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."You dare question me, Lord Dyer! Do you know who I am? What I once was and now am again? It would not be so unless."His body openly shook.Trepidation overcame him.His worn wings drooped.His hand rubbed his forehead while he grasped at her words.“Your powers are back? No!”Tears that had welled up in my mother’s eyes flowed freely.Straightening herself up with all her dignity, she wiped back the tears.She had not time to mourn her loss."I could not see what I see now if he lived.He has been betrayed.My Mithelk lays slain upon the hillside of Scarladin.I can't see by whom for he stands in the shadows, but they are descending down upon us as we speak.They are searching for the portal.It has to be closed immediately.""We can't do that," Lord Dyer declared.He walked briskly over to the balcony, closing the doors firmly behind him."You have to be wrong.We have had no warning.We would have had a warning!""You are wasting precious time, old man," she said with firm determination.She nodded to her maid."Send for Gunilda and my other children.Wake them without delay.Prepare them for a journey and bring them down to the red room."Her chest heaved heavily.She released me, but took my hand.She began to walk out of the room.An arm reached out and grabbed her.In a frantic move, Lord Dyer pulled her back in."I'm afraid I can't allow you to do that, my Lady," Lord Dyer stated without emotion."It is with much regret, I can assure you, but you have given me no other options.All our well laid plans…we didn’t consider you getting your powers back.I'm afraid we have need of the portal, my Lady."My mother eyed him with contempt, but her lips edged upward to where a small smile formed."Then Lord Dyer you will be solely disappointed." She closed her eyes and uttered."Sareta! Falco!"No sooner had the words been uttered, my siblings appeared.Sareta no more than an infant.Holding my tiny sister, our nurse, Gunilda, stepped toward my mother.My mother trusted no other.Gunilda had been her loyal companion since she herself was a child.Immediately, my mother's arms outstretched, encircling us.Then we faded from Lord Dyer's view.Within moments, we materialized within a wide vaulted chamber, deep within the castle.Shadows illuminated against its shrouded walls from a fire from which the embers burned a crimson red.Within the far corner swirled a wind elucidated encircling the greater part of the stone wall.My mother stared at the portal for a time as if rapidly trying to decipher a course of action.The thought occurred to me that I should be afraid, but my thoughts lay only on my mother and the words she had uttered.To my small mind the only ones echoing within held to the ones concerning my father.My father was gone? Gone where I questioned.Why was my mother so upset?Her hands shook.She looked down upon us, her beloved children.Her eldest, my brother, Falco, had only turned six.He stood without fear.She bent down to us.I heard her utter under her breath that he looked so much like his father it broke her heart.She turned to me.I wanted nothing more than to throw my arms about her and cling to her, but even at my young age of four I realized an urgency of the situation.Her hand caressed my cheek.“Kela, my protector, my darling,” she whispered to me and kissed the top of my head.Falco, reading my thoughts, reached over and squeezed my hand.She stood back up to my sister who was less than a week old.She took her in her arms.I could see the tears flowing freely down her cheeks.She kissed her and handed her back to Gunilda.She breathed in deeply."Listen carefully to me, my children.There is no time.Gunilda is going to take you, care for you.If I do not follow, remember it is only because I can not.Do not forget all I have told you.Hold true to yourselves.""Mother, I will help," young Falco said."I'll fight off all."Her hand went to his cheek."No, Falco, your day is not yet," she said gently."You need to depart to have that day," she looked up at Gunilda.“Take them though, my dear friend.Take them to my father until all can be assessed.”“My Lady, come with us,” Gunilda cried.She reached over to my mother’s hand, but I saw.Within my mother was a daughter of a king, dutiful and strong, understanding the need to protect her land, her people above all else.My mother spoke no words, but said all within her eyes.Gunilda fought back the tears, holding tight to us.She nodded with reluctance acceptance.Mother began to chant in her native language.“Oto avoiyouau ropia rapaoexoai eyw eioodio!”The wind within the portal swirled harder until a view became clearer.Once, the portal had opened to a peaceful, serene meadow of abundance of blooming flowers, a winding stream which flowed freely through the grasslands, soothing sounds of birds singing and the sight of butterflies fluttering around.All was gone.My mother’s shock could not be hidden.The sun had set and the land lay in gloomy, gray skies.Gone were the luscious green pastures, displaced with a barren land.Dust blew over the desolate terrain, but lying beside the open portal lay a form covered by ash and dirt [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]