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.I cleared away the remaining discarded clothes and breathed a sigh of relief.I hated any form of mess, my room was my pride and joy.It was where I escaped to when I needed time alone.I took great pride in the fact I had decorated the room myself, much to my Mother’s displeasure, painting it a deep blood red, along with the dark furnishings, it gave it more of a gothic edge.The walls were adorned with framed posters of all my favourite films, each one iconic in my overgrowing collection.I had watched them all countless times over.I was pretty sure I’d need to buy extra copies as replacements, from overly abusing the originals.My phone let out a dying bleep, reminding me of its imminent low battery.My eyes automatically flicked over to the shelf, where it usually sat only to find an empty space.I didn’t have to be Einstein to know where it would be, charging a certain idiotic Brother’s phone no doubt.The familiar shooting, shouting and chatter spilled out, as I marched right though into Mike’s room.I didn’t bother knocking, after his unwelcoming visit into mine, I decided to pay him the same courtesy.My plan soon fell flat when I took in a sharp breath, instantly becoming hit with the all too familiar tidal wave that crashed over me.It stopped me dead in my tracks, ripping all air from my lungs, as desire coursed though each and every vein.My heart beat so rapidly I could barely function.I felt my knees buckle, in response to the perfect vision right in front of me.My eyes locked on the sight of Joel, lying spread out across the bed.His elbows propped up his large, muscular upper body, as he stared engrossed in the game, with his fingers avidly working the controller.The usual flood of feelings came rushing back, filling me with such intensity that I virtually lost all control.It happened no matter how hard I fought against it, but then it was always hard to keep my emotions in check whenever Joel was around.I licked my lips, as my eyes slowly roamed over every inch of him.Joel’s body was simply breathtaking, all rock hard and contoured, with every single muscle clearly defined.He had the most amazing abs I’d ever seen, you could literally bounce a coin off them.There were times I really wanted to test that theory.His favourite white Foo Fighters t-shirt was pulled tight over his broad, muscular shoulders.As my eyes made their way down his long, sculpted back, coming to rest on that firm, tight bottom of his.The ripped jeans he wore hugged him in all the right places.God he was perfect.If his body wasn’t enough to contend with, then his tattoos took him to a whole new level.His back, shoulders and arms were all inked with some of the most amazing graphic and intricate designs, giving him a rocky, edgier look.Then there was his tattoo sleeve.Ugh, it was my kryptonite.It always made me weak.The attention to detail of each tattoo was exceptional.Each one had their own significant meaning, and though different in their own style, they complimented each other in a way, almost like part of a story.I had often thought about looking at each one in great detail, touching and tracing my fingers along the outlines.A soft sigh left my lips, staring at the guy I had been in love with for the past six years.Yep, six long years and he never once noticed.It was a joke really, almost laughable.He’d always looked on me as more of a little sister from the moment we met, never once realising during that time that I wanted to be so much more.Joel was now twenty-one and even more good looking.His chiselled face was more defined, now he’d out grown his boyish looks.He had a raw masculinity about him and boy did he know how to use it.Years of playing football and hitting the gym had built up his lean 6ft 2” athletic frame, to like Greek god proportions.It was hard not to react to a body like his.My eyes were always hungry, eager to devour as much of him as possible.He was the definition of eye candy.He had the whole indie rock vibe going on, the tattoos, the stubble, that sexy just rocked up look of ripped jeans and rock band t-shirt, and of course his beloved converse.My eyes drifted up to his silky, rich chocolate brown hair.It always had that ‘just got out of bed’ feel to it.It fell down across his face and had a natural wave that effortlessly fell into place.It was just so damn sexy.My hand twitched, itching to grab and play with it.I could only imagine how good it would be, feeling his silky, brown locks running through my fingers.Sensing my lust filled stare, he turned to look at me.His beautiful sapphire blue eyes held mine for a few moments.It was almost like he was reading my mind, as I watched an amused smile quickly spread across his face.Shit!A flush instantly hit my cheeks and I scowled in return.I hated the fact he had caught me out, his ego was already inflated with all the attention he received, I didn’t want him to know I was one of many that lusted after him too.That part of me I wanted to keep private, I didn’t want him using it as a weapon against me.His face dropped and he frowned a little at my response.I ripped my eyes away from his, no longer able to look at him a moment longer.I couldn’t let him distract me now.I was a woman on a mission.I flounced by him and grabbed the charger from the socket.I ripped the cord free from Mike’s phone and tossed it down onto the bed.“Ever heard of knocking Iz? This is my room the last time I checked,” Mike snapped, while his eyes remained transfixed on the screen.Mike was the same age as Joel, he was 6ft and had an athletic build.He was handsome but by no means in Joel’s league for god like looks, but he possessed the same player gene and was never short of a girl hanging off his arm.I stormed over, waving the charger in his face.“Well can you explain how the hell my charger ended up in here, was it by some kind of magic? Stay out of my room Mike and then I will respect your rules.” My heart was racing as adrenalin began taking over.I didn’t know if it was more out of annoyance for Mike, or the fact Joel’s eyes were still locked on me.I didn’t dare look.I needed to concentrate, not be overwhelmed by those piercing blue eyes that basically turned me to jelly.“Iz, I need the charger my phone is nearly dead,” Mike snapped.I huffed at his tone.He was now making me feel like I was being the unreasonable one? “Well here’s a suggestion buy your bloody own,” I shouted over my shoulder.Mike annoyed me with his scrooge like tendencies, he always had enough money to go out with though, and quite frankly I was sick of hearing the same old story.“You know I keep forgetting and I don’t get paid till next week, just let me charge it cause I need it for tonight.”I spun around, glaring at him.But his eyes never left the screen and no apology left his lips.He obviously thought he had done nothing wrong.“No chance, I need my charger, all you’ll want your phone for is to take the numbers of all the skanks you’ll meet tonight.” A look of disgust passed over my face.I could only imagine all the women they would be hooking up with.“It’s not like you need your phone charged, you won’t be going out it’s Saturday night.” Mike sniggered.Joel quickly followed suite, both finding great amusement in my lack of social life.My eyes narrowed in anger.“Fuck off Mike, at least I’m not riddled with god knows what unlike you,” I snapped, marching out the room.I heard the mumble of Mike’s voice and I knew exactly what that meant.His words were enough to instil fear right through me.I slammed the door behind me, searching for anything to withstand the mighty force of Joel.I contemplated dragging my entire wardrobe over, but then I would probably kill myself in the process, so that was a definite no.In the end I leaned back hard, in the smallest vain of hope it might just be enough.But really who was I kidding?This was Joel, who was built like Superman [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]