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.She’d deliberately got pregnant to snare me.I was so furious I never touched her sexually again.We had a small private wedding ceremony in a closed room in the hotel, with only our parents in attendance, much to her dismay, but I insisted it was to protect her family from the shame if it got out that we weren’t married before she got knocked up.I left her in the honeymoon suite and spent my wedding night drowning my sorrows in The Stag.Pete had let me stay for a lock in and I spilled everything and was surprised when he burst out laughing.It turned out my “virgin bride” was the local go to girl if you wanted a leg over and she’d always been on the lookout for a guy with money who could get her out of this small village.Pete suggested I have a paternity test done, to see if the kid was even mine, if it wasn’t I could try and annul the marriage.I’d dragged her to get a test done in a private clinic the next day, as well as having an STD test myself, and was furious when I found out her pregnancy was the one thing she hadn’t lied about.I drove back in a temper and told her our marriage was a fake, but for the sake of our child I’d make it work, but she was going to have to move to London.She’d started yelling at me, I’d yelled back and must have taken my eyes off the road for a fraction of a second too long.I shuddered as the memory of her screams as the car left the road and flipped down a ravine came back to me.I could remember every moment of it as we rolled and I was tossed around like a rag doll with the noise of crunching metal and breaking glass piercing my ears, along with excruciating pain in my side.I’d woken up in the hospital with cuts and contusions, concussion, a broken leg and a nasty laceration from where the jagged metal of the car door had ripped my side open and smaller scars from where pieces of glass and gravel had embedded in my skin.I’d got off lightly.Moira had ironically refused to put her seatbelt on, in case it hurt the baby.She’d been catapulted through the windscreen as we’d left the road and had suffered a broken back and neck, a punctured lung from her broken ribs, lost the baby and had gone into a coma and been put on a ventilator.We were lucky, so I was told.Another car had been following us and had called emergency services, we’d both have died if we’d been down there for any length of time, though in Moria’s case death might have been preferable, for all of us.I was surprised at the sense of loss I felt for my second unborn child.I’d been furious when I’d found out she was pregnant, as it meant I was going to have to stay married to her, but the moment I’d discovered it was mine and phoned my mother to tell her from the hospital, I’d been overwhelmed with emotion.It was like I was being given a second chance.She’d made me promise to stand by Moira, she was religious herself and believed in family values.It was the least I could do.While I recovered in the private hospital, with Moira next door, I insisted on being wheel chaired in to sit with her during afternoon visiting hours.I didn’t know what to say to her, we barely knew each other, but she was my wife, for better or worse, so I held her hand until I was wheeled out again.The longer I spent with her, the more guilt I felt.I’d lost focus as I’d been driving, the accident was my fault.The more my dreams were interwoven with the nightmares of the accident, the more I began to wonder if I was still drunk from the night before.Pete was the only one I shared that with, he insisted that the alcohol would have been out of my system by the time I’d driven, but I wasn’t convinced.The guilt ate away at me and when I was discharged from the hospital, I’d withdrawn from my previous playboy lifestyle and had put the wheels in motion to protect my identity and location so I could hide out up here.I purchased the island and lived at the hotel while I had my house built and housed an even better server than I’d had installed at the hotel, in a room sandwiched between the utility and cinema room, so I could oversee my business from there.I recruited a local married couple, Mr.and Mrs.McAdams to be my housekeeper, cook and maintenance team and purchased a new house in town for Moira’s parents, with an annexe especially for Moira.I paid for a rotating team of care specialists and visited every day but Sunday, from two until four.Sitting with her for a few hours every day alleviated some of my guilt and pain.Her parents kept trying to talk me into letting her go and turning off the ventilator, but I couldn’t.Despite experts telling me her brain showed no signs of activity and that she wouldn’t wake up again, I knew if I gave approval to turn off that machine, I’d be killing her for real this time.I wasn’t ready for that.I didn’t want to be responsible for losing another woman who I’d let get too close to me.Pete visited regularly and insisted I needed to socialise more, that there was nothing wrong with moving on and having a life.I disagreed.I went to the pub occasionally, but ignored the advances of all the women and girls who batted their eyes at me.My cock obsession was what had got me into this mess to start with, plus I was still married, I had some morals.I made do with masturbating, often.When Pete’s daughter announced she was getting married, she pleaded with me to let her have her honeymoon in the boathouse, insisting they couldn’t afford to go abroad and that it would be a romantic location.I couldn’t see it, the place was a shell, I’d offered to pay to send them abroad, but she’d begged me to hear her out, she was scared of flying and really wanted somewhere local.I’d ferried her over and she’d talked me through her ideas of how I could rebuild it and make it into the perfect romantic getaway.I gave in and had it converted and she was the first occupant.Mr.and Mrs.McAdams told me that I didn’t keep them busy enough for what I paid them, so suggested I rent out the boathouse all year around and they’d look after it for me.I agreed on the condition that everyone was thoroughly vetted and tasked Ian from my firm with the job [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]