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.“Can I help you?” a voice said from behind her.“Oh aah…I.I was just looking.Just looking for room 703,” Vie was finally able to get out.She turned, and at five feet ten inches tall herself, Vie had to look up into the face behind her.“703 is right there,” he pointed.His voice was mellow, but direct.“Tha.thank you,” Vie said, still somewhat speechless.She moved over towards the door of room 703, when his voice stopped her again.“Do you know them?”“Pardon me?”“The Parker family, do you know them?”“Only through dealing with the situation involving the attack on the elderly Mrs.Parker.”“So you’re a PI?”“Yes I am,” she answered somewhat impressed at his quick wit and equally sharp intellect.As he continued to speak, Vie took in a complete inspection of him.Tall, with beautiful skin, and a well-toned body that would be impossible to go unnoticed.He was ruggedly good-looking.“She was a first lady, you know?”“A what?”“I said, she was a first lady.You know, married to a preacher,” Vie nodded in understanding.As they talked for a short while longer, Vie found that there was something about him; a certain aura.She had never seen or crossed paths with a man with this type of charisma and style.He had a sympathetic heart, and a swagger that could charm a woman long before they would engage in any type of conversation.With a smile that was almost intoxicating, their brief encounter came to an end, but not before nearly giving Vie heart failure.“Well it was nice meeting you.”“Do you have a name?” he asked her.There was that inviting smile of his again.“Please forgive my rudeness.I’m Joan,” she said, extending her hand.Like I said, it’s nice to meet you.”“I’m Quentel…Quentel Jackson.”Then, instead of shaking her hand, Officer Vie was introduced to a pair of the softest lips on a man that her neatly manicured hand had ever felt.For a moment, she just stood there with a dumbfounded expression.“Is there something wrong?” he asked.“No…no…” Vie answered quickly, stopping herself from staring too long.“I was just thinking, that’s all,” she said, instantly regretting her words.“What were you thinking about?”Think fast, she silently scolded herself“Well Quentel, I was just thinking that I should be getting inside.”She nodded her head towards the door, indicating what she meant.“Alright good luck with the case.”“Thanks Quentel.”“Just call me Q.”She smiled and turned to leave.“Joan.”“Yes,” she said facing him once more.“Ahh.the teddybear,” he said.Vie looked down at the small bear.She was so caught up in the moment, that she’d completely forgotten that she was holding it.The embarrassment of the situation filled both her cheeks with blood.“Oh.Sorry,” Vie said, unable to keep herself from blushing like a schoolgirl.She sat the teddybear down, looked into his eyes once more, smiled, and then quietly stepped inside room 703.Chapter Eight“Better Believe It”Quentel stepped into Van’s room, and immediately, his heart sank.Most of the crew was there, including some of the girls.Each of them was standing around Van’s bed with bleak expressions on their faces.All except Van’s mother, who was pounding on the chest of Van’s doctor with a clenched fist.It was easy to see that she had been crying.At that very moment, Q knew that his life was over.There was so much he needed to straighten out with Van; so many promises that he needed time to make good on.Immediately, he closed his eyes and began praying to God, asking him not to spare his life, but to allow his soul-mate easy passage.“Quentel” Van’s mother’s voice reached him, snapping him out of his temporary reverie.He solemnly raised his head, meeting her gaze.The doctor began speaking before Van’s mother could continue.“Mr.Jackson, may I have a quick word with you?”He paused and looked over at Van’s mother once more, then proceeded.“Miss Ellerbe has awakened from her comatose state.”“Wha…what?!!!!” Q said in a shocked tone.“Calm down, Mr.Jackson.Please, you have to stay calm.”“But I…I thought she was…” He let the last of his words dissolve on his lips.“No son, Miss Ellerbe is ….Hmmm excuse my language, but she is one hell of a fighter.”Q felt as if his entire body was going to overflow with joy.“Thank you Doc…”He paused, as if contemplating his own thoughts, then asked.“But what’s next?”“Well, like I was desperately attempting to explain to her mother, Mr.Jackson, we’re going to have to force Miss Ellerbe back into an induced coma.”“Wait.Wait a second Doc, but—”“Please.Please Mr.Jackson, let me finish.”“Sure Doc, say your piece.”“Very well, now as I was saying, it is in her best interest, that we immediately place our patient, into an induced coma.”“Why?” Q asked.“Mr.Jackson, the wounds Miss Ellerbe suffered were very severe and painful, to say the least.These types of wounds have to heal internally, first.We will need the least amount of movement from her as possible.”“Will it put her in any type of additional danger? And what about scars?” Q asked both questions at once.He knew that it would be impossible for Van not to have any scars on her once flawless body, but he wanted to take every precaution necessary in protecting her.“I think the real danger is over, Mr.Jackson.Each day we expect her to get stronger.I’m afraid, there will be some scars, but in the same token, the surgery we performed was a success.The scars left will be barely visible.”“Is she still awake?” Q asked.“Yes, but only for a few more minutes.We don’t want her having to deal with all the excessive pain for an extended amount of time.” The doctor smiled, then continued.“I must say though, she is a little fighter.”“That’s right Doc, a pit-bull in a skirt,” Q said.“A what?” the doctor asked, confused.Q looked at the doctor, and nearly burst out in laughter, at his ignorance of street slang.“Never mind, Doc,” Q said.“Can I speak with her?” he finally asked.“Very little, Mr.Jackson, and please be as brief as possible.We really need to proceed with her care.”“I understand doctor.”The rest of the crew seemed to part like the Red Sea as Q approached Van’s bedside.Although severely weak, she managed a faint smile as he stood next to her.With tears streaming down his face, Q bent over and gently placed his lips on hers.Moving from her lips to her ear, he softly spoke.“I love you ma.Don’t talk, just listen.I know everything, everything Shawty”Choking back tears, he continued.“Scar is mine!!! I promise you that.I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to protect you, baby.I will never —”The soft touch of Van’s hand stopped Q’s words in mid-sentence.She wiped the tears from his cheek, and tried to force words from her lips.“Ba… Ba… Bear.Help Ba.Bear…”“Shssssh, don’t talk baby,” Q whispered.He knew that he couldn’t possibly tell her that Bear was dead.Not now, not in her condition.“I [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]