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.There before us in a decked out room are our family and friends dressed to the nines beaming at me.Standing front and center are Mazzy and Sebastian.My heart swells.they did this for me.We make our way into the crowd.Congratulations being doled out with the customary hug and the occasional hand squeeze with the kiss on the cheek, but generally the warm smiling faces and well-wishers let us make our way to where Diego is guiding me.There in the center of the dance floor, Mazzy and Baz gesture for me to join them at center stage, so to speak.Shaking my head, I wonder how Diego managed all this.As I take my place next to Mazzy, she begins to speak, “Friends, family, loved ones, as you all know we’re here to celebrate Diego and Izzy’s wedded bliss.” She looks back to me, “Surprise!”Her announcement answered by the room with whistles, hoots, the random “surprise” and laughter.I can feel my face blush as heat rises to the surface of my cheeks; it’s my natural reaction to being the center of attention.Mazzy continues, “Izzy from the day Diego proposed, he was dead set on making you his wife and giving you the wedding you deserve.You fought him at every turn.Insisted you didn’t need all the fluff,” gesturing toward the simple elegant décor of the room.“When he agreed to Vegas, it was with the understanding that you’d let him throw you a party.”I nod, remembering the conversation well.Diego wasn’t happy with a Vegas wedding, but I made my case for it claiming intimate and meaningful.Those vows were for each other, Elvis, Mazzy, and Sebastian.Sebastian takes over, “So we took your overly simple ideas and made them sparkle here in the City of Baz.Or the City of Sin,” with a wave of his hand that says, ‘you can be wrong.’ “This was no easy task with you insisting on handling everything.Control freak!”More laughter, myself included.He’s right.“Now.Enjoy your party.Love you,” finishes Mazzy.Dinner was this delicious selection between a surf & turf plate and chicken, both paired with superb side dishes.All planned and prepared by the amazing Sebastian.I look to my husband to see him wrapped up in an animated conversation with Baz and Alonso.Probably talking fútbol.The staff are clearing the dinner plates and bringing out champagne.It’s the first time this evening I’ve had a moment to myself.A moment to take in all that Diego, Sebastian, and Mazzy did for me.I scan the expanse of the banquet room.There must be more than a hundred people here.They all came here for me.For us.A smile breaks across my face.“Are you picturing them naked?” asks Mazzy.“What the fuck?” I ask a bit incredulously but mostly with amusement.Laughing, I continue, “Why the fuck would I be picturing my guests naked?”“In case you wanted to say something.”“I know that I may not prefer to speak in front of large groups, but what it doesn’t mean is that I need to picture my guests naked in order to do so.” I’m cracking up.The light dinner music the deejay was playing stops and Mazzy stands.Why didn’t I notice earlier that she still had the microphone?“Ladies and gentlemen,” Mazzy starts.“Tonight a very important person wasn’t able to be here physically, but we’ve managed to get the next best thing.Without further ado, a message from Diego’s grandfather, Enzo.”With that, on the screen behind the deejay’s setup pops up an image of one of the greatest men I’ll ever know.The man that shaped and molded my husband.The only immediate family Diego or I have.During our tumultuous times, Lito, short for grandfather in Spanish, was my source of hope and solace.He was a big reason I didn’t give up on Diego even when giving up was all I wanted to do.He insisted that patience and a little tough love would reveal the man that deserved my heart.“Mi bella preciosa,” Lito starts, addressing me in the same manner as Diego.My heart swells.“I’m sorry I couldn’t be there.Even without seeing you, I have no doubt that you’re the most beautiful bride ever.“Congratulations, mija.I’d say welcome to the family, but you’ve been a part of ours for nearly a decade now.Desde el momento que entraste en nuestras vidas, eres el amor y la luz que nos completa.” From the moment I walked into their lives, I was the light and love that completed them.It’s pretty clear Diego got his silver tongue from his grandfather.“Diego, mi hijo…eres mi vida.” Diego, my son.You are my life.“When your mama left us, I wondered how I would survive burying my daughter.Then I looked down at your face and through those tears, I saw her and I knew that you were what saved me from that hell.“Yesterday, you made one of the greatest decisions of your life [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]