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.”Cale ran a hand through his hair, stumbling slightly.“I missed spending time with you, B.This past week has been hell.I just can’t wait to feel normal again and not have to take these pain meds.”My head rested against the crook of his neck as we shared our moment of silence.Looking into his amber eyes, I said softly, “I love you.”Cale kissed me on the nose, his lips moving slowly to each cheek, dipping down to my lips.I let him in, tasting the last shot of tequila he had on his breath.His hand separated from mine to move around to cup my backside, ramming me into him.“Jeez,” I said, ending the long kiss.“Eager, huh?”“Like you wouldn’t believe.” He breathed against my ear, sending shivers through my body.“I love knowing I do things like that to you.Either that, or you’re cold because you didn’t wear a winter coat, silly.”“It’s not even that far of a walk!” I shouted playfully.“I’ll be fine.I plan to take a nice long relaxing bubble bath when I get back and curl up…”Cale put a hand up to his heart as if he was hurt.“What? All of that without me?”“Oh stop with the dramatics,” I scoffed, wrapping my arms around his neck, kissing the spot above his lips.“Text me later.”He winked.“I plan to.”Vince, Luke, Raptor and Tyler caught up to us, bringing me into a group hug.“Owww.You guys, let me go!” I squealed, as each one of them took turns ruffling up my hair.“You love it! Don’t lie,” Raptor said in return.“Seriously though, I’m cold and I’m walking home.Now go.” I shooed them along, and we said our goodbyes.Cale was running ahead of the rest of them, calling shot gun since Tyler was the driver.Tyler stayed behind.He waited until the guys were in the car before, slipping off the parka he had on and handing it to me.“Here,” he said, as I reluctantly took the parka from him.“I don’t care if it’s a block or a mile, you better wear this.” I put the parka on and zipped it up.It was a little big, but it was the thought that counted.“Thank you, Ty.But what about you?”“Ahhh, I’m hot-blooded.Plus that van has amazing heat.You just be careful since it’s icy out and what not.” He looked so sweet and innocent at that moment, his black hair kept under a Red Wings cap, and his white long-sleeved shirt already appearing wet from the falling snowflakes.“Alright.But thank you again.” I smiled, starting to walk in the opposite direction.“Bryn!” he yelled, still standing in the same spot as I was just about ready to cross the street.“Yeah?”“Text me later, will you?”I was wondering why Tyler was being extremely friendly with me all of a sudden.He’d always been nice since we met back in the recording studio, but tonight I especially noticed something different about how he was acting.“Of course.See ya later!”The second I got home, I peeled off all of my clothes, heading straight towards the bathtub.Where was the hot cocoa when I needed it? That sounded so amazing: a hot bubble bath and a mug of hot cocoa.I’d have to remember that for next time.I stepped into the tub feet first, letting the warmth take me over.After a minute of soaking, I reached over for my phone to text Cale.Me: Did you make it home?Cale: Mhmmmm.Saw Ty boy gave you his coatMe: Yeah didn’t have a choice, but it did help.Cale: I’m sorry B.If I was wearing one I would’ve gave it to you.Me: It’s okay Cale, don’t worry about it.We’re both safe and sound, that’s all that matters.As I was waited for Cale to text me back, another text popped in from Tyler.Tyler: Did you get that bubble bath you wanted?I giggled, sending him back a reply, questioning why would he even care?Me: I am doing that now as a matter of fact.Tyler: Cale’s all hot and bothered after hearing that…ha-haMe: Not surprising!Tyler: You working tomorrow too?Me: Yep.I told Louisa I’d help train a new waitress for her.Tyler: Okay.Me: Just okay?Tyler: I might take Cale up on that free dinner at your place.Me: Sounds good.Just don’t embarrass me! Lol just kidding.But I’m going to get back to enjoying my bath.Tyler: Alright B sorry to bug ya, sleep well.I enjoyed the rest of my bubble bath in complete silence minus my periodic humming of whatever song that was in my head.After drying off with a towel, I slipped on a nightshirt, putting the towel in the hamper next to me.For this time of night, Downtown was surprisingly quiet with hardly any honking horns or drunken idiots screaming in the street, and I was thankful because I was so tired.Before I lay down for the night, I took a couple of pain pills for my head.The doctor warned me with my mild concussion that I was going to have moderate to extremely painful headaches.So he prescribed me some medicine to take for a few weeks until I went back for a checkup.I never took medicine usually for anything, but if I wanted to be alright for the big headlining tour coming up.I had to listen to what the doctor said.Chapter 3: TimeCale“All we need is timeAnd we’ll conquer this worldJust like how it should beJust you and me”It was the beginning of December when I finally broke down.Today my mom was going to meet Bryn for the first time.And I was completely nervous.Like the kind of nervous where my hands got clammy and my forehead broke out in sweat I hadn’t gotten that nervous since playing with the guys back in the beginning—when we were more worried about playing shows than attending gym class.I talked to my mom the night before night, and when I told her my idea she was more than happy.She was ecstatic.“I’m going to have the girls help me clean every inch of this house! We have to be presentable…” And she went on and on…but that’s how my mom was.She was always trying to please other people before herself.“Don’t worry about it, Mom.Bryn will love you guys,” I promised.“Are you going to make that chicken wrapped in bacon?”“Well it’s up to the guest of honor, Mister,” Mom scolded me.“But from what you’ve been telling me about her, I think that’s a good choice [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]