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.She pulled on the rest of her clothes and donned the black pumps she’d bought along with them, then twirled experimentally in front of the long mirror.She looked hot and she knew it.Then she headed for the door before she lost her nerve, stepped into the elevator, and descended to the ground floor with a rapidly beating heart.Gabriel Russo was casually leaning on the banister near the elevator, watching the doors slide open.He was wearing a dinner jacket and tie, and he’d lost the cowboy hat.A smile lit up his face when she stepped out.Betsy glanced around the room, spotting the two guards he’d brought with him.He saw her do it.Stepping forward to take her hand, he lifted it to his lips to kiss it as he said, “Do not worry about them, ma bella, they are simply a part of the lifestyle.We will go somewhere indoors and they can remain at the entrance, if that is your wish.”“Where did you have in mind?” she asked with a slight smirk.She looked up into his eyes and saw it again.That unmistakable glitter that could not be coming from the sun this time.It was more like a glow of sorts, almost like a cat’s eyes when they were in complete darkness but got startled by some source of light.It sent a little shiver down Betsy’s spine.Surely she must be imagining it.No one’s eyes could glow like that.“Have you eaten?” he asked, and realized he was still holding her hand.He made no apologies as he glanced down at the joined appendages, squeezed slightly, and did not let her go.Betsy blushed slightly as she, too, looked at their hands, and then shyly squeezed back before her eyes returned to his.“No, I haven’t.I was too nervous to swallow anything.”Gabriel replied, “Perhaps we will have to work on that.”Betsy’s eyes went wide, and she kicked herself mentally for putting such an image in the man’s head.If her intention was to offer up her virginity to a complete stranger on a silver platter, she was doing a fine job of it, that was for sure.Almost as if he was reading her mind, Gabriel chuckled while he drew her forward and to his side as they began to walk.“Do not worry, Betsy, I’m not going to devour you in one bite along with the meal.I like to savor my moments.We will go to a nearby restaurant, and eat a normal, decent meal, and talk of trivial things.Just like a real first date.What do you think of that, eh?”“I think this is a real first date.” she pointed out, one brow raised as she cast him a sidelong glance.Gabriel chuckled again.“You are right, of course.But it’s been so long since I’ve had one, I’d forgotten.”“Oh? What do you normally do, then? Have your women delivered to your door?”“Would you come to me if I did?” he inquired with a smile as they reached his waiting car, with one man holding the door so they could get into the back.Gabriel helped Betsy inside, and she slid over so he could follow.She realized with a start that she’d never been inside of a limousine before and looked around curiously before she remembered he was waiting for her to reply.“I—I don’t think I would have,” she admitted.“It’s not like I’ve ever been to a man’s room before.”“Have you not?” he answered indulgently as he slid a finger under one of her long, dark curls, and lifted it to his nose.“What are you doing?” she asked, as her whole body went up in flames though she tried to appear unaffected.“Enjoying the sweet scent that brought us to this place.” he said with a fanciful smile.He breathed deeply.“The perfume, she is nice, but your own scent is better, I think.”“I thought you said you weren’t going to devour me, Signore.” she teased lightly.“No, only that I intend to savor you,” he replied.“Driver, you know where to go.”“Yes, sir, Don Gabriel.” said the man at the wheel, and did as he was told.*Gabriel took her to an attractive restaurant that featured an upstairs dance floor.A live band could be heard in the background, playing a blend of different popular dance tunes, but Betsy hardly seemed to notice what any of them were.She was too caught up in her companion’s voice and his casual touches, as he coaxed everything about her that he could from her traitorously willing lips.“But surely you must have questions for me, too, Betsy.” he said after a while as he drew one of the long-stemmed roses from the vase on the table and traced the flower over her nose.Betsy jumped when it tickled her more than she expected, making Gabriel laugh softly as he did it again.Before she could answer his question, however, two waiters showed up, each carrying one entree and several side dishes on their platters.They had placed their orders about twenty minutes ago, and now the scents of the hearty Italian dishes filled the air, and both of them sniffed appreciatively at the same time, and then laughed when each saw the other do so.“Why did you get different silverware?” Betsy asked curiously when she noticed one of the waiters setting out gold-colored implements in front of Gabriel and deftly removing the others.“I have—an allergic reaction—to silver.” said Gabriel, shrugging as he said this.Betsy nodded as she picked up her own fork, ready to begin eating her meal.“Try this, my dear,” he said as he held forth a bite of pasta on one of the forks in question.“It is the best linguini on the planet, and this place makes it to perfection.”She shyly leaned forward to eat the small bite of food off his golden fork, and her stomach filled with little butterflies at the way Gabriel watched her lips the entire time, as though he’d like to be tasting them.When she finally swallowed the heavenly morsel, she picked up her napkin and dabbed at her mouth, an action which practically had him salivating.“You’re not making it any easier to eat, doing that.” she teased him.“Yes, I see,” he chuckled.Then he reached forward and slid his hand gently over her throat and began to massage, making her chuckle right along with him.“I didn’t know people did throat massages.” she mentioned with a grin.He let go, and his hand slid upwards, cupping her chin as his thumb slid slowly over her bottom lip.“Or mouth massages, either.”“Lips are best massaged by the lips of another.” he told her with a sultry look that hit her right between her thighs.“And you did not ask me any questions, ma bella.”“What does one ask a mob boss, anyway?” she wanted to know.“I’m sure there are plenty of things about you that I’d rather not know about.”“I would shield you from that part of my life,” he answered with a sincere and somewhat fanciful smile [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]