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.“And what are you wearing?”Initially sneering, Ewan ran his gaze over Clint, but when he looked up again, his expression had turned hungry.“Come on now, Ewan.” Clint threaded his thumbs through his belt loops and let his hands hang down, bracketing his cock.“You know you like me in my jeans and shitkickers.”“The invitation said black tie optional or business formal,” Ewan said, his voice shaky.He licked his lips.“And you know we can’t be together in public.”Was he supposed to apologize for coming to the party after being invited, for wearing the wrong clothes, or for talking to Ewan after Ewan had initiated the conversation?“What’s black tie optional business formal?” Clint asked, because he wasn’t going to apologize to Ewan for shit and flirting with him felt dirty and pathetic.“You need to leave,” Ewan hissed.He quickly darted his gaze around, gulped, and leaned forward as he whispered.“You can call me later and we can …”“Call you for what?” Clint asked.“You have a fiancée.”“Keep your voice down.She doesn’t have to know.We can still …”No fucking way, no fucking how.He hadn’t been willing to keep seeing Ewan in secret before he knew the man was dating someone else.Why on earth would he downgrade from being a dirty little secret to being the other man after Ewan got married?“Never going to happen, Ewan,” he said, shaking his head, which might have been a mistake because the entire room started spinning.Maybe downing four glasses of champagne followed by a tumbler of scotch hadn’t been his brightest move.“Best of luck to you on the marriage.” He turned around and stumbled toward the door, muttering, “Fuck knows you’ll both need it.”Chapter Three“Are you sure about this, sir?”Was Clint sure he wanted to get the hell out of Dodge? “Yes.”The valet fidgeted in front of the truck door.“You haven’t been in there very long and you seem a little, uh—”Though Clint tried to stand patiently and wait until the valet moved, he found himself suddenly tipping sideways.But only his top half.He managed to catch himself by grabbing onto the side of the truck, which left him pressed against the valet.“Sorry about that,” Clint slurred.The valet whimpered.“Did I hurt you?” Clint pushed himself back to a standing position.He gripped the side of the truck bed to help him stay stabilized.“No,” the valet croaked.“I’m fine.”“Great.” Clint looked at him meaningfully.When he didn’t move, Clint added, “So, I need to go.”Still nothing from the valet.“And you’re blocking the door.”“You’re really muscular.”Clint stared.“I mean hot,” the valet said in a panic, his neck turning red.“Drunk!” he shouted.“I mean you’re drunk.”“I’m fine,” Clint assured him as he patted his shoulder.He was aiming for the shoulder, anyway.He made actual contact with his chest.The red moved up the valet’s face all the way to the tips of his ears and he started hyperventilating.“You look like you’re going to be sick,” Clint pointed out.“I… I… I…” The guy stopped, took in a deep breath, held it for a few seconds, and then blew it out.“Please, sir.You’re not in any condition to drive and I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.”Though his natural inclination was to get angry about anyone telling him what to do, Clint took a mental count of how much he’d had to drink in a short period of time and realized the guy was probably right.“I need to get out of here,” he said, more to himself than the valet.“And it’s not like there are any taxi companies in Hawthorne.”“Oh.” The valet gulped and looked up at Clint from underneath his lashes.“Things have slowed down with all the party arrivals.Maybe I can take you home and, uh, stay for a little bit.” He coughed.“Just to make sure you’re okay.”Clint must have been drunker than he realized, because the offer wasn’t adding up.“I’ll take him home.” Whiskey and gravel.“Mister Deputy Mayor,” Clint said as he turned to the side and found himself face to face with Hawk Black.“It’s good to see you.” He would have offered to shake the man’s hand, or suck his dick, but if he let go of the truck, chances were high he’d fall.“Call me Hawk,” the deputy mayor said to Clint and then he turned toward the valet and said, “I’ll take his keys.”“Yes, sir.” With a disappointed sigh, the guy handed them over, looked at Clint sadly, and then shuffled away.“I think he might be drunk or something,” Clint whispered.At least he hoped it was a whisper.His ears were ringing so it was hard to be certain.“Somebody sure is.” Hawk smiled at Clint fondly as he circled his arm around Clint’s waist.“Let’s get you in the car.”“I can walk.”Hawk looked him over appraisingly.“Doubtful.” He started walking, taking Clint with him.“Besides, this gives me a chance to feel all those muscles that kid was talking about.”“What kid?” Clint asked in confusion.“The valet.” Hawk shook his head.“Damn, you’re toasted if you didn’t notice him drooling over you.”“Huh?”“Never mind.” Hawk opened the passenger door, moved his palm up Clint’s back to his nape, and massaged him gently.“I’ve waited long enough.He’s out of luck.”“Huh?”Dipping his face forward until his breath blew across Clint’s cheek, Hawk rasped, “Get in.”A full-body tremor made its way through Clint and he lost the power of speech.Not that he’d been speaking so much as grunting.“Come on, baby.” Hawk nudged him into the car.“Time to go.”Had Hawk just called him “baby”?“Huh?”“Buckle up,” Hawk said with a smirk.He shut the door, jogged around the front of the truck, and got into the driver’s seat.Clint could do nothing but sit and stare.After staring back for a couple of seconds, Hawk said, “You need to put on your seatbelt.” He reached across Clint, snatched the seatbelt, and slowly pulled it across Clint’s chest.Every part of that process involved Hawk’s shoulders and chest rubbing against Clint’s nipples and Hawk’s scent permeating his being.“Safety first,” he said hoarsely as he clipped the buckle into place.If he’d been a little less drunk, Clint was pretty sure he would have come in his pants.As it was, he had to tip his head against the seatback and close his eyes so he could calm his libido.There was no avoiding hard-ons in Hawk’s presence.With a groan, he reached between his legs and adjusted himself, hoping Hawk didn’t notice, or that if he did, he didn’t mind.“You left the party early.”Just the man’s voice was enough to make Clint’s cock throb.In his entire life, he’d never reacted to another person like he did to Hawk Black.Of course, he’d never met anyone as ruggedly handsome, powerfully confident, and quietly intelligent.“As opposed to loudly intelligent?”“Huh?” How could Hawk know what he’d been thinking?“Because you’re thinking out loud.” Hawk grinned.“I’m glad you like how I look.That’ll make this much easier.”“I didn’t…” Clint stopped himself mid-denial because, first off, he had very little chance of convincing Hawk he hadn’t meant what he’d said and second, anybody with eyes would come to the same conclusion.“What do you mean this? What’s the this that’ll be easier?”“Making you realize you need to stop playing around with silly boys and start getting serious with a real man.” Hawk turned the key and shifted the truck into drive [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]