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.He had some shit, some good shit too, which would have made that truth come to light but then, like a ghost, it was gone with him.Or so I thought, until my unk let me know he knew everything my pops was planning, but it didn’t matter then because ATL was too locked up in chaos.Just like London.Yeah, life was different now.Safe, but not so much.My unk had Diamond and Ghost stashed up pretty fresh.She had her own apartment, or flat as they say out in London.Right next to a barber and beauty shop, that he and the African queen Anika owned in Hackney.She had hands over here too.Her crew ran Brixton, another borough.Every borough had specific crews who ran the codes.So just like back home, you could have niggas claiming game on any street, or block, all in the same borough, or zip code.Every crew had to respect the law, or codes.You step into the wrong spot and your shit was got.That was how Phenom hit me with that, and basically, shit wasn’t different at all; we all just spoke with a different lingo.Back to Anika though: Phenom didn’t tell me much about how they hooked up, just that she was his woman.I saw they sported tatted rings, but he said they had a relationship where she did her, and he did him, but at the end of the day they stayed loyal to each other and that he’d kill anyone who fucked with her.Told me she’d do the same and that it was my mom who got them together when they went to Spelman.That was it.So, she was my aunt, but I guess they had some open shit so it was what it was.I guess in this game you had to do shit like that.Because if you both were bosses, you had to use whatever you could to get where you wanted to be.After that, Big Jake and I spent our time healing and learning Anika’s zones in Nigeria, then their spots in Trinidad, Jamaica, Dubai, and back in the States before coming back to London.My unk had Jake and me learning his empire, little by little.I was good with it.I knew Jake and I wanted to keep our shop back in the States and maybe even bring a shop over here.My unk was down for that legit move.So once we got here, he showed me around like I said.Had me watching Diamond and Ghost.Checking out their patterns.That’s when I also noticed Dame’s brother watching them.He sat on his boundary so I couldn’t murk that dude like I wanted.Had to respect the codes.Now, I was out checkin’ the codes while riding bikes with one of my cousins Speedy.“Oi, Trigga, blood, you feelin’ that Tempa T? Suma these dickheads dun know non’ting ’bout dat grime ey? Don’t know shit, man, they don’t know shit! Chav’s coming into our zones trynna spit talk like.” Speedy started rapping.His words came out fast as he hit me with some lyrics to the rhythm of the song I was listening to.But what made that shit funny was how he slowed it, then chopped it up, sounding like a nigga had bumped his head.Words were inserted at wrong times, fucked-up slang used.I found myself cracking up laughing while he rapped with his hands as he rode his bike next to me to a socca beat.“Fucking tossers man, eedjits!” He shouted to set off folks who looked around our age, walking down the street, smoking joints and huddled up.On his back was his bulky book bag.Inside were his various forms of hidden shanks.Some in small hand bats, others hidden in pens or books.He sported a fitted that covered his dark brown eyes.He had a crooked nose with a gash over it from it being broken and a wide, dimpled, smirking grin, as if he was always thinking of a fucking joke.I never would have thought this cat was my cousin but he was.Nigga was light bright, almost white.Mixed up he said and that nigga looked it.Said his mom was Bangladeshi and white, while his pops was Trinidadian.He sported wild long hair that he wore in two braids down his back.Rocked a trimmed goatee only on his chin and even though he was about the gym, he forever kept a piece of candy in his mouth.Sometimes that shit had shanks in it, too.Nigga was crazy as shit.The fact that he was leaning on his bike, right now, bobbing his head, running a shank against the street, while he spit rhymes let me know that.Dude reminded me of Gina sometimes with how he would spit random things out.But on some real shit, Speedy was mad cool.He was my unk’s eyes.My unk had us meet him in Nigeria, so we could learn to trust him.The fact that any nigga was calling me blood didn’t mean that they were to me.My unk got that ’cause he knew I still was learning to trust him.Anyway, Speedy was cool as fuck and crazy.Ready to fight anyone and not afraid to die.The booming laugher of Jake behind us on his bike had me laughing even harder.“Nigga you stupid as fuck,” he said as he held his heart laughing, and then pulled out his cell.“Right, Jake, nigga sitting here flapping at the mouth on swoll sounding like Busta Rhymes after throat surgery and lookin’ like a Teenage Mutant Turtle,” I laughed out.Speedy shifted in his seat laughing his ass off.“Fuck off, blood, I swear down I gotta get you two in this London street life music, ’cause wha’ comin’ from the States now is trash.”Still on his cell, Jake’s shoulders shook with laughter.Looking like a grizzly bear on a too-small bike, I checked him maneuvering it like it was a breeze before singling to us.It was kinda dope that my homie, a nigga who was now officially like blood to me, was sporting a smile.The three months back when we were healing he learned about Gina carrying what could have been his kid.Had fucked him up when she lost that baby, too; on some real shit, had fucked me up too.Dame had literally stomped a baby out of Gina.Both Jake and I almost went back to Atlanta just to piss on his fucking grave.That shit broke my bro down deeply to the point he hadn’t said shit until we got to London.Even when Gina was around, he just held her, got more protective, and only said maybe two things to me.Now he was speaking and laughing and it was a relief.Nigga was still torn by that but the prospect of having a second chance was giving him hope while he cracked jokes.“We got some grime niggas back in the States, too, man; don’t forget that shit and I’m feelin’ that Ghett nigga [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]