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.Especially with the way he kept looking at me like he was starving and I was his next meal.I remember faintly hearing conversations about hotel grand openings and magazine subscription deals as I looked at the man sitting across from me.If looks could kill, I would gladly die a happy woman right now.It was no wonder he had women falling at his feet.Those green eyes were like shining emeralds as he spoke.I shook my head to try and clear my thoughts.I had to pay attention if I was going to be any help to Laura on this project.“Laura, I think I know exactly which member of your team would do an outstanding job for this project.” I heard Tristan say as I finally brought my head out of la-la land to pay attention.“Kendall.” He stated as he fixed those striking eyes on mine.“What?” Laura and I both said simultaneously.I couldn’t breathe.I couldn’t move.I just sat there like some dumb bump on a log.Did he just say he wanted me to write the pieces on the hotels?I finally found my voice hidden behind my utter shock at his statement.He couldn’t possibly want me.I swallowed past the lump in my throat and tried to speak as smoothly as possible.“With all due respect, Mr.Price, I am the assistant editor.I haven’t actually written any stories or articles in several months since I was promoted in Dallas and moved here.I have only been in New York for a few weeks.Surely you would be more interested in someone who has been writing pieces for this magazine for longer than I have been here.” I said a little more shakily than what I wanted.He looked right at me and stared for a bit longer than comfortable before finally speaking to me.“Seeing as the first hotel opening will be happening right here in New York, I think you would be perfect for the job, Miss Jones.You will be able to give an unbiased opinion because you are new to the area,” he stated with confidence.“Besides, I have read some of your past work, and I think your work is brilliant.”Holy Hell! He has read my work? How? When? Why? I was beyond flabbergasted at his revelation.I honestly started to question this gorgeous man.“You’ve read my work?” I said a little sheepishly?“Yes Miss Jones.I did a little research prior to bringing this deal to Lively.Your publication is not the only magazine that we considered after giving the green light on this project.” Tristan said as he looked from me to Laura.Laura only nodded as if she understood that it was his choice to choose us and that we should be lucky.Laura narrowed her eyes at me as if mentally telling me not to ruin this deal for us.“Oh.” I blushed.Honestly I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed what with all the events that happened with Tristan this morning and now with this meeting with him and his suggesting that I write the pieces for this project.Pretty much it all came down to Tristan.This man was having an effect on me like no man ever had before.After everything that Brett stole from me, I could never bring myself to trust a man.Sure I dated here and there, but I never let a man make it past the third date.What was the point? I was not looking for a relationship.My experience with men had only lead me to heartache.“I really hope that you would consider heading this project Miss Jones.I think it would be beneficial to both of us.” Tristan said as he pinned me with a glare.His green eyes soft as if trying to send me support and comfort with that one look.“Yes, well Kendall and I will have a meeting together to discuss how we will choose to go forward in the project Mr.Price.We will get in touch with you and your office by tomorrow morning.” Laura interrupted the stare down between me and Tristan.“Very well.” Tristan replied as he rose to shake hands with Laura.I busied my hands gathering the papers that held the information about the deal and stuffed them into the manila folder.Tristan then turned to me and offered his hand to me.I hesitated briefly.The last time I felt his touch it felt as though my hand would catch fire.I had no doubt that this time would be any different.As I slowly slid my hand into his, he leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Kendall nothing would please me more than to work with you on this project.” I felt the warmth of his breath across the side of my cheek and ear.Goose bumps formed on my body and I had to fight the urge to shiver.He pulled away as quickly as he leaned in and turned to follow his colleagues out of our conference room.I couldn’t help but follow him with my eyes as he walked away from me.Tristan’s backside was almost as beautiful as his front.I couldn’t help the devilish grin that crossed my mind at that thought.I turned to find Laura glaring at me with a not so pleased look in her eye.“My office, now.” She said sternly as she turned away from me and walked out of the conference room.I stood in that empty conference room for a minute or two trying to catch my composure.What the hell just happened?I walked out of the conference room and knocked timidly on Laura’s office door.She looked up at me from holding her head in her hands as she sat behind her desk.“Come in, Kendall and have a seat.Shut the door behind you.” I did as she said.We sat in silence for a few minutes before Laura finally spoke to me.“Kendall, I can’t believe how disappointed I am in you.First you were late to work, and then your interaction with Mr.Price.” She shook her head before she continued, “You came so highly recommended by the Dallas magazine [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]