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.In short, it was the most awesome sight he had ever beheld.Soon the sun was shortly above the horizon, spilling its sparkling radiance out over the whole sea.The ocean reflected it back, ready to warm the land.Tarthur knew it was worth it, worth a hundred mornings of getting up when he was still so tired, just to see this one morning sunrise.He seemed to remember somewhere at the back of his consciousness that someone had once said that a sunrise on the shoals of the merfolk was the most beautiful sight in the whole world.It was then that he realized the ocean was empty.* * *Girn felt sad.He was being disloyal to Tarthur and Derlin.He should’ve gone with them.But then, whom was his real loyalty to? The king? He had pledged his loyalty to King Garkin when he was old enough to know what he was saying—everyone in the kingdom had to.His parents? They were both dead, dying when he was an infant.They had deserted him when he was little, and besides, even if his loyalty was to them, what could he do? Zelin then? The wizard had befriended him when he was opting for an apprenticeship.He even paid him for his work, a rare quality to find in a master.All Girn did was take care of the grounds and run errands.But he had known Tarthur and Derlin before he had known Zelin.Tarthur had befriended him when he had lived in the orphan and servant’s quarters.Girn remembered when Tarthur had taught Girn and the younger Derlin how to steal, or as Tarthur used to euphemize it, “permanently borrow.” The three had accounted for over ninety percent of the town’s crime problem.Of course, it was never major things that they stole, only small items.Girn did not have the heart for the life of crime, and Derlin’s morals had a way of taking over.So in the later escapades they usually convinced Tarthur to do things that, while they were fun, were legal at the same time.So to the boys, now almost men, he thought, must go his loyalty.Nothing was happening in Krendon anyway.Girn sensed that Tarthur and Derlin would need his help soon.What then could he do to help them? They were many miles away.No, in actuality, they were not that far, and they might be in trouble.If only he could find some way to get to them.Well he could walk, couldn’t he? He was the fastest in the village of Krendon, so why not rejoin them? If they were coming back to Krendon, he could even meet them on the way.Then, once they saw that he was valuable, they could take him wherever they were going.Girn didn’t really care where, as long as they went somewhere exciting.This plan sounded very good to Girn, who in fact needed no convincing at all.If anybody would have been watching him that night, they would have seen him enter Yrean’s shop, unprofessionally exit with a traveling cloak and a small sum of money, and head off to the north.* * *Derlin was worried.Where were the mermen? He scanned the endless expanse of the sea, and saw nothing but a few shoals of rock, against which the water constantly lapped.Then they came.It happened slowly at first.It seemed like the shoals were rising, or the water was descending, or a combination of the two, Derlin did not really know.Derlin had never seen a merperson before; subsequently he was totally awed and inadequately prepared for the spectacle that met his eyes.They rose slowly at first and soon he could differentiate between the males and females.The mermen had a strong torso constructed almost all of muscles and scales, proceeding downward to an equally muscled fin.This fin had to have incredible power in order to keep the top half of the merman above water.Derlin had no doubt that a weak and sickly merman could easily out swim the best human swimmer.The mermen had huge hairy chests, and burly arm muscles.They had long, flowing, golden hair.The mermaids, on the other hand were much like their counterparts in that they had strong fin muscles, but theirs were slightly smaller, partly because they were slimmer and didn’t have as much weight to carry.They had hair that covered nearly half of their bodies and were very beautiful.Derlin noticed that there was a man standing in the water next to the merfolk.Derlin wasn’t sure, but it seemed that the man had just arrived as well.Perhaps he had also journeyed to see the sunrise.Derlin looked closely at the man.He was short, but not overly so.He had long flowing black hair, which on first impression made him look like a woman.He was armed with a very handsome long bow and a simple short sword.He was wearing leather armor, which had a dark green stain on it.On his head was a simple green hat with a feather in it.“Hello there, Dalin,” one of the mermen called out.He was slightly older than the rest, and his beard was graying.“We welcome you and your companions to our humble shoals.”Dalin looked around, confused.He fixed his gaze on Tarthur and Derlin.“I journey alone.”The merman looked directly at the boys, and Derlin couldn’t read his face.Was he happy to see them? Was there distrust in those eyes? He had never considered that they would not be able to see the merwizard, or that they might not be well received.Tarthur spoke up.“My name is Tarthur and this is my friend Derlin.We live just south of here in the town of Krendon.We came here to learn how to make Air Bubbles.” Derlin was glad that Tarthur decided to be lie.It was better not to speak to the community at large.What if there were divisions within the community? What if the merfolk had their own Morty? Everyone knew the stories about the bubbles of air that mermen made in order to help them breathe underwater.If anything, it seemed as if Dalin was ignoring them.“Truin, my old friend, it is good to see you again after all these years,” Dalin bounded into the water.“Tell me, Dalin, what brings you to these parts? I haven’t seen you in years.” Truin enthusiastically tried to start a conversation with Dalin.Dalin put a finger to his lips.We will talk, he implied, later.As the boys went into the chill, but rapidly warming water, Derlin noticed that they only needed to swim a little way, and then they could walk on the shoals.With that a brown-haired mermaid took Tarthur and Derlin to a small room in the shoals.* * *Dalin took a comfortable seat in Truin son of Thruin’s shoal.Comfortable seats were at a minimum, (in fact there were only two more in all of the shoals) since only an occasional visitor wandered in.The merfolk were very hospitable when they got the chance, which was not often [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]