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.But it was a small price to pay to have the gift of Adam’s love.On the periphery of his awareness, Tirian could sense Adam’s vibration—deep, strong, but tinged with subtleties, his spirit-song sounding like crystal chimes fluttering in the wind.He’d not expected this.Tirian was for Adam, and Adam was for Trian.What else mattered? But to see the fear in Adam’s eyes, hear it in his voice… He shook his head.Unexpected, this rejection.Yet, beneath the fright, Adam’s spirit had touched Tirian, a tentative acceptance, even if the man didn’t realise it.It was well known that humans could be reticent, but once awoken to their own deep magic, they became insatiable.He’d lived among them for two years and really still did not understand their nuances.But a man hurt in bed was the worst fear to overcome.Was this what had happened to Adam? A clumsy bedding.He shook his head.No, it went deeper than that.Much deeper.Darker.Tirian ran a hand through his hair.Adam’s black hair was short, spikey.Perhaps he might be encouraged—eventually—to grow it to a proper length befitting a man? Then Tirian could run his fingers through it, enjoy the silken texture, and perhaps tease it with his teeth as he loved his man in every possible way.The thought tightened his gut, his cock straining against his jeans.Adam would need to be coaxed, soothed.Not a frontal approach, but to the side, to sneak up on him unawares, but in the end, entrapment.As a warrior, Tirian knew strategies, the need for action and the time for patience.So it would be with this man, his mate.Patience and persistence and a little teasing of his own—this would bring Adam to his side.Tirian turned back to the building and paced its boundaries.It was a work in progress, its insides raw.An ancient stone chimney stood in the centre.Nearby was a ladder, bags of cement, tools, and stacks of timber.Underfoot was bare compacted earth.Only one wall had been erected, and this was made up of floor to ceiling glass, some of it doors, the other, a larger expanse of plate glass that overlooked a forest of straggly eucalypts.Beyond the canopy, he saw a shadowed gorge.This was an ancient land, stark and beautiful.Adam’s isolated property took his breath away.It would be a fitting home for them.They both required privacy.Tirian needed to run free and wild, because his nature, his life demanded it.But for now, he must be patient.Adam needed to be gentled, to understand his own nature before he learned the nature of the man who was his soul mate.That was the plan.But now Tirian would have to begin anew, to forge the intimacy between them that he had so nearly shattered when Adam had kissed him.Stars-afire.He’d wanted to bed his mate now.His body still trembled with the thrill of Adam… How to endure the wait until he could, again, feel those lips and taste the tongue twined with his? To feel the man beneath him, to take Adam, brand him, love him with every part of his body.Tirian paced the building, until he saw the light inside the caravan go out.He strode into the night and walked down into the forest.He cast off his jeans and t-shirt and let the starlight wash over his body.There was a moment of disconnection, before his consciousness returned.I am unicorn.He shook his head, allowing his magic-self to adjust.With senses keener than human, the world was brighter, more textured and in the first moments of change it was disorientating.He gouged the dirt with his front hoof and dipped his horn to the ground, forgetting his inadequacy, until he saw the broken tip.His horn, symbol of all he was— and could have been—was broken.All that was left was twelve inches of horn, the jagged end blood-stained.Tirian lifted his head, his horn acknowledging the stars and moon.He reared and then dropped to his hooves and cantered into the forest.He couldn’t outrun the betrayal, but he could outrun the memory—at least for a few minutes.Chapter FiveAdam walked slowly across the rain soaked ground, using the narrow, makeshift path of wood off-cuts to avoid the squishy red clay.He carried a mug of coffee in one hand and a bowl of fruit and muesli in the other.He paused at the open door.Tirian was lying on his swag in front of a dying fire, embers within a ring of stones.The roof had kept out the rain, but the wind had whipped the water inside, through the open sides of the structure.One glass wall and a roof did not make for any kind of protection.He’d been an utter prick to send the man into exile, just for coming on to him—when he’d given the guy signals.And he’d let Tirian kiss him.Crap.Not a kiss, but a tongue-fuck.So, Tirian had to be confused.Adam sure as hell was.Adam stepped into the building and paused.Tirian’s naked torso greeted him.The swag coverlet draping around Tirian’s hips revealed a hint of arse.The silver hair lay twisted round his neck and shoulders.His right arm under his head acted as a pillow, the other arm curled around his chest.Tirian sighed and rolled over onto his back, kicking off the cover.Adam retreated, mouth dry and heart beating a furious tattoo against his ribs.Tirian opened his eyes and lifted to an elbow.He smiled.“Good morning,” Adam said and stepped forward, placing the mug and bowl on the crate by the door.“I thought you’d be hungry.”“Yes.Thank you.” Tirian pulled the cover around his hips and stood.“You sleep okay?”“Once I made my peace with the possum in the chimney.”“That’s Gert.”“Gert?”“Yep.She was here long before I arrived.I figured she had first claim.I’m gonna have to build her a nesting box in the shed, when I rebuild the chimney.Thanks for not lighting the fire.” He studied Tirian.Most men would have set the fire in the hearth and not worried about roasted possum.But not this man.Tirian dropped the swag coverlet and pulled on his jeans.Muscles bunched and flexed.Adam looked away, hearing the delicious slide of fabric against naked flesh.Out of the corner of his eye he saw the hitch of hips settling into jeans, the zip slowly tugged up… Oh fucking hell! Adam tried very hard not to stare, to admire—tried and failed.So much for his resolve to remain aloof from the guy, made in the austere safety of his caravan.Now faced with Tirian—in the flesh—it proved an impossible dilemma.The man oozed sex and Adam would have to be dead to remain detached.His cock and balls throbbed.Tirian padded on bare feet to the food.Adam retreated a step and cleared his tight throat.“I’m sorry about last night.”Tirian turned, eyes staring at him over the rim of the mug.“For what?”“For freaking out and then sending you here.I just wasn’t prepared.”“I took you unawares?”“Yeah, I guess.”“Should I be more subtle in the future?”“Maybe.”“Well.” Tirian smiled.“I have a maybe, rather than an outright no.Perhaps there’s hope for me?”“You playing with me, or something?”“Rest assured, Adam, if I play with you, you’ll be the first to know.”“Rightio then.I’ve been warned.Fair’s fair.” Adam stepped back.“I can drive you to town anytime you’re ready.”“What if I don’t want to leave?” Tirian asked, studying Adam, head askew.“I have nowhere to go.I’ll keep my distance, but I’d like to stay here, at least for a few days.” He paused.“I’ve been travelling a long time [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]