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.“Chloe, would you like to go for a short walk in the desert with me before bed?”Ouch.That sounded suggestive.Likely because his mind was south of his belt buckle right now, but he hadn’t meant it in a dirty way.Her big brown eyes looked at him in an assessing manner, but then she smiled, so he guessed he’d passed whatever test she was giving him.“Thank you, I’d like that,” she said.His own face split in a huge grin, and he jumped up, extending his hand to her.“I’d like to come, too,” said Forest.Then he cleared his throat, “That is, if you don’t mind, Chloe.”Now Ny had to look down so Forest didn’t see any signs of his smile.Poor Forest.He hated to have to ask permission for anything, but he was right.Chloe was totally free to choose who she would be with, no matter what any of them wanted.“Okay.”Ny led Chloe down the hallway where Mr.and Mrs.Wishram’s bedroom and private sitting room was, and which was now only used for occasional visitors needing overnight accommodation.He opened the side door there and led the way out into the desert.The land here rose very gradually, so it seemed as if they were walking on flat ground.But after about ten minutes, it became obvious that they were higher up, and there was quite a nice view out across the desert.It wasn’t like climbing a mountain or even a hill.But the vista was pretty even at night, highlighting the paler and darker tones of rocks and bushes, with the gas station and highway in the background.He turned around and pointed for Chloe to look.“Ah, that’s lovely.The desert is amazing,” she said.That was his opportunity.“You’re pretty amazing as well.May I kiss you?”She stepped closer to him and lifted her head up.“I guess that’s a yes.” Very gently he wrapped his arms around her, holding her lightly, but still against him, as he pressed his lips to hers.Ny was very aware of not wanting to take advantage of her, yet at the same time, he needed to kiss her properly enough that she liked it.He couldn’t afford for her to think he wasn’t capable of pleasing her adequately.She leaned closer to him, so he deepened the kiss and tightened his hold on her, letting her breasts touch his chest and their bellies rest against each other.His dick was a thick line in his jeans, and he knew she’d feel it, but hopefully it wouldn’t be too intrusive.Gently he licked the seam of her mouth, and she opened for him.He wanted to fuck her mouth hard and fast, but kept a firm grip on himself, just tasting her lightly, teasing her a little, and then sliding his tongue around hers.He was careful to pull away before she became short of breath.In this case he was hoping less would be more, as the saying went.As they stepped apart, Forest said, “My turn.”Ny looked away, wondering what the etiquette was here.Once they were a proper triad—and right now he was thinking positively that they would become a one—obviously they’d all be together all the time.But right now, maybe he ought to give them their own privacy.Likely it was something he and Forest would have to discuss.And fairly soon.Then they turned to walk back to the house.Forest broke the silence and Ny’s happy, relaxed mood.“I still don’t think this ball is a good idea.What about the rogues who abducted Jasmine? What about the stolen guns? Something bad is happening out in the desert, and by inviting all the wolves, who knows what trouble you’re opening up for the pack to have to face?” said Forest.“Fuck! I’d forgotten about that,” said Ny, his joy disappearing in a nanosecond.“But the Alpha won’t have forgotten.He’ll have it all under control,” said Chloe confidently.Ny wished he believed her.Suddenly he was aware how dangerous this plan might be.Chapter ThreeForest hated having to deliver the bad news, but someone had to be honest and realistic.Since no one else was lining up for the tough job, that meant he had to do it.The whole masquerade ball idea was stupid, but his family seemed to think people would like to have an excuse for a party.He supposed he could understand that.Few of the desert wolves got together even for things like Thanksgiving, so an excuse for a party might be something that would appeal to them.But with a group of uncontrolled men around, who had kidnapped an innocent woman, it was time for a dose of reality.People leaving their usual, well-known areas of the desert to travel over its vast unmapped distances was not a good plan.And he knew damn well most of them wouldn’t come by road.Everyone who lived in the desert set a compass with the direction they needed to go in and just drove.And that was a recipe for disaster.Sooner or later someone would meet up with the rogues.After all, they had to live somewhere, and the most likely place for them to be was in the uninhabited zones—which was exactly the area people coming to the ball would be traveling through.And none of his pigheaded family could see the danger lurking right there waiting to trap some unwary traveler.Forest decided when everyone was in bed he’d be e-mailing the Alpha himself with his own thoughts about this craziness.Maybe the Alpha would order people to travel in larger groups.That would be good protection, whereas telling them to come by road likely would be ignored.Kissing Chloe had been wonderful.He’d like to do a whole lot more than kiss her, but first he needed to teach her to stop acting irresponsibly and to obey him.She couldn’t risk herself the way she’d done coming here alone.No wonder her brothers were worried about her.It was a pity they hadn’t trained her better though.Forest knew she’d snuck away without telling them exactly where she was going [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]