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.” Al pulled out his Bic.“How were the couple?”“Quite nice, actually.You’re right, though, the husband looks a bit rough.Wouldn’t like to get in a fight with him.”“You and me both,” Al said, lighting his cigarette.He stretched over and handed the lighter to Eddy.“Looks like a redneck, too,” Eddy said.“Wouldn’t surprise me.”They took long drags of their cigarettes.“Much better,” Eddy sighed, exhaling a thick cloud of smoke.“Really soothes the nerves,” Al said.“And Lord knows we need it.”Al took another drag and nodded.“The wife look beat up?”“Nah, just a faint smudge on her cheek.Nothing major.A real fucking dog, though.Typical fatty – sweatpants and flannel shirt.”“Real pillars of fashion, hey?”Eddy chuckled.“What are they doing here? Did ya have a chat with them?”“Not really.Just a quick how’d ya do.God knows why someone would want to willingly spend a night in a place like this, though.I mean we are because we have to be.”“Maybe it’s their honeymoon,” Al said.“Don’t think the bed will hold up if it is.”“I don’t know,” Al said.“I was thinking how this place would be great for a Halloween bash.Next year, I mean.Have all the gang come up here, it’ll be a wild time.”“You and your fucking horror movies,” Eddy said.“This place is a dream for you, isn’t it?”“Don’t you agree?”Eddy puffed another billow of smoke while he thought about it.“Now that you mention it, these cabins do have a certain squalid charm to them.I doubt that old bag would allow it though.”Al shrugged.“Probably not.How much did ya pay for the smokes?”“Ten bucks, can you believe it?”“Ten? Ripped off, man.”“It wasn’t even their last packet, either.” Eddy shook his head.He took a long drag, then blew a mass of smoke out into the room.Al did the same.“What I should’ve done was sneak into their cabin while they were out just before and stolen one of their packets of cigarettes.”Al huffed.“Haven’t you learned your lesson yet? Stealing shit is what got us into this mess in the first place.”“Too true,” Eddy mused.“Too true.”CHAPTER SEVENAl and Eddy’s Story9:02 p.m.“How about that one?”“Nah, too posh.Probably has an alarm.”Al gazed at the sleek Porsche 911 and nodded.“Goddamn yuppies.”Edward Worchester and Alfred Taylor continued walking down the footpath.They were in the East Melbourne suburb of Mt.Evelyn.Al was carrying a plastic bag that contained two six packs of Victoria Bitter.They had almost finished both packs.Staggering slightly, Eddy scrunched up his finished beer can and threw it at a modest weatherboard house.It landed on the overgrown lawn.He let out a burp and turned his head back to Al.“I was aiming for the window.Fucking missed!”Al chuckled and took a drink.“What time does Craig’s party start?”“It’s already started, idiot.He said to come around at eight-thirty.But who the fuck gets to a party on time? Throw me another beer, huh?”Al had polished off his can so he threw it to the pavement.He reached into the plastic bag and broke off two more cans.He called out to Eddy, who turned around just in time to catch the flying beer can.Al popped open the top and began drinking his fifth beer for the night.“Isn’t it a dress up?” Al said.“What, the party?” Eddy called back.“What else, numb-nuts?”“Supposed to be.Craig and Ally are going as Bonnie and Clyde.Woo-hoo,” Eddy cried.“Couple of party animals.”“What’s the time?”“It is.” It took Eddy a bit longer than usual to read the time.“Four past nine, my dear Alfred.”“You know I hate being called that.”“Sorry,” he sniggered.“It’s four past nine, Aaaaal.Hey, don’t you have a watch on?”“Sure,” Al chuckled.“But I just wanted to see your drunken arse read the time.”Eddy laughed and raised his middle finger.Grinning, Al crept as quietly as possible up to Eddy, and shot out a swift kick to his left leg.Eddy let out a huff, and almost buckled to the ground.He managed to maintain his balance, and with a sly grin turned around and pointed at Al.“You’re gonna pay for that,” he said in a dreadful Clint Eastwood impersonation.“You punk!”Al cackled.“That was terrible.My mum can do better than that!”“Yeah, well, your mum fucked me good last night.She’s not bad for an old hag.”Al laughed.“She may be a middle-aged alcoholic, but she still wouldn’t lower herself and fuck you.Now your mum on the other hand.”“I know, she would fuck anyone,” Eddy finished.They both laughed.“You have no respect at all, do you?” Al said.“For my two loser parents? Not one bit.They care about as much for me as I do for them.”In the distance a group of trick-or-treaters were coming down the street, jumping and laughing.Al counted five kids, and one poor woman, who was trying, without luck, to stop the kids from making so much racket.“Ain’t that cute,” Eddy said, taking a sip from his beer.As the trick-or-treaters neared, Al saw that one was dressed as a ghost, one was a pirate, one was Yoda, one was a vampire, and the last one was a fairy.The woman wasn’t wearing a costume.Al saw the woman eye them closely as they approached, glancing at the cans of beer in their hands.She gave them a fleeting smile as she neared.“Having fun kids?” Eddy said, sounding drunk.“Yeah!” they all said, almost in perfect unison.“You want some lollies?”The kids all said “yes” eagerly, but the woman shook her head.“That’s okay.They’ve got enough, thank you.”“Nonsense,” Eddy said.“You can never have enough junk food.Hey Al,” he called back.“How many beers we got left?”Al had to snigger, but the woman frowned, and put her arms around the kids.“Let’s go children.You horrible men.You should be ashamed of yourselves [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]