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.Momentsago she had let her leg slide from around his waist, and now she had her thighs pressed high and wide open against the mattress, as if trying to displayas much of herself for him as she could.Her breasts felt big and weighty; they swayed back and forth, and her deep wine red nipples hardened to tinypoints of color in a sea of creamy skin, drawing her attention too.The tight buds twisted, begging for a tug.Sarah unsheathed her fingers from Jasper'ssweat-slick back and covered her breasts, pushing them together and taking her nipples in hand.She tweaked and pul ed at the textured flesh, stressingthat line of concentrated need between her tits and her pussy to the breaking point.Jasper growled and dipped down, biting the underside of Sarah's breast.The sting of his bite jolted a shock wave through her and swel ed her sex evenmore.“Yes, yes…” She whimpered, yanked harder on her nipples, and ground her pussy into the relentless drive of Jasper's cock.“Feels so good.”“You're so sexy; you're kil in' me.” Jasper let go of the bed with one hand and licked his fingers, stringing saliva between his tongue and his digits.“I wannafeel you come on my cock.” His wet, cal used fingers skated over the smoothness of her mound and delved into the top of her slit, going right for her clit.He slid the V of his fingers around the pearled tip and flicked his thumb.“Ahhh! Jas! Jas!” Sarah hooked her knees with her elbows and pul ed her legs al the way up to her chest as the first slam of orgasm rocked through her.“Ohhh my Go…” She shuddered, and a low moan bubbled in her, drowning out her ability to speak.Spasm after spasm contracted the wal s of her pussy,each one grabbing Jasper's penis and holding it inside.“Oh shit.” Jasper jerked above her and then went completely stil.His mouth opened, and his eyelids fel closed; red suffused his entire face and torso.With a sharp intake of his breath, hot wetness warmed Sarah's core—the sensation so strange, yet exactly right—as Jasper came, spil ing himself withinher pussy.Sarah pulsed around Jasper's heat, shivering with every spit of seed he put inside her body.The last wave of release worked through them both, and Jasper opened his eyes.That sweet, pure smile of his—which held none of the nervousness itonce had—appeared again.He pul ed out and fel onto his back beside her, one arm stretched up to the wrought-iron bars of her headboard and theother flung wide over the edge of the bed.Jasper turned his head and found her gaze.“Wow.” His breathing remained labored, and strands of damp blond hair clung to his neck.“That was worththe wait.”Sarah rol ed onto her side and rested her head in her palm.She brushed the back of her other hand across Jasper's heated cheek, then trailed it downhis neck and shoulder, ending with her hand covering his heart.“My shy cowboy is bashful no more.” His cheeks burned crimson, and his heart keptkicking a rapid beat under her palm.“You, with your hot body…”Sarah let her gaze wander down the length of the rangy cowboy lying naked in her bed.Then she examined him in reverse and stopped at his eyes.Hehid nothing from her in his return stare—hadn't for a long time—and Sarah wondered what she'd done right in a previous life to be rewarded with such agood man in this one.“Jeez, Jas, did anyone ever tel you that you real y know how to treat a girl?” She could stil feel his mouth on her breasts and his lips kissing her moundand teasing her clit, al of it leading up to his taking her for the first time.Her body warmed anew, and her sex throbbed just thinking about what they'ddone.“You were amazing.”“I ain't—” Jasper stopped, and Sarah knew he silently rebuked and corrected himself.“What I meant was, nobody has ever gotten me so excited like youdo.” The quick flash of tension eased out of him, and he even smiled and slid a sly glance her way.“Been thinkin' about this moment since the night wefirst went out, if you want the truth.” He covered her hand on his chest and fiddled with her fingers.“I also jerked off three times today,” he added as hisface refil ed with red.“Knew I wouldn't last two seconds inside you if I didn't.”“Did you real y?” Sarah perked up and shifted to a cross-legged position.She looked down at Jasper's cock and just resisted the urge to stroke it whilepicturing him doing the same.“That's kind of sexy to think about.” Jasper's eyes widened, and she asked, “Are you real y stil surprised that I think it's hotto imagine you jerking off because you just can't help yourself?”“Maybe.Some, I suppose.” Darkness passed through Jasper's gaze, changing the hazel to a swirl of green [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]