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.They were such big, rugged men.The muscles in their thighs rippling as they rode, as well as the sinew and striations in the forearms moving as they controlled their mounts, turned her on every time she saw them.She watched as they dismounted and handed the reins of their horses over to one of the ranch hands then turned toward the house.Leah was in the process of setting the table with utensils, plates, dinner rolls, and butter as they entered the mudroom.She heard their boots hit the floor, and then she knew they would head for showers to clean up before dinner.She looked up when she heard the rustle of clothes and gazed into Connell’s stormy gray eyes.“What’s wrong, baby?” Connell asked.“Nothing, dinner is nearly ready and should be hot by the time you’ve cleaned up,” Leah replied, her eyes moving away from his.“Are you lying to me, Leah?” Connell asked, and moved farther into the room.“No.”“Look at me when you talk to me, baby,” Connell stated.He reached out and took her chin between his fingers and thumb.“Now answer the question again.What’s wrong?”“I got a phone call a few minutes ago,” Leah explained.“And?” Connell asked.“It wasn’t very nice.”“Who was it? What did they say?”“They said I didn’t deserve to be living here with you in your house and that I needed to die.”“What the fuck? Who would do such a thing?” Seamus roared.Leah turned toward the door where Seamus was standing, his stance aggressive.His hips were thrust forward, his hands were on his hips, and she could see anger radiating from his eyes.She hadn’t even known he was there until he spoke.“Connell, call Luke and Damon, I want them putting a tap on the phone line,” Seamus said.“I don’t think that’s really necessary, Seamus.It was probably just some kid dialing random numbers getting kicks,” Leah said.“You don’t believe that any more than we do, do you, baby?” Connell asked.“I think it’s time you and I paid Earl a little visit, Seamus.”“You can’t do that, Connell.You don’t have any proof it was Earl or his toadies,” Leah said.“Fuck, Leah’s right.I’ll call Luke and get him or Damon to put a trace on our line.There’s nothing we can do until we’ve got proof,” Seamus stated.“Why don’t you two go clean up? Dinner will be on the table by the time you’re done,” Leah said, turning toward the kitchen.“Don’t let that bastard get to you, baby.He’s not worth it,” Connell said from behind her.Leah sighed as Connell wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her back against his front.She felt him kiss her head as he gave her a squeeze and released her once more.She loved that they hugged, touched, and kissed her all the time.The only thing that worried her about it was that she was beginning to have feelings for the two big men.She was scared of getting her heart broken in two.As they ate dinner Leah listened to Connell and Seamus discussing what needed to be done on their ranch.She didn’t listen to their actual conversation, but the deep timbre of Connell’s voice and Seamus’s gravelly, lyrical cadence made her squirm in her seat.She didn’t know what it was about the two men that turned her on so much, but she didn’t care.They were so loving and protective of her, and she lapped up every bit of their attention.She knew she had been starved of human companionship from an early age and hoped the two big men didn’t see her attention as too desperate.Not that they’d ever said anything, and they were the ones touching and kissing her.So maybe she was reading more into it than she should.She was so confused.Why hadn’t they tried to make another move toward her since that wonderful first night? Maybe the sight of her body had turned them off after all, and they were just too polite to say anything.Leah pushed her half-eaten meal aside and drank her glass of water.Whenever her mind was in tumult her appetite always seemed to suffer.“What’s wrong, darlin’? Why aren’t you eating your food?” Seamus asked.Leah looked up and gave a shrug of her shoulders.“I’m just not that hungry, I guess.”“You look tired, baby.Why don’t you let Seamus and I clean up the kitchen and go and have a soak in the tub?” Connell suggested.“I can’t let you two clean up in here.You’ve been working hard all day,” Leah protested.“Yeah, you can.I insist.You’re looking a little pale, baby.I don’t want you getting sick.Now, go on and have a bath.We’ll clean up the dishes,” Connell reiterated.Leah sighed, gave them a nod, and left for her bath.* * * *“What do you think is worrying her?” Seamus asked.“I don’t know.She’s been a little down the last couple of days, so it wasn’t just that phone call.”“She is so sexy.Every time I see her or just think about her I get hard enough to pound nails,” Seamus groaned out.“Yeah, me, too,” Connell stated.“Do you think it’s too early to make our next move on her?”“Nah.She looks at you like she’s starving.She wriggles and squirms in her seat and her nipples get hard,” Seamus told his brother.“She looks at you the same way, whenever she thinks we’re not watching her.I think it’s time we make love to her and make her ours.I feel I’ve got a case of blue balls after holding back for so long,” Connell explained.“Let’s get this mess cleaned up and see if she’ll accept us loving on her together.”Chapter SixLeah had her eyes closed and her head resting on a rolled-up towel on the edge of the bathtub.She heard a faint click but was too tired to lift her head and open her eyes.The odor of her favorite scent, frangipani, floated up to her from the warm water, and she inhaled the wonderful, relaxing fragrance.An unfamiliar noise penetrated her senses, and she opened her eyes to see Connell and Seamus standing before her, gloriously nude.“So, are you going to join me, or are you just going to stand there staring?”She felt her areolas pucker and her nipples go hard as she stared with openmouthed stupefaction.The two men were so packed full of muscle their arms rested inches from the sides of their bodies.They each had hair on their chests.Seamus’s was a light mixture of blonde and light brown between his pectoral muscles, and she couldn’t stop her eyes from following that treasure trail down to the prize.His cock was huge and erect.The head of his cock was level with his belly button, and it moved slightly with every beat of his heart.Leah slid her eyes over to Connell.He had a dark thatch of hair framing his cock, and he was even more impressive than his brother.His cock was so wide and long she squeezed her legs together in nervous anticipation.She let her eyes travel up the length of Connell’s body, taking in the rippling of his abs and pecs as he shifted on his feet.She met his eyes and felt her blood heat, her pussy soften and weep, and knew she was in trouble.She now knew that the two men standing before her wanted her as much as she wanted them, and there was no way in hell she was turning them away.She’d been waiting for this moment ever since she had first laid eyes on them.Leah nearly laughed when both the men scrambled to get into the tub [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]