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.As she fell asleep, she realized how easily she adjusted to sleeping on cold floors.CHAPTER THREEEillia pushed herself up out of her chair carefully.Even vampire strength wasn’t much help for maneuvering her expanded girth.As she reached her goal of getting back on her feet, she pressed against her sore back with one hand and let the other rest on her rounded belly.It seemed ridiculous that a vampire had to suffer the same complications in pregnancy a human did.Her body was stronger, faster, and healthier than any human.And she was immortal.Yet here she was with sore feet and a backache from carrying the additional weight of her son.She smiled.She didn’t mind at all.He was worth every complication or pain.It just seemed wrong that her genetically superior body couldn’t just glide through this normal biological process.As she moved out onto the balcony for some fresh air, she felt hands slide around her from behind.Daniel.Her man.Her baby’s father.She lowered her head and smiled deeper, slipping her fingers around his wrists.Her mate.“Baby, could you massage my back? He’s lays heavy tonight,” Eillia asked.The huge man pulled her against him and sat down in one of the big chairs on the covered balcony after helping her down first.“Lean forward, sweetie,” he said.Eillia did so and moaned as his hands kneaded her sore muscles.He had to watch himself when he did this, his vampire strength still new to him.He had only been vampire for about six weeks and was still learning how to deal with the enormous physiological changes.He was much bigger than before.Humans changed by vampires were always larger than they were as humans.He was changed by a first blood vampire.First bloods were born vampire.Stronger, faster, and even bigger than those who were “made.” And humans changed by first bloods were stronger than normal conversions.Bigger yet.Eillia had been impressed by Daniel’s size after he completed the conversion.His new life still seemed unreal.Eillia converted him after letting him settle into the vampire household to adjust to her friends and family.Some of whom had tried to kill him at one time.She wanted him to get acquainted with the unique lifestyle that came with being vampire.He needed to be fully indoctrinated and prepared for how he would have to live if he chose to stay with her and become vampire.As if he had any choice.He’d loved her from the second he saw her.He’d held her in his arms, dead, shot to death by his team of mercenary soldiers at the end of a career he couldn’t continue.Of course, he had no idea the bullets wouldn’t kill her, so he’d hugged her body before burying her in a hidden grave.He still couldn’t believe they’d found each other a year later through so much pain and loss.Not for the first time, he paused to wonder how, out of all the bad things he’d done in his life, he was rewarded with her.God knows he didn’t deserve her.Or this beautiful child they’d made.The boy grew steadily inside the warm safe womb of his vampire mother.He would join them all in about three months as only the third first blood vampire child born in four centuries.He’d known she was on this balcony before he came to her tonight.She was always on the balcony.And she had known he was there before she heard or saw him.They were linked now, their spirits an intricate chain woven together by love and destiny.Eillia told him the universe meant them to be together two months ago when she’d followed him to Bali to tell him they were to have a child.“Do you believe me, Daniel? Do you believe in fate?” She’d asked.He had dropped on his knees and kissed her belly that was only slightly curved then.“I believe anything you tell me,” he’d told her then.“I think you have a direct line to infinity, because I can’t believe you forgive me and love me.So, yes, I believe somehow, because of all we’ve been through together.I believe in fate.And miracles.”It had been followed by a marathon round of sex.He’d grinned at her and told her he was grateful she was letting him remember their incredible orgasms together.Unlike the days last winter in Alaska when she would attack him sexually, to both their satisfactions, feel regret, then use her vampire skill of compulsion to make him forget.It had been hard for her to accept that she was falling in love again.Now, two months later, Daniel was a new vampire, with a wedding just last week and a child growing bigger and stronger each day.With the softest kiss on her neck, Daniel leaned forward to slip his hands under her lightweight cotton shirt to massage her belly.Just to feel her skin under his fingers.That was one of the things he’d discovered these past two months…he could never touch her enough.Eillia laid her head back against his.“Ummm,” she groaned in pleasure.A voice called from the doorway of their rooms.“Is everyone decent in there?”Daniel groaned this time.Just when he was going to get serious and take Eillia’s mind off the growing child.“Koen,” he said quietly, and stood.“Yeah,” he called out, “As decent as we’ll ever be.”Pushing out of the comfortable lounge chair, Eillia took the offered hand and followed Daniel back into the room.An enormous man filled the room and made its considerable size seem small.“The baby bed arrived,” Koen said, pointing to a big box he’d dropped on the floor.Then he came forward very quickly to span Eillia’s stomach with his large hands.When he dropped on the floor to lay his ear against her belly, Daniel had to force himself to stay still.Eillia and Koen were both first blood vampires, and had been together for over a thousand years, more family than friends after all that time.It still didn’t sit well with Daniel’s gut that he was so familiar with his woman.Bas, the other vampire in the household that was already married to a first blood, actually Koen’s daughter, had clapped Daniel on the shoulder weeks ago and told him it was his vampire DNA that got so pissed at the idea of any male touching his woman.Daniel knew it was a little more than that.Eillia’s history with the magnificent vampire was a problem for him.They’d had centuries of memories together.Because of her empathic abilities, Eillia knew this.She told him, and showed him, every night that it was he who had her heart, not Koen, who was very like a brother to her.Daniel believed her assurances, but it was still difficult to maintain a civil tongue when the big guy was so physical with her.In Koen’s defense, first blood vampires were extraordinarily physical.They loved and fought harder than anyone he’d ever known.And that included a large number of highly motivated mercenary soldiers.He stood back quietly to respect his wife’s love for the big vampire at her feet.She was breathing too hard.Starla shook her head at her hypersensitivity about her human emotional problems.They didn’t matter anymore.She was a hot, strong, supernatural vampire.Who she was before was irrelevant [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]