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.Experience with clasps he couldn’t see—I guess that was expected of a rock star.But having an empty pewter bowl to lay my necklaces in? Totally unexpected.This little strip tease was so slow and patient that it was driving me crazy.I couldn’t stand it, and I wanted more.I needed fast and furious.Moving my hands to the front of Hunter’s pants, I pressed my palm against his jeans and felt his excitement, and I appreciated the level of it, too.He stopped what he’d been doing and we locked eyes.Yeah, I didn’t need to look down to unbuckle his belt either.I went exploring to see what was waiting to burst through his jeans once I sprung him.Wow, commando, I thought.So damn hot.Game on.I slid his pants down, going to my knees and feeling his hard-on press against my chest, making my nipples tighten and my mouth water in eager anticipation.I had to feel it.With no warning, I went down on him and took him whole, a guttural groan escaping his lips as he felt mine on him.It was brilliant.I kept going, feeling myself growing wetter and my energy levels skyrocketing as I teased him, continuously stopping short every time I could tell he was getting ready to have an orgasm.Nope, not time yet, I thought, shaking my head slowly at him when he protested.“You wicked temptress,” he gasped out and I decided it was time for a bit more of a show.I stood up and wrapped my hands around my waist, lifting up my tank top and revealing my black, sheer lace bra.“I can take it from here,” Hunter said.He undid the clasp and put his hands on my breasts, squeezing them and kneading them with aggressive appreciation.I couldn’t help it—I moaned and pressed against his hands.I loved it when a man showed how much he desired me.Hunter Martinez definitely desired me.He grabbed my hand and guided me to his bedroom, where we both finished undressing as quickly as we could and met on the bed.I had to hurry because I didn’t want to wait.I was demanding and expectant, wanting to spoil myself with his incredible body.I shoved him backward and straddled on the top of him, lifting myself up just enough so I could take in his very animated, lively cock.As I slid home, going as slowly and seductively as a stripper might move down a stripper pole, he closed his eyes and prepared himself for the ride.Every move I made hit a sweet spot in me that could only be reached by being on top, riding a guy with a well endowed unit.My hips swayed back and forth, up and down, and even swiveled a bit now and again.I didn’t think he could get any harder, but fuck yes, he did.I slowly slid off of him, just so I could see the entire length of him, so I could watch every last inch of him straining for me.I hovered above him, the tip of his cock pressed against my clit, sending tingling waves up my spine, and laughed as he squirmed beneath me, trying to get back inside.Finally I shifted just enough.He took the hint and plunged back inside of me.I couldn’t help but moan again, already so close to coming myself.I was never one to beat around the bush, to leave my orgasm up to chance from the skills of the deliverer, whether a man or manmade device.I sat up enough to get my hands free.With my left, I reached back to cup his balls, squeezing just hard enough to make him suck in a sharp breath.With my right, I gave his face a gentle slap.Just enough to get his attention.“Come,” I demanded.He looked at me, defiance in his eyes.“After you,” he said.“Come,” I repeated, euphoria surging from being bossy and demanding, my command working on myself, too.I didn’t want him to know how close I was from my words, but of course, it wouldn’t be hard to tell from how wet I was, the two of us slick everywhere we touched.I was primed up and I was nearing the point where I would not be able to hold back the orgasm that I longed for.Hunter showed me that he liked to make demands, too.He reached up and squeezed my nipples in his fingertips, sending the slightest zing of pain through me, like the delicious bit of paprika that added the extra bit of zip to a dish.I must’ve moaned because a satisfied grin spread across his face.He knew he had me.I moved harder and more forcefully, using every bit of cardio training I’d ever had to go the distance.I kept going and going, not tiring, and feeling hotter by the second My hair was sticking to my face and to my back, but I was on fire, unable to stop what I was doing and feeling like my O might be so big that my entire body would explode, not just my loins.“Oh no,” Hunter gasped as he bucked beneath me.I didn’t have to look at him to know what happened.“That’s right,” I said.“Come!” and it was the catalyst for me to give myself permission to release, too.I was still straddling Hunter, still pulsing around him, enjoying the view as I looked down at him.His hair was wild, too, and his 5:00 shadow was a complete turn-on, much more preferable to a clean shaven face, in my opinion.“Wow,” I finally said.I reached down and casually ran my deep red fingernail along a small scar that Hunter had on his chest.“Wow,” I repeated.He took my hand and squeezed it.“Well played, Trinity Vanders.”“Thank you.I love to win, in case you couldn’t tell.”“And here I thought we both won,” he smiled.“You might’ve gotten me to go first for round one, but you won’t for the others.”“Others?” I asked.Then I found out what he meant.The game was on and I was embarking on a sexual Olympics that was going to put me to the test [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]