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.“Listen, I appreciate you returning my notebooks, but you tell that bitch I’m not giving up a drop of blood until Kurt’s in my bed.” She wandered over to the far side of the cell, pressing her ear to the wall.“He’d better be okay.”She feared they meant him harm.Joe jotted down this thought.“I’ll speak to Doctor Loy.”“I don’t trust your Doctor Loy.”Well, that was one point they agreed on.He smiled slightly, in spite of himself.She quickly picked up on this.“You don’t either.”“Never said that.”“You didn’t have to.”“Clairvoyant?”“Doc, you’re a scientist.You don’t believe in that crap?”“Neither do you, I take it.”A smile spread slowly over her face as she recited, a child repeating a lesson, “There’s nothing that can’t be explained scientifically.”“You obviously read visual and aural cues and perhaps changes in body chemistry by scent.Let’s see what else you can do.” He produced a small rubber ball from his pocket, throwing it high into the air.“Catch.”She leapt straight up to the twelve-foot ceiling without effort, snatching the ball from the air and closing her fist about it.As she touched the ground noiselessly, she opened her palm beneath his nose.Grains of material that had once been the ball littered the ground in front of him.“I didn’t come here to do tricks.”Joe straightened up in his chair, staring her down.“Then why are you here?”She gave him a blank look again.“Are you in danger?”She laughed.“You find that funny?”“You’re a very entertaining doctor, in so many ways.”Joe ventured a chance.“You must be in trouble somehow or you would have set him free and high-tailed it out of here.”“Haven’t you ever seen the scary movies? We get this really bad sunburn and all the Coppertone in the world won’t help.”“You had an opportunity long before the sun rose.You must need our help.”“Don’t flatter yourself.”“You want to be cured.”“Think this is some kind of disease?”“I don’t really know how to characterize your condition.”She tossed her hair back and laughed.“I’m fucking immortal.I get to keep this face and body forever.Can you say the same?”“You kill to survive.”She shrugged.“I do you a favor by cleaning up the vermin.I’m not one of those poor deluded assholes in an Anne Rice novel who mopes around feeling sorry for myself.Listen my good doctor, I may not be old in terms of my own kind but I’ve lived a lot longer than you.Go ask some fellow mortals about this transient thing you call happiness— ask them about love too while you’re at it.Ask them if they’d rather be young, powerful and beautiful forever.Ask yourself.”“You have a good reason to be here or you’d be long-gone.” He chanced another hypothesis.“Kurt’s in danger?”She licked her bottom lip.“Take me to visit him and I’ll be real nice to you later.”“I can’t do that and you know it.”“Then you’re not the man I think you are.” She turned away, sauntering over to the bed to sit down, regarding him strangely.“You know Doc, you have a quality… ”This took him aback.She enjoyed catching him off guard with these personal observations.Not unlike other women with their constant, damned analysis of personality.“A certain glitter.I could be mistaken, but it’s usually so clear… ”Trying to divert the conversation with some little mind-game? Annoying, but he wasn’t making the rules here.He was forced to play along.“What?”She reclined on the bed, giggling.“You won’t like it.Mortals are like so many insects, constantly buzzing around, often annoying, sometimes loathsome but every once and a while this big, gorgeous butterfly floats into your view.A superior specimen… What I’m saying is— I see one of us inside of you.”If she’d taking a flying leap and knocked him flat he wouldn’t have been surprised but this wasn’t something he’d ever expected to come out of her mouth.“You’re bullshitting me.”“Told you, you wouldn’t like it— but I won’t tell— it’ll be our little secret.You’ve always believed yourself a cut above the rest.If anyone could challenge the inscrutable Dr.Loy, it would be you.But maybe I’m wrong and you’re just another grub crawling in the dirt.”Clever.She was baiting him into aiding her.An odd choice of tactics but it was working.He couldn’t back down now.She clearly understood how much Lydia galled him.What else could she tell about him?Joe stuck on a smile.“You had me going.” She smiled smugly.She’d won a round but he wasn’t backing down.He took up his smile again, one he knew women found irresistible.“I’ll do everything in my power to convince Lydia to allow you to be together.”She approached him.Uncertain of her intention, he stood his ground but a telltale sweat broke out on his upper lip.“I’m not going to hurt you Doc.Scout’s honor,” she whispered, reaching up to brush his face, her fingertip touching the drop of moisture forming against his will above his mouth.“Just trying to illustrate a point.”Her surprising touch filled him with awe.He could barely verbalize his amazement, “You’re warm!”Her hand didn’t leave his cheek.“I’m not dead, or undead as I believe the term is.” She carried his hand to her own face.“I’m as alive as you are but I’m fully realized, while you’re a mere embryo.” Her eyes widened, reflecting his image in the dark pupils.He backed away from her.“No…”“Convince me otherwise.” She laughed low in her throat.“I’ve embraced the inhumanity of man intimately— takes one to know one.”“You can’t judge me by your standard.”She shrugged and picked up the hand mirror on the table, admiring her reflection.“I’m paying you a high compliment.You have courage and superior ability.” She flipped her hair, setting the mirror down.“Get me what I want and I’ll cooperate with you.”“You must understand the fear.”“I understand Doctor Loy’s fear.Tell her I understand completely.But Kurt and I bunk together or there’s no project.” She crossed her arms, business-like.“I personally bear you no malice, Doctor.You’re merely the go-between.You don’t trust me and frankly I don’t trust you.You have no real desire to befriend me.You’re an opportunist but from one avowed taker to another, I respect that.I don’t want to hurt you or any of your little mortal friends but tell your boss that if anything happens to Kurt, I’ll dispatch her and every other soul in this facility to hell.Capiche?” She paced away from him.“I won’t put up with being manhandled by those baboons and I won’t be restrained.And for crissakes fix the air-conditioning, it drips constantly [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]