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.“Um, Hannah, you realise that skirt is… “ He lowered his head as if to tell me something shocking, “… second-hand.”I flinched for a moment but the skirt was really cute and I was sure it'd been washed before they put it in the shop.Anyway, if I came home with cool vintage shit, Angie would go gaga.“You… you might get a rash or something.At least buy it without trying it on then you can make sure it's clean before you get home.”Something about the way he said it made me want to put the skirt on and wear it all day.I looked around for the counter or a sales assistant but couldn't see either.There was a table that might be considered a counter, covered in buttons and badges and, slap-bang in the middle, sat a stuffed owl.I walked over and a girl popped up with bright blue hair and a chain running from her nose piercing to her ear.It made me realise that I'd not seen people with piercings or tattoos or anything like that since I'd got there.She beamed at me and I wondered if she could speak English.I didn't trust Tamaki to translate that I wanted to try on the skirt.“You are so cute,” the girl said, reaching out to touch my hair.“Can I try this on?” I asked.“Sorry, no change room.” The girl gestured around the shop.There really wasn't any space for a change room among the racks of clothing.I smiled and paid for the skirt.We wandered around some more shops.I couldn't help but buy stuff.Stuff for me.Stuff for Eric.I thought about buying stuff for Jack.I found some awesome t-shirts, but somehow it felt weird to be buying clothes for him.I bought them anyway.I didn't have to give them to him.“Can we stop for coffee now?” Tamaki had his arms full of my shopping bags but he hadn’t complained.You didn't have to ask me twice about coffee.I spotted a cute coffee shop with paintings of bats all over the outside.“I don't know if they'll make good coffee.I was thinking of going somewhere else.Somewhere in a different neighbourhood.Maybe somewhere more… stylish.”Tamaki hung back but I thought the little cafe looked charming.The whole neighbourhood with its graffitied walls and little shops and narrow little streets leading to more shops and more cafes and bars delighted me.It made me feel a whole lot more like I was on holidays than being in a street of designer shops that looked exactly the same as every city in the world.Was I forgetting how to be rich? Was it like algebra? Something you forgot the minute you no longer needed it?I sat down on a cushion at a low table while Tamaki ordered.I wasn’t sure what to do with my legs, if I should be kneeling or folding them.Also, I wondered if they had cake.How did you say “cake” in Japanese anyway?The only other people in the tiny cafe were a couple, both dressed in leopard print outfits.He had long, black hair and huge metal rings on all his fingers.He was also wearing more eyeliner than she was.Tamaki returned and sat down, his long legs sprawling out from under the table.“This place is quaint.Is that what you say?”He smiled at me and it changed his face from the stern mask into something charming.I nodded that you would indeed call it quaint.The waitress, dressed as a bunny, sat our cups down on the table.I looked at the tiny little teacup, thinking that it barely held enough coffee to sustain me, and tried to hook my finger through the tiny handle.Not great coffee but drinkable.“You really like coffee?”“It's one of the things that make life worth living.”Tamaki picked up the glass containing a single flower blossom from the table and twisted it in his hand.“Hannah.” He looked up at me.“Your name, Hana, means flower in Japanese.”I smiled, not really sure want to reply to that.“Do you want some French toast?”“Hell yeah!”“Ah, good because I order you some.”I smiled for real this time.At this moment, Tamaki was my favourite person in the whole world.My affection was easily bought with French toast.“You bought a lot of things for your friend.A close friend?”“Angie, yes.She really helped me out a lot over the last few months.A lot more than most of my other so-called friends.And now she's looking out for my band for me.”“Band?”“Yes, I manage a band.Didn't my father tell you?”I wondered just what Dad had said.Had he told them that he'd lost all his money and was pretty much on the run? Had he told them he'd left me behind with no money and just the contract to manage Storm? I didn't want to say too much and mess things up for Dad but it really was a pain not knowing what to say.“That must be a fun hobby.Maybe I should do something like that? It would be novel to have a fun, I think.”What was with this guy? Didn't he have fun? I didn't want to correct his English but I did notice that when he got enthused about something the grammar slipped a little.At least he’d started to warm up a bit instead of being all aloof.“What do you do? With your friends, I mean.”Tamaki stared at the girl working behind the counter.“Do you think it's hygienic for her to working as a rabbit? My friends… we go out drinking, clubbing.Normal things.We went to university together and now we all work for our family companies [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]