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.CONTENTSCaptive Prince, Volume 2Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18Chapter 19Chapter 20Chapter 21ExtrasExtended Chapter 19ABOUT THE AUTHORS.U.Pacat is a writer who has lived in a number of different cities, including Tokyo and Perugia.Right now she lives in Australia, where she is working on the third and final book in the Captive Prince trilogy.Follow S.U.Pacat on Twitter @ supacat, or on her blog at www.captiveprince.com.ALSO BY S.U.PACATCAPTIVE PRINCEVolume OneVolume TwoText copyright © S.U.Pacat, 2013.The right of S.U.Pacat to be identified as the sole author of this work has been asserted.All rights reserved.Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise), without the prior written permission of the copyright holder.Cover design by Benji Greig © S.U.PacatCover illustration by Nephyla © S.U.PacatMap by Guy Holt Design © S.U.PacatISBN 978-0-9875073-3-4Captive Prince is dedicated to all the original readers and supporters of the story.It’s you who made the continuation of this story possible.Thank you all so much.CHARACTERSAKIELOSKASTOR, King of AkielosDAMIANOS (Damen), heir to the throne of AkielosJOKASTE, a lady of the Akielon courtNIKANDROS, Kyros of DelphaMAKEDON, a commanderNAOS, a soldierVEREThe courtTHE REGENT of VereLAURENT, the heir to the throne of VereNICAISE, the Regent’s petGUION, Lord of Fortaine, member of the Veretian Council and the former Ambassador to AkielosVANNIS, Ambassador to VaskANCEL, a petThe Prince’s menGOVART, Captain of the Prince’s GuardJORDORLANTROCHERTHUETAIMERICLAZAR, one of the Regent’s mercenaries, now fighting with the Prince’s menPASCHAL, a physicianAt NessonCHARLS, a merchantVOLO, a cardsharpAt AcquitartARNOUL, a retainerAt RavenelTOUARS, Lord of RavenelTHEVENIN, his sonENGUERRAN, Captain of Ravenel’s troopsHESTAL, advisor to Lord TouarsGUYMAR, a soldierGUERIN, a blacksmithAt BreteauADRIC, a member of the minor nobilityCHARRON, a member of the minor nobilityPATRASTORGEIR, King of PatrasTORVELD, younger brother of King Torgeir and Ambassador to VereERASMUS, his slaveVASKHALVIK, a clan leaderKASHEL, a clanswomanFrom the pastTHEOMEDES, former King of Akielos and Damen’s fatherEGERIA, former Queen of Akielos and Damen’s motherHYPERMENESTRA, former mistress of Theomedes and Kastor’s motherEUANDROS, former King of Akielos, founder of the house of TheomedesALERON, former King of Vere and Laurent’s fatherAUGUSTE, former heir to the throne of Vere and Laurent’s older brotherCHAPTER 1THE SHADOWS WERE long with sunset when they rode up, and the horizon was red.Chastillon was a single jutting tower, a dark round bulk against the sky.It was huge and old, like the castles far to the south, Ravenel and Fortaine, built to withstand battering siege.Damen gazed at the view, unsettled.He found it impossible to look at the approach without seeing the castle at Marlas, that distant tower flanked by long red fields.‘It’s hunting country,’ said Orlant, mistaking the nature of his gaze.‘Dare you to make a run for it.’He said nothing.He was not here to run.It was a strange feeling to be unchained and riding with a group of Veretian soldiers of his own free will.A day’s ride, even at the slow pace of wagons through pleasant countryside in late spring, was enough by which to judge the quality of a company.Govart did very little but sit, an impersonal shape above the swishing tail of his muscled horse, but whoever had captained these men previously had drilled them to maintain immaculate formation over the long course of a ride.The discipline was a little surprising.Damen wondered if they could hold their lines in a fight.If they could, there was some cause for hope, though in truth, his wellspring of good mood had more to do with the outdoors, the sunshine and the illusion of freedom that came with being given a horse and a sword.Even the weight of the gold collar and cuffs on his throat and wrists could not diminish it.The household servants had turned out to meet them, arraying themselves as they would for the arrival of any significant party.The Regent’s men, who were supposedly stationed at Chastillon awaiting the Prince’s arrival, were nowhere to be seen.There were fifty horses to be stabled, fifty sets of armour and tack to be unstrapped, and fifty places to be readied in the barracks—and that was only the men at arms, not the servants and wagons.But in the enormous courtyard, the Prince’s party looked small, insignificant.Chastillon was large enough to swallow fifty men as though the number was nothing.No one was pitching tents: the men would sleep in the barracks; Laurent would sleep in the keep.Laurent swung out of the saddle, peeled off his riding gloves, tucking them into his belt, and gave his attention to the castellan.Govart barked a few orders, and Damen found himself occupied with armour, detailing and care of his horse.Across the courtyard, a couple of alaunt hounds came bounding down the stone stairs to throw themselves ecstatically at Laurent, who indulged one of them with a rub behind the ears, causing a spasm of jealousy in the other.Orlant broke Damen’s attention.‘Physician wants you,’ he said, pointing with his chin to an awning at the far end of the courtyard, under which could be glimpsed a familiar grey head.Damen put down the breastplate he was holding, and went.‘Sit,’ said the physician [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]