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.I felt a second finger enter my pussy and moaned again.My legs clenched on Cash’s head automatically.Without thinking, I grabbed his head with one hand and pulled it closer against me.He responded by doubling his attention to my throbbing clit, licking it faster and sucking it before releasing it to flick it again.His fingers were curling in my pussy and I felt them hit a sort of barrier; I almost wanted to scream, needing more, wanting to feel him deeper inside me.Instead, my thighs clenched harder and I grabbed his head closer.I felt just the slightest hint of his teeth against my clit and the sensation jarred me, making me cry out again.I felt it again and pulled him even tighter to me; he was sucking on my clit hard now, and flicking it rapidly with his tongue.His fingers were making slow, curling movements in my pussy and I felt them press against something else, something that felt absolutely heavenly.When he stroked that place again, I shot straight up; my legs relaxed but I grabbed his head with both hands now and pressed even harder.“Oh fuck, Cash, that feels so good, oh fuck, please, yes,” I moaned.Cash’s tongue was flicking my clit rapidly now, alternating with gentle nibbles, and his fingers were stroking that same spot over and over again.I could feel the pressure rising inside me as Cash sucked my clit and fucked my virgin pussy with his rough, calloused fingers; I was breathing heavily as the sensation built.Cash raised one arm and pushed me back onto the desk with a thud; then, I felt one of his strong hands grab onto my hips and pull my body closer; for a moment all I could feel was the heavenly sensation of his tongue against my clit and his fingers in my pussy, stroking and stroking and…“Oh, fuck,” I cried as Cash gave my clit one final, jarring nibble and pressed against my pussy; my body felt like it was floating away as contractions of pleasure rolled through me, wave after wave of ecstacy igniting every nerve; I felt my pussy clenching against Cash’s fingers as I came.Panting, I realized as my orgasm subsided, that I was clutching Cash’s head with both hands and that my thighs seemed like a vice around his neck.Releasing him, I lay in utter disbelief at the power of my first orgasm, the way it had made me feel alive in a way I’d never felt before.Looking up, I saw Cash sitting on the chair, stroking his cock, which was hard again.“C’mere,” he said, and I sat up again.He reached forward and with one powerful arm swept me off the table; he had stopped stroking his dick and was holding me with both hands, my body suspended above his cock, legs straddling him on the wide chair.“Oh, Cash,” I moaned, grabbing at my tits again, relishing the feeling of his strong arms on my body and the feeling of his cock pressed against my virgin pussy.“This is going to hurt, teacup,” he whispered.I bit my lip and nodded, not caring, just needing to feel him filling me up.He was holding me by the waist, and suddenly I felt my body slammed down against his; a sharp, searing pain rushed through me and I felt a warm liquid burst inside my pussy.I cried out and held Cash against me; his cock still wasn’t all the way in me, but I had to take some time to get used to the feeling.The pain was soon replaced by utter bliss.I wiggled my hips a little bit and a bit more of his cock slid into me.I felt his strong arms pulling me up and then releasing me, then again, each time filling me a little more.We were so close that my clit was rubbing up against his chest each time, and soon he wasn’t lifting me at all, I was riding him, arms on his shoulders, using his body to lift myself up and down on his cock.I felt my pussy being stretched and filled beyond my wildest dreams, and needed more.I pushed Cash back further onto the chair and leaned forward, riding him quickly now, desperately.He grabbed my waist again and pushed me down, thrusting up into me.“Oh, fuck, Cash, oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, fuck me, oh god please fuck me deeper,” I panted.Cash slammed me down against him again, this time holding me down and thrusting up into me.I grabbed at my clit and started rubbing myself as he fucked me, feeling a tremendous pressure building up in my stomach, right above my pussy.Cash shot up so that he was sitting straight again, and his dick slid all the way into my pussy.I felt the pressure explode and saw white as my pussy clenched around his cock, my body shaking and bucking against his.My legs turned to jelly and I collapsed against Cash, pussy still vibrating with pleasure as my orgasm subsided.Cash grabbed me against him one more time, pulling me close, and I felt more spurts of warm liquid bursting inside me as he came, releasing what felt like a bucket of cum into my pussy.The feeling of his warm cum hitting my pussy made me come again, gentler this time, and I milked the rest of the cum from his dick as my pussy contracted against him.He shuddered once, then released me, leaning back onto the chair.I fell forward, wanting to keep his dick in me for as long as possible.“That was a really, really good thank you, teacup,” Cash said, pushing me away slightly.As I looked into his eyes, I was happier than I could ever remember being.I didn’t have a single concern about who I was, how I’d gotten to be there, or what it meant for me.I was satisfied, for the first time in my life, and wanted to feel that way forever [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]