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.He hadn't really thought of Serratin as having siblings.He seemed so omnipotent."You have a sister?"Serratin laughed.Orion was captured by the perfect whiteness of his teeth against the dusky silk of Serratin's flesh.Suddenly, it wasn't the piercing that his mind was on, and he tried to focus on Serratin's words."Yes, I have manybrothers and sisters scattered across the planet.Mariet is joined with a trader.Which is how I learned of you."He tried to visualize Lord Serratin with siblings in a family environment.Sometimes he seemed so remote and self-reliant, as though he neither needed nor depended on anyone but himself.Orion supposed he must have had parents atsome point in his life."Are your parents still alive?"Serratin nodded."My father and his wives live in the mountains.I don't get a chance to visit them often these days.Much of my time is taken up with the diplomatic relations between the factions of the ruling classes in the various provinces.Which side will manage the agricultural communities, who wants to handle the traders and revise the current regulations.Then there is the planetary negotiation and the constant wars that break out.""You are a peacekeeper?""In a manner.I am usually called upon when the agreements or negotiations have reached the critical stage and one or both parties are ready to walk away from the tables and start, or continue, a war."Orion saw him with different eyes.He was indeed a powerful man to be able to keep peace on their world as well as withthe other planets.He held a new respect for this complicated man.His own life seemed so frivolous compared to thedemands placed on the shoulders of Lord Serratin.He truly did deserve the respect he commanded."You realize you would not be here now if your parents had obtained your freeborn papers.Were they free born?""I don't know.They died from an epidemic that spread through the jungle when I was still a hatchling.Others of mymother's flock spoke of it in passing.I never even had a name until you gave me one.""But you never stayed with any of your mother's people?"Orion shook his head."No.At the time there were so few because of the sickness.I expect they were afraid I carried it as well--because of my parents."Serratin was silent for a long time."So they left you to forage for yourself? It's surprising you survived at all.No wonder you were such a wild thing," Serratin said under his breath."How did you survive at such a young age?"Orion smiled."I was very resourceful, even then.The others who reside in the jungle eventually helped me.When I was older, human women heard of me and sought me out.They would bring me things." He shrugged."How did you end up being captured? I would expect you would have become very adept at evading hunters.""It was one of the women.She became greedy.Apparently she was offered a great deal of coin for information about the wild thing, as they called me.She lured me into the city with her body and they were waiting."Serratin rose to his feet and stroked Orion's hair."That time in your life is over now.Your home is here with me, and here you will be protected.""I'm ready to begin, your lordship.Have you the items you wish me to insert?" They both turned to Calvin, who stood behind the master with his implements in his hands.Lord Adolpho walked over to the table and picked up two small, black laquered boxes.He handed them to the piercer."The silver allonium rings are for his nipples, the jeweled stud for his cock.They will match his arm and leg bands."Calvin nodded and turned to Orion."Come lie on the bed," he instructed him.file://I:\Téléchargements\Adrianna Dane - Captivity.html14/01/2009CaptivityPage 18 sur 74Once Orion was situated Calvin laid his instruments and the boxes containing the rings and stud on the bed.He looked atOrion."It won't be so bad as you think.And the master will take care of you as what needs be done.Now breathe deep and let it out slowly.Concentrate on your breathing and it will be over before you know it."He had to give Calvin credit, he accomplished the piercings as expeditiously as possible.The rings were inserted into his nipples almost before he could suck in his second breath and the sharp pain shot through him.The piercing in his cock was less painful than he had imagined it would be.When he finally looked down to examine it,he saw that it went horizontally through the head of his penis.There were small jewels to either side and tiny ringsbeneath the jewels.The silver allonium bar between appeared long enough to allow for expansion of his penis when itgrew hard [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]