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.Thurgood’s departure would have left her in a bind had it not been for Kathie Gaines, one of her college friends who happened to be a former hotel manager for the Marriott Corporation.Kathie had come highly recommended and out of friendship agreed to come work as hotel manager at the St.Laurent until Brandy was ready to take over the entire operation.Kathie had stayed on and helped out up until six months ago when she left for France to marry a guy who worked as a chef for one of the country’s most renowned restaurants.Since then, Brandy had basically been on her own.She knew that the key to her success as an entrepreneur was gaining both occupational and business skill with which to operate her business more efficiently and productively.She had taken a nine-month course, had gotten on-the-job training as a front desk clerk, housekeeper, bellhop, sports bar manager and chef.Today, before she left town, she intended to spend time with her sales director.Brandy glanced around the room.Often she was tempted to pinch herself that this office was really hers and that she was in charge of running things.Usually things ran pretty smoothly, but it seemed that today was destined to be the day from hell.It had started when she’d gotten up early, as she normally did, to take a tour of the hotel to see how things were going.She’d discovered that a conference room booked for a breakfast meeting for the Nurses Association of Florida had not been cleaned.With less than twenty minutes to get the room presentable or face a service breakdown or the possibility of losing the Association’s future business, she had immediately placed a call to Wilbur Green, the hotel’s food and beverage director.Apparently there had been some sort of mix-up in communication with Wilbur and his staff, and the problem was rectified immediately.A few hours later another problem had arisen when she received a call that one of the hotel’s elevators was malfunctioning.That was all she needed with several large groups planning to check out that day.She could only imagine the chaos of tired vacationers who were ready to go home being delayed because an elevator was on the blink.Brandy shook her head.Over the past year she had discovered that customers demanded prompt and efficient service as a condition for their continued patronage of hotels, and her aim was to please them.She met with her staff every morning to brainstorm ways to guarantee that her hotel would always provide a high level of service.She flipped her calendar to the month of November.The St.Laurent was one of the hosting hotels for the Florida Classic, the big rival football game between Bethune Cookman College and Florida A and M University.Over a hundred thousand people were expected in town, which meant hundreds of guests would be arriving expecting top-notch service, which she and her staff intended to give them.Things were going to be insane and she was going to love every minute of it.She checked her watch again, knowing she had to get moving.She had several meetings she needed to attend, including one with Roy Foster, her personnel manager, to discuss the extra staff she’d hired in preparation for the Florida Classic.She also had a meeting with Perry Hall, her security manager.He had called earlier stating there was a matter he needed to discuss with her.She hoped nothing was wrong.If there were any more screw-ups today, she really would scream.Then again, she probably wouldn’t.She was way too dignified, too much of a professional to ever let loose like that.And she refused to get stressed out over her mother.Valerie would have to deal with her own problems with the Bennett family because Brandy had enough on her plate.God knows her mother could be such a drama queen sometimes.And as for Lorenzo’s unexpected visit with an offer to buy the hotel, she hoped that he’d gotten her message loud and clear.Her thoughts drifted to the dinner she’d had with Carla and Amber last week.While celebrating their individual successes, the three of them had shared moments in their pasts, and she couldn’t help but admire how they had overcome very bad times in their lives.She appreciated Carla and Amber’s friendship and enjoyed doing things with them like going shopping, going out to dinner, and taking in chick flicks.And they were totally honest when their opinions and thoughts were solicited.They didn’t play games with each other, since they had been involved with men who’d played enough games with them to last a lifetime.When she returned from California, it would be time for her monthly Savvy Sistahs Mean Business meeting.They tried to meet at least twice a month for their sistah-circle dinner.It was during those times that they focused on the challenges they faced in their relationships at work and at home, drawing on the experience and the wisdom they’d obtained to help each other out.Also, each time they met, someone was charged with bringing to the table some sort of principle they’d discovered for total emotional and spiritual fulfillment.It was something they had come to think of as “food for the soul.” The sistah-circle was meant to uplift each of them and it always did.They talked about everything—their faith in God, their fear of failures, their fear of giving their hearts to the wrong man…again, and how to go about chipping away at the insecurities they each harbored.The last time they’d met, Amber had been the one who’d brought the principle to the table, one they would dwell on for the remainder of the month and talk about again at the next meeting [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]