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.Chief Burns turns to the back of the file, and points to a business card.“Dr.Ryan, the department Psychologist.She’s had every one of these men in her office at some point.Has all their records.Knows their patterns.It’s a part of the State’s mandatory rehabilitation protocol.They all have to participate once they’re on probation.She’s the only link in the string right now.”Gina and Tony share another puzzled glance at his second ill-spoken idiom.Chief takes a bite from his hoagie, successfully keeping its contents within the bun this time.However, that doesn’t stop a smear of mayonnaise from residing at the corner of his mouth.Tony wipes at the corner of his own mouth, thinking maybe Chief will pick up on his subtle gesture.He does not.Gina picks up a napkin and timidly reaches across the desk.“Missed a spot, Chief.” She smiles coyly.Chief swipes at his mouth with the cuff of his shirt, foregoing the napkin.“Alright then.Get to it.”Gina picks up the file and turns swiftly to exit the room.“I need a report on my desk by week’s end,” Chief says, tapping his desk with his knuckles.“I’ll have my secretary get right on that.Huh, DeLuca?” Tony pipes up, grinning.She slaps the file against his chest as she walks by him, maintaining its possession.“I’ll have him in a dress and heels by the end of the week, Chief.So he looks real pretty when he delivers that report.” The sound of her shoes echo down the hall.Chief laughs heartily.“Gronkowski, you’ve got your work cut out for you, in more ways than one.”“Don’t I know,” he says, shaking his head as he walks from the room.Stopping at the outer edge of Chief’s office, he peeks his head back inside the doorway.“Uh, Chief.For future reference…it’s ‘hit the nail on the head,’ and ‘link in the chain.’”“I know.That’s what I said.” Chief wads up a piece of paper and wings it at him.Tony catches the paper ball with swift reflexes.“Get on it, Gronkowski.”Gina and Tony take separate paths.Tony casually meanders to his station, while Gina makes a beeline for Dr.Ryan’s office.Her door is open.Dr.Patricia Ryan sits at her desk, head down, writing.Gina stands outside and knocks lightly on the door casing.Dr.Ryan does not look up as she responds, “It’s open.”Gina enters the room slowly.Dr.Ryan finally looks up acknowledging her guest.“Detective DeLuca.I’ve been expecting you.Please, have a seat.”Gina sits down in the chair in front of Dr.Ryan’s desk.“Busy day, huh?” She attempts to make small talk.“Ms.DeLuca, I know you didn’t come here to talk about my busy day.” Dr.Ryan lays her pen down and removes her glasses, looking sharply at Gina.“I know what you’re here for, and I must regrettably inform you, you’re not going to get much information.Even therapists who work for Vanguard PD are held accountable to patient confidentiality.You’re wasting your time, Detective.And mine.”“The department doesn’t consider investigating a string of murders a waste of time.”“I see,” Dr.Ryan says, sitting back in her chair, crossing one leg over the other, her hands primly pressed together in her lap.“There are innocent people murdered in this city every day.Instead of finding justice for them, the department has chosen to focus its time and manpower on tracking down the murders of convicted rapists and child molesters.My thanks to the city for having their priorities in order.”Gina looks at her quizzically, slightly thrown off.“I understand your distaste for the situation.However, I have a job to do.Unfortunately, it starts with you.” Gina opens the file in front of Dr.Ryan, displaying photographs of the victims.“Do you recognize any of these men?”Dr.Ryan remains distant, her back against her chair, her eyes fixed on Gina, purposely refusing to look down at the photos.“I’ve already told you my relationships with clients are strictly classified.”Gina sighs and responds sympathetically, “Dr.Ryan.You know there are ways the department has of getting around confidentiality.Please don’t make this any more difficult than it already is.”Dr.Ryan leans up on her desk toward Gina, her body language intense.“Difficult? Let me tell you about difficult, Detective DeLuca,” reiterating her name sharply [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]