wet.Wild.Sloppy.Sex.He looked like a guy who was up for that.She’d just have to make it clear from the git-go that this was a no-strings-attached affair.Not that she expected him to have a problem with that.Not at all.Brady had one-nighter written all over him.He was just the kind of guy who’d indulge in a little good old-fashioned slam-me-up-against-the-wall-and-fuck-me-wild sex.Jesus, was it getting hotter in here?Unlike her friends, however, she was not about to fall for a sexy firefighter.Fall on him, yes.Ride him hard and put him away wet, yes.But fall for him?Uh-uh.No way.“I think it should be someone outside the bridal party, don’t you agree, Megan?”Dammit, she’d been so caught up in her dirty little thoughts, she couldn’t comprehend Cassie’s words.She had two choices here.She could agree with Cassie, or she could ask her to repeat the question, letting everyone in the room know that her thoughts had careened off track the second Brady had made an appearance.Yeah, like they didn’t already know that! Sheesh.Still, there was no need to embarrass herself further.A third option just popped into her mind.Ignoring Cassie altogether, she grabbed the jar of pickles from the table and hopped out of her chair.“Want one?”Brady grinned and shook his head.“No, thanks.They have garlic in them.”Megan glanced at the jar and noted that Sara had tightened the lid back on.“So.”He cocked his head.“So…if I kiss someone, I don’t want to taste like garlic.”Megan arched a brow and worked to open the lid.Her efforts proved futile.“Well, I just so happen to know that if two people both eat garlic, then the tastes cancel each other out.Sort of like two negatives make a positive.”“So if you eat one,” he pointed his index finger at her.“and I eat one,” he paused to jab his thumb into his chest.“and we kiss,” he wagged his finger back and forth between them.“there’d be no garlic aftertaste?” Hazel eyes glistened playfully as they met hers.Nope, no garlic aftertaste.Just moist panties and nipples hard enough to cut through glass.When Brady’s hungry gaze panned over Megan, she became acutely aware that she was dressed in a pair of hip-hugging pajama pants and a thin cotton T-shirt.Passion smoldered in his eyes when his glance settled on her midriff.His gaze lingered on the exposed skin near her navel, where her T-shirt didn’t quite meet her bottoms.Sex deprived nymphette that she was, her body responded to the heat in his gaze.She resisted the urge to squirm right into his arms.Instead, she squeezed her thighs together, the action creating heat and friction at the juncture between her legs.Cripes, if she didn’t soon gain control of her raging hormones, she was going to set off the smoke detectors.She swallowed a tortured moan, noting that this was the first time in a long time that she had felt such powerful sexual stirrings.She gave an edgy laugh.“That’s right,” she managed to get out as the air around them charged with sexual tension.“No aftertaste.”A moment later Brady said, “Well, when you put it that way, then maybe I will have one [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]